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The most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) concerning National Wealth Center:

1. How much does it cost to join and how much do I make? National Wealth Center has a minimum level $25 membership cost. The company pays 100% commissions of the sales to every member.

2. Is the membership fee one time or monthly? What Levels Should I Join? The 25$ membership fee is MONTHLY, this is how the commissions are paid to each member residually every month and creates a much more stable income vs just 1 time payments. For instance if you have just 100 referrals, you are making anywhere from $2500 to $7500 MONTHLY with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation.

With the higher monthly commission levels ($50 and $100), you would be making anywhere from $10,000 to $70,000 monthly with just 100 referrals.

The higher levels starting with the Fitness Package at $250 are 1 time payments (NOT monthly)…the $250, $1000, $3500 product levels are 1 time payments…

As far as what levels to join, this is completely up to the individual.  I would say in my experience in sponsoring thousands into this opportunity, those who join higher levels above the $25 have the most success and apply themselves more to the program in getting results.  Also realize that you have to be paid on a level to be able to receive commissions on a level.  If you are active at the $25 level only you cannot be paid on the $50 or $100 monthly levels or the higher big commission 1 time product levels.

3. Are there refunds? How Do I Cancel? NO there are no refunds. All sales are instantly paid to each member. If you decide to leave the program, you just simply cancel your recurring payment in whatever payment processor you are paying through. Very simple and easy.

4. How quickly can I start making money? This depends on your level of effort and ability to take action and to present the products and opportunity to other individuals. This can be done just as successfully offline as online. This is a very easy program to promote with a low cost buy in, huge beneficial product line, and great compensation plan.

5. What are the products associated with this opportunity? You are selling a membership to an online video & audio library well worth into thousands of dollars, as well as ebook products you can instantly download. The products range from ‘how to’ trainings on self development, business development, wealth development, fitness, and elite network marketing training.  Please review this site fully for full description of these product levels.  All products are digital and accessed by your customer/signup logging into their NWC back office.

6. Is there an ADMIN fee like other companies? There is a very inexpensive $9 Admin fee or $19 Admin feewhich goes towards programming, updating products, adding features etc.  Each member also gets FREE access to the National Savings Club with their admin fee payment.

The difference between the $9 and the $19 admin fee is that the $19 admin fee gives you access to a company marketing system that you can use with your NWC business while the $9 does not.  It is completely your choice as to whether which admin fee level you wish to join. 

7. I am not in the U.S., can I still join? YES, National Wealth Center is a global opportunity.

8. Can I see my referrals (members)? YES, there is a ‘view downline’ feature, as well as an ’email downline’ feature where you can email each member at the same time as well as all kinds of statistics of the program.

9. If I have trouble, can I get help? YES, there is a ‘Support’ Team to help you in whatever problems you experience where you can email the company about any issues you are having.  Also the company has a skype feature where you can live chat to resolve any issues as well.

10. Is this one of those pyramid schemes or one of those MLM things? National Wealth Center is an affiliate marketing program with a unique compensation plan that pays you infinitely from your referrals accessing and using superior digital product line. A pyramid scheme would be any type of program that doesn’t involve any products or services. Traditional MLM compensation usually involves the top person making the most money. National Wealth Center’s compensation involves everyone, based on their effort, to make much more money than their sponsor.

11. How does the company make money if they pay each member 100% commissions? The company has a $9 or $19 admin fee as well as offers optional paid tools and resources to help you build your business, if a member chooses to use them.

12. How do I accept payments? The company offers several different payment processors, most of which are FREE.  The company will also process payments for you as well.

13. How long do I have to wait before I am paid? Each sale is INSTANT. No waiting whatsoever.

14. What does the ‘Qualified’ term mean in the compensation plan? Being ‘Qualified’ simply refers to a member within the program being ‘active’ on a level to be qualified to be paid on that level.  If you want to be paid on a level within the program then you must be paid on that level to receive payments from referrals on that level.

For instance, If a member is only active on the $25 Self Development Level and a referral purchases the $50 or $100 level then those purchases will be passed up to the next ‘qualified’ active member.  This really encourages referrals to come in at higher levels so they will not miss out on higher and higher commissions on product level purchases.

Being ‘qualified’ also refers to being able to receive the 2nd and 4th referral from each of their referrals within the company’s Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan. Each member is ‘qualified’ after they pass up the 4th sale to the sponsor. In the company’s Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan, the 2nd and 4th sale is passed up to the sponsor. This is how the compensation plan gets extremely profitable and payments start compounding and compounding without anymore effort on your own, for each member who chooses to take massive action and promote the program.

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