Traffic Monsoon Shutdown! What You Need To Know About the Recent Traffic Monsoon News…

traffic monsoon shutdown

Huge news just rocked the online marketing world with the very recent news of the advertising exchange/rev share model business Traffic Monsoon being shutdown and being investigated by the SEC.  The SEC has investigated and halted the $207 million member funded Traffic Monsoon, accusing the opportunity being a ‘ponzi’…

This was very big news and was all over the internet, and obviously everyone will start giving their opinions and hopefully reporting facts about the situation.

In this post I will be reporting the facts and what really happened and also sharing my personal opinion on why this happened to the Traffic Monsoon business, as a successful internet marketer with National Wealth Center and as a veteran in this industry I feel like I lend a good perspective as to why this has happened…

So What Actually Happened to Traffic Monsoon?

First of all, here is a video I did to really explain from my perspective on what happened with Traffic Monsoon and why this happened, this will really help you understand:

So basically what we have is that the SEC, which is a government organization to uphold security laws, halted and investigated Traffic Monsoon stating that Traffic Monsoon is a ‘ponzi scheme’…

You can read the actual filing from the SEC on the SEC site here:

SEC filing on Traffic Monsoon filing report

The SEC sees the Traffic Monsoon opportunity as a ‘Ponzi’ style scheme that offers no real value in terms of a product purchased within the opportunity and this then halted and started the investigation into the business itself.

My Opinion On The SEC Shutting Down Traffic Monsoon and What’s Next…

My personal opinion this whole matter is that, as I explained in the video, the SEC doesn’t understand what Traffic Monsoon is really about.

Traffic Monsoon did and does offer a real product within the opportunity and that was the advertising packages purchased by each member.  The SEC does not see this as an actual product but basically the opportunity is offering a ‘security’ which would be considered an ‘investment’ with a rate of return and percentages, etc. from the advertising purchased.

My opinion is that Traffic Monsoon did not clearly describe its terminology out there for the opportunity not to be misunderstood as an investment or for the purpose of members just buying advertising packages to participate in the ‘investment’ the SEC is accusing the company of…

I personally think that better terminology and better and more direct clear understanding to prospects and members about the rev sharing part of the opportunity could have prevented the SEC being involved.

Also I would like to mention that when huge amounts of money are involved with any type of ‘rev share’ or ‘profit share’ this will always bring the attention of the SEC as these types of terms could always be used to scam people into investments rather than purchasing an actual product within an online opportunity.

As far as what’s next for Traffic Monsoon, the CEO Charles Scoville, has stated that negotiations between himself and the SEC are going well and that he plans for changes and most importantly to continue Traffic Monsoon.

Obviously the details on how to continue Traffic Monsoon are yet to be released, but I would not count out Traffic Monsoon completely as some form of the opportunity could possibly continue…

And if you were a member of Traffic Monsoon or you are doing these type of ‘rev share’ models hoping that it will last but always gets shut down or disappears, then I would highly recommend you getting involved in a great product based opportunity like National Wealth Center that has been here for years and will be here for years to give you a stable and lasting income!

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