If you are interested in Signing up with me directly into National Wealth Center, then please contact me here:

By Phone:

infinity downline phone

662.750.1029  (Please send me a TEXT first explaining that you are wanting to discuss NWC and your name and a time that you are available for a return call)


By Email:

email james matthews of infinity downline



Please Note: I am usually overwhelmed by the amount of calls I receive and is sometimes logistically impossible to return all calls of those interested in joining, I can always respond much quicker through email and can answer more in detail by providing you a link or information that will explain very thoroughly.  Email is by far the quickest and best way to reach me.

I would also like to mention that most people who call me are just trying to make sure I am a REAL PERSON, I can utmost assure you that I am and the Success You are Seeing on this site is very Real.  What is going to make a change in your life is getting started as quickly as possible!

Take Action,


James Matthews
national wealth center join now
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