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Easy 1 Up Review – Is This A Giant Scam?

Easy 1 Up Review – Is This A Giant Scam? Get All the Details Right Here

easy 1 up review

A new program on the horizon that is getting alot of attention and people have been asking me about is called ‘Easy 1 Up’…

What I’m going to do in this post is give everyone a completely unbiased real review about this program and give you all the details so you can make an informed decision on whether the Easy 1 Up program is right for you.

As one of the biggest earners in National Wealth Center, I’ve seen all kinds of programs and compensation plans and am a ‘go to guy’ in the industry for all kinds of questions, so this review will inform and help alot of people looking for great information about the Easy 1 Up Opportunity.

So What Exactly Is the Easy 1 Up System And How Does It Work?

Easy 1 Up is a new online opportunity and while I could not find this information on the company website, I did later find out this program is created by the one and only Peter Wolfing.

I noticed the registration page and some of the graphics looked similar to Peter’s programs in the past so with a little research I found out the Peter Wolfing is the creator of Easy 1 Up but was unsure of why his information and company information was not listed on the Easy 1 Up Company site.

As you well know, Peter Wolfing created National Wealth Center which was formerly Infinity Downline, and these programs allowed me to change my life in terms of financial and time freedom so obviously I am pretty fond of Peter Wolfing and the programs he has put together.

I would also mention that great CEO’s such as Peter in this industry are VERY hard to come by and he is truly indeed a person who puts long term stable opportunities together for those who work and put forth effort behind them to make a fortune and get free.  I am living proof of that and that can happen!

Peter and I haven’t always agreed on everything, but I will say that the man has alot of integrity and puts his members first and continually strives to make great programs that hard working affiliates can profit from in the long term like myself.

As far as how the Easy 1 Up Program works, there are basically 4 product levels as follows:

There are 2 Elevation Packages:

Easy 1 Up Elevation Packages

  • $25 Elevation Package
  • $100 Elite Elevation Package

These are product levels which consist of digital products regarding network and affiliate marketing strategies and topics, which is beneficial as the product line is actually useful to the prospects becoming members as they will really help them learn how to market effectively online.


The next 2 product levels are the Vertex Products:

Easy 1 Up Vertex Packages Product Levels

  • $250 Vertex
  • $500 Vertex Elite

These Product packages consist of topics within the Business building aspects of starting a business and then building a business and go much deeper than the Elevation product levels listed above.

So the Easy 1 Up Program has great products and this is the cornerstone of any great long term program online.  If a program does not have an actual product, then this is illegal and will be shut down quickly as we’ve seen many programs go through the process and members income disappearing overnight.

Now that we’ve looked at the products, let’s look into and understand how the Compensation Plan Works Behind the Easy 1 Up Program:

The compensation plan behind Easy 1 Up follows a ‘Power of 1’ or a ‘1 Up’ Compensation where the 2nd sale is passed up to the referring sponsor.

Now you have to understand some very important points about the ‘1 Up Compensation’ Plan and how this program works overall:

  • You HAVE to have purchased a level to be paid on the level;  For instance if you only purchase the $25 product you will ONLY be paid on the $25 level product when referring others.  If someone pays for the $500 level and you haven’t purchased that level you will NOT be paid on that level and that commission is passed up to the next active sponsor
  • This is NOT a monthly commission program.  The payments are 1 time and this program does not consist of monthly income coming in every single month unless you are continually working the program hard.
  • Only the 2nd sale from your referrals are passed up, there are NO other passup sales within this compensation plan
  • Big Results within a 1 Up Compensation Plan depend the majority on YOUR efforts marketing the program since there is not a large passup component to the program

So there is the basic summary of the Easy 1 Up Program, please go to the company site to read more full details about the opportunity…

So What Is My Honest Opinion of Easy 1 Up and How Does It Compare to National Wealth Center?

My honest opinion of Easy 1 Up is that it is a solid program and if you like the products and compensation plan then I would tell you to ‘go for it’ and ‘set the world on fire’ and put massive amounts of effort into the business as much as possible to succeed.

I will however give you my honest opinion on why I believe National Wealth Center is a better choice for long term residual payments coming in each and every single month:

  •  National Wealth Center’s compensation plan revolves around the ‘Power of 4’ meaning that the 2nd AND 4th sale is passed up to you by your referrals; this creates alot more residual income off the efforts of your referrals and not yourself continually putting in the effort
  • National Wealth Center has 3 monthly product levels (you can read all about on this site) which give you monthly stable income coming in each and every month vs. the 1 time commissions of Easy 1 Up
  • National Wealth Center has much more varied product levels that include something for everyone; from the $25 monthly level to the $3500 commissions
  • National Wealth Center combines the best of both worlds with 3 monthly commission levels and then 3 higher 1 time product commissions
  • National Wealth Center has much better support, benefits, products, and bonuses as a member which you can read all about on this site

Those are just a few reasons why I believe National Wealth Center is superior to Easy 1 Up, combined with my exclusive training will make you unstoppable no matter what you promote whether just National Wealth Center or National Wealth Center and Easy 1 Up or whatever you want to promote!

I am by no means ‘bashing’ the Easy 1 Up opportunity and anything put together by Peter Wolfing you can bet will be around for a very long time to profit with…but for me tons of monthly commissions coming in with National Wealth Center coming in every month is a much more stable long term commission structure and plan for a solid foundation online…

Go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and let’s get you started on learning how to become a great marketer and dominating online…
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James Matthews
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Hate Your Boss? Try Online Marketing!

Hate Your Boss? Try Online Marketing!

If there was one thing I absolutely hated way back when I had a job was working for an insecure hateful boss on a power trip…

This post is all about my experiences before I discovered online marketing with a great program like National Wealth Center and how my life is now compared to when I had to wake up each day and go to a dreaded job each and everyday and work with miserable people…if you are in the same situation I can tell you there is a way out so listen up…

When I graduated college I had many jobs, one of the worst was working for a school district where I worked with miserable people all day long, most of which principals who were on power trips and made it an issue to flaunt their false sense of power.

hate your job

Now being an entrepreneur in the making, I’ve always had a HUGE problem with authority and always had a tendency to take up for co-workers and put people in their place, obviously I wasn’t well liked to say the least by these power trip idiots who like to push people around.

While I won’t go into huge detail about that, I will say that if you are like me and hate being told what to do, put up with crap from someone who tells you what to do and think they are the ultimate authority and love to flaunt their insecurity in the workplace, then pay attention and I will tell you exactly how I broke free with National Wealth Center and online marketing!

How To Leave Your Terrible Boss With Online Marketing

Some people unfortunately have the perception that as soon as you start an online business like National Wealth Center, you immediately from the moment you begin start making tons of money and are able to leave your job right away.

This very rarely ever happens and is possible but if you are like most there is a ‘learning curve’ you have to go through to really learn how to sell, market, and build your online opportunity and be consistent in your efforts.

I came into the online network marketing industry after starting my first business which was IT, and I knew that I was much happier having my own business and doing my OWN thing vs. ever having anyone tell me what I had to do.

When you work hard as I did and do, your success in this industry is put on ‘fast forward’ vs. working hard at a job and they never paying you a dime more or rewarding you in anyway whatsoever.

Huge big success in this industry doesn’t always happen overnight, but isn’t it worth to put in 2-3 years of hard work and retire instead of working 30 years at a job and then hope to live long enough after that to enjoy retirement?  Let that sink in for a moment…

Does Everyone Have Success In Online Marketing and Able To Leave Their Boss?

Unfortunately, not everyone who joins an online business like National Wealth Center is able to leave their job and have big success.  This is true of any business venture.

I will say however that having success in an online business is about 1000x easier than owning a traditional business like a restaurant or any traditional brick and mortar business with a building, employees, and problems etc etc etc.

The reason people fail online are several, most often because they are just not driven enough to be successful on their own or just like to ‘play around’ instead of put forth consistent action towards building their own income.

Anyone can have huge success in this industry, and at this point I’ve trained well over 2,000 people to do so.

So if you are reading this and want the real results and are tired of being lied to over and over in this industry, then I invite you to click the ‘Register Now’ button below and my training will teach you how to build as much income as you want, if you are willing to put in the work…

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Not Having Success With National Wealth Center?

not having success with national wealth center?

I get alot of people asking me for advice for National Wealth Center and what I’m about to discuss in this post will also help anyone in any opportunity online, so listen up.

I will go over in detail the main reasons why people completely fail at an online business, and more importantly how fix and address these issues for great success.

If you are in the online networking industry, whether in National Wealth Center or any online opportunity where you have to refer/sponsor etc. then this post will help you tremendously.

So Why Do People Not Have Success With National Wealth Center?

Within working with well over 2,000 people so far within National Wealth Center and being one of the highest producing sponsors in the industry, I have a clear cut ‘know how’ on what produces success and what produces failure.

What I see most doing who fail is these main points, so if you are doing this then that is the reason you are not getting the results you want:

  • Not taking big enough action;  if you are placing 1 ad a month or barely working your business at all then this is obviously the reason you are not having huge success.  Big action gives Big Results.
  • Using replicated ‘systems’ in hopes of giving you big success.  The first step in having huge success in any opportunity is putting forth something unique for your opportunity out there in the marketplace and give people a reason to JOIN YOU!  Most everyone does not get this and keep blaming a ‘system’ or traffic source for their lack of success
  • No branding;  if you are not constantly branding and personalizing yourself within your opportunity and not letting people get to know you, then they will NOT buy from you whatsoever.  People buy from people, plain and simple.

Now here is what very successful people do in National Wealth Center or any online opportunity doing big things:

  • Taking Huge action;  learning every aspect of both free and paid advertising for your business and doing this effectively leads to huge results when you take big consistent action.
  • Using unique branded sales funnels; It literally takes about 10 minutes to make a great unique sales funnel specific to you within landing page/capture page platforms and is incredibly easy to do and make you unique in your opportunity.  You can also allow your downlines to do the same and access your funnel giving you a huge incentive in your market.
  • Not afraid to let people get to know them;  the biggest sponsors in any opportunity are not afraid to make videos, put themselves out there, and are real genuine sincere people through and through.  This is huge in the industry.

So these are the 3 main differences in why people fail in their online opportunity and can be easily fixed by just doing the right things, so take notes and start doing things differently if you want to become financially free.

So How Do You Have Success When So Many Fail In National Wealth Center?

The main thing you have to do in National Wealth Center or any online opportunity is connect with someone who can teach you to do the right things, it’s just that simple.

There is a ton of misinformation out there and people will tell you that they have the ‘hidden secret’ to great success in this industry and how to get free.

I’ve always been upfront and honest with people and tell them upfront what they need to do to have big success and teach them exactly what they need to do every step of the way.

So if you are tired of being lied to and want real help with world class training, click the ‘register now’ button below…
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James Matthews
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Exitus Elite Review – Is This the Next Greatest Opportunity?

exitus elite review

There is alot of ‘buzz’ going around in the industry right now about a new program called ‘Exitus Elite’, which is strangely similar to the long term stable opportunity National Wealth Center.

What I am going to do in this review is discuss this new program and share you with the honesty about the hype that goes along with a new program coming out and all the hype that goes along with marketers promoting a new opportunity as well.

In this industry, opportunities like Exitus Elite pop up just about every day, and while I’ve had huge success with National Wealth Center I feel like I can give an honest review to help people make an informed decision about the ‘shiny new object’ that is Exitus Elite

So Just What Is Exitus Elite?

Exitus Elite, as explained by the company on the company site, is an online (or offline) business opportunity that has product levels VERY similar to National Wealth Center.

These product areas are in the areas of Marketing, Personal Development, Professional Development, Health & Wellness, etc.

To join the Exitus Elite opportunity, it costs a whopping $1,300 which is a $299 annual admin fee with at $1000 join fee to be able to receive commissions and access the product line within the program.

These products are VERY similar to the product levels within National Wealth Center as you can take the time to read about National Wealth Center’s product levels on this site.

The compensation plan behind Exitus Elite follows a ‘One Up Pay Plan’ which basically means that the first sale is passed up to your referring sponsor, then every sale after that will always come to you.

This supposedly pushes everyone to join and make their first ‘qualifying’ sale which will result in large commissions for those who can really sponsor into the program.

The Exitus Elite program also offers a ‘done for you’ complete marketing system within the program that claims that all sales will be done for you…more on this in a moment.

What Is My Honest Review of the Exitus Elite Program?

I’ll give my honest review of Exitus Elite here and list within both good and bad sections…

The Good:

  • Huge Commission Potential; Making $1000 each referral looks great with 100% commission
  • One Up Pay Plan; unique 1 pass up compensation plan ‘forces’ referrals to make payment to be able to receive any compensation afterwards
  • Robust Product line (at least looks that way from what is listed on company site) but unaware of the quality of these products
  • Has Built in marketing and sales platform for members within the company to use right from the start at no extra cost

The Bad:

  • Entry fee of $1000 will be way to high for masses of people to join; huge barrier for most to join
  • One Up Pay Plan with 1 sale being passed up limits sales potential
  • No way to tell of quality or integrity of product line
  • Rarely does any built in company marketing and sales platform do any work for members or ever get the results they claim
  • Alot of Exitus Elite’s theme has been done many times before with differing online products, etc.

Honestly Exitus Elite looks ALOT like National Wealth Center, especially the product line.   Also in my honest opinion the limitations of only having $1000 for prospects to join is VERY limiting as most simply cannot afford to join at such a high entry point.

What makes National Wealth Center very unique is that it offers many different levels to join at, from a low $25 all the way up to a $3500 level, so someone can join at a lower level then upgrade for huge commissions instead of just 1 level with Exitus Elite.

This makes National Wealth Center much more appealing to the masses with very low entry point and ability to then take advantage of higher levels and commissions.

National Wealth Center has been a foundation in the online marketing world and will be attempted to be copied because it just simply works and offers anyone, regardless of budget to get started and learn the fundamentals and then upgrade if they wish to do so, which makes the program much more viable.

Also I would like to mention that any new opportunity like Exitus Elite comes out, there will be a ton of marketers trying to get you to join, claiming that the program is the ‘easiest thing in the world’ and ‘you will make a fortune on autopilot’ etc. etc. etc.

ALWAYS do your due diligence for any online program and make sure you are joining something that will be here for the long term instead of just ‘hype’ that always occurs.

National Wealth Center has been here since 2009 (formerly Infinity Downline) and will be here for decades to come and offers anyone the ability to make a change for the better with both time freedom and earning huge commissions.

If you are ready to join an real program with long term results, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Traffic Monsoon Shutdown! What You Need To Know About the Recent Traffic Monsoon News…

traffic monsoon shutdown

Huge news just rocked the online marketing world with the very recent news of the advertising exchange/rev share model business Traffic Monsoon being shutdown and being investigated by the SEC.  The SEC has investigated and halted the $207 million member funded Traffic Monsoon, accusing the opportunity being a ‘ponzi’…

This was very big news and was all over the internet, and obviously everyone will start giving their opinions and hopefully reporting facts about the situation.

In this post I will be reporting the facts and what really happened and also sharing my personal opinion on why this happened to the Traffic Monsoon business, as a successful internet marketer with National Wealth Center and as a veteran in this industry I feel like I lend a good perspective as to why this has happened…

So What Actually Happened to Traffic Monsoon?

First of all, here is a video I did to really explain from my perspective on what happened with Traffic Monsoon and why this happened, this will really help you understand:

So basically what we have is that the SEC, which is a government organization to uphold security laws, halted and investigated Traffic Monsoon stating that Traffic Monsoon is a ‘ponzi scheme’…

You can read the actual filing from the SEC on the SEC site here:

SEC filing on Traffic Monsoon filing report

The SEC sees the Traffic Monsoon opportunity as a ‘Ponzi’ style scheme that offers no real value in terms of a product purchased within the opportunity and this then halted and started the investigation into the business itself.

My Opinion On The SEC Shutting Down Traffic Monsoon and What’s Next…

My personal opinion this whole matter is that, as I explained in the video, the SEC doesn’t understand what Traffic Monsoon is really about.

Traffic Monsoon did and does offer a real product within the opportunity and that was the advertising packages purchased by each member.  The SEC does not see this as an actual product but basically the opportunity is offering a ‘security’ which would be considered an ‘investment’ with a rate of return and percentages, etc. from the advertising purchased.

My opinion is that Traffic Monsoon did not clearly describe its terminology out there for the opportunity not to be misunderstood as an investment or for the purpose of members just buying advertising packages to participate in the ‘investment’ the SEC is accusing the company of…

I personally think that better terminology and better and more direct clear understanding to prospects and members about the rev sharing part of the opportunity could have prevented the SEC being involved.

Also I would like to mention that when huge amounts of money are involved with any type of ‘rev share’ or ‘profit share’ this will always bring the attention of the SEC as these types of terms could always be used to scam people into investments rather than purchasing an actual product within an online opportunity.

As far as what’s next for Traffic Monsoon, the CEO Charles Scoville, has stated that negotiations between himself and the SEC are going well and that he plans for changes and most importantly to continue Traffic Monsoon.

Obviously the details on how to continue Traffic Monsoon are yet to be released, but I would not count out Traffic Monsoon completely as some form of the opportunity could possibly continue…

And if you were a member of Traffic Monsoon or you are doing these type of ‘rev share’ models hoping that it will last but always gets shut down or disappears, then I would highly recommend you getting involved in a great product based opportunity like National Wealth Center that has been here for years and will be here for years to give you a stable and lasting income!

Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I will train you on how to do huge things within the industry…

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