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Will National Wealth Center Be As Popular in 2017?

Will National Wealth Center Be As Popular in 2017?

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Alot of people who look into opportunities online like National Wealth Center ask questions about programs on whether they are popular or not, or if the popularity and success of the program is still going strong.

In this post I’ll go through why people ask these questions and also answer the question itself to whether National Wealth Center will still be popular in the upcoming year of 2017…

There is alot of misunderstanding and misconception about this issue, so once and for all I’m going to be giving everyone the honest sincere truth about this question!

So Will National Wealth Center Still Be As Popular in 2017 as it was in 2016?

Here is the thing about whether National Wealth Center or any opportunity will be ‘popular’ or ‘successful’ moving forward into the next year or years ahead…

A solid program like National Wealth Center will always be POPULAR and will always be SUCCESSFUL, I really don’t understand why anyone would worry or question this, but I do understand that some people are burned just about everyday by very unstable and low quality programs so that is where the concern may come from.

And here is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about whether any opportunity will be ‘popular’ or ‘successful’ for you in promoting an opportunity:


Read that statement several times if you need to, it’s NEVER about joining a program when it’s ‘popular’ or ‘in the beginning’ or ‘while it’s hot’ or ‘just launched’…’s all about your ability as a marketer to present your opportunity to prospects in a very effective and convincing way for that prospect to want to join you!

That is the cold hard truth about what creates success with ANY program.

In fact the first opportunity I joined when I got into online marketing was 4 years old and I became the number one leader in just 1 month…you think I worried about whether that program was ‘popular’….no I just saw the potential and worked the program hard and became very successful!

There again is the cold hard truth about what makes someone successful online vs. those who fail and fail and fail…

So How Popular and Successful Will National Wealth Be in 2017?

Since National Wealth Center launched a short time ago, the opportunity has seen unparalleled growth and it’s not the #1 online program for no reason…National Wealth Center has an amazing product line, the industry’s best compensation plan, amazing benefits just for being a member, etc. etc. etc. you can read all about on this site.

So if you are reading this I have no idea what you are waiting for…click the ‘Register Now’ button below and set yourself up for an amazing 2017 with financial and time freedom!

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James Matthews
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Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

happy thanksgiving national wealth center 2015

Wanted to take the time to wish everyone from myself and all National Wealth Center members a Very Happy Thanksgiving…

Seems like the weeks and months fly by so fast these days, but always make a post every year during these big Holidays to take a moment to remind everyone of what is important and how us as marketers need to really appreciate these big events during the year.

In this post I’ll talk about what Thanksgiving means to me and how I’ve appreciated success with National Wealth Center

So What Does Thanksgiving Mean to Me?

Thanksgiving for me personally is a time for reflection and above all just giving thanks for everything that has occurred during the year, for example having huge success in National Wealth Center.

Giving thanks is something alot of people don’t do and that’s a shame in my opinion…whatever you have in your life, no matter how much or how less you have, you should always give thanks.

Because here is the thing…someone is always going to have more than you and someone is always going to have less than you…

Always give thanks for whatever you have or whatever stage of your life you are in, don’t forget where you come from or what you came out of for the successes you have, no matter how small or how huge those successes are!

How To Have the Best Thanksgiving Ever…

Here is my recommendation on how to have the Best Thanksgiving Ever this year…

During the rest of this week spend as much time as possible with your family, tell each and everyone one of your family members how thankful you are and how much you appreciate them (this may be hard to do for some members of you family lol, but do it anyway).

You’ll also realize just how much other things in your life you need to be thankful for as well, and this is the time to be Thankful for everything!

My problem during this Holiday is always eating too much and having to hit the gym hard afterwards 😉

And don’t forget if you haven’t joined the industry’s best 100% commission program then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Is National Wealth Center Completely ‘100% Autopilot’?

national wealth center 100% autopilot automated

A question I often get asked about National Wealth Center, and this applies to any online marketing as well, is if my business is ‘completely 100% autopilot’?

What this means is if my online business is completely automated to the point where I literally have to do nothing but just rake in tons of cash..

Well what I’m going to do in this post is really answer this in depth so everyone will really know what the ‘100% autopilot’ and ‘automated’ means in the world of online marketing…

The Truth About Online Marketing and National Wealth Center and 100% Autopilot

The real truth about this concept, and believe me you will hear all kinds of ‘hype’ from all kinds of marketers about your business being on 100% autopilot and you having to do absolutely nothing for huge results in your business…….there is some truth to this and some big dishonesty about this…

Here is the absolute truth about how you can 100% autopilot or ‘automate’ your National Wealth Center or any kind of business online:

  • Create a really great capture page sales funnel with very compelling content that causes prospects to take action
  • Buy Traffic for steady streams of traffic coming into your content for a continual automated process of traffic

Now as you noticed you do have to create (or plug into a sponsors sales funnel just like mine) to have a really great sales system in place and you do have to put in the work to purchase the traffic from sources to have the traffic coming in…

So as you see while none of this is hard whatsoever and is actually the easiest thing you’ll probably ever do…there was ‘work’ involved in creating or setting up the process.

The problem in this industry is we have too many marketers just out there absolutely lying about this ‘100% autopilot’ process telling prospects they have to do absolutely nothing to have massive success in an opportunity online.

I hate to break it to everyone reading this post, having huge success in anything will and always will require ‘work’…those who understand this and learn and ‘work’ the process have huge success while those that do not get this will always be massive failures joining opportunity after opportunity still not making a dime…

So How Can You Automate Your National Wealth Center Business As Much As Possible?

As you see from this site, I have several high converting sales funnels for myself and my members to use to automate the sales process as much as possible.  In fact, my members can just plug into the sales funnel with a share code and be ready to go!

So if you are reading this and want the best possible chance of success at National Wealth Center then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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NEW National Wealth Center Sales Funnel LAUNCH!

NEW National Wealth Center Sales Funnel LAUNCH!

new national wealth center sales funnel

I am launching an ALL NEW FUNNEL for National Wealth Center this week for myself and for my members to use to dominate the National Wealth Center program!

As you can see from this website, I have had a very successful funnel in place and this funnel performed extremely well for an entire year, but obviously over time this funnel ‘oversaturated’ the market for the National Wealth Center opportunity.

I learned alot from my first very successful funnel I created for myself and for my members to plug in and use, and those lessons go straight into this NEW funnel to make it perform even better for my members in the program!

What’s So Great About this NEW National Wealth Center Funnel?

Initial tests with the Funnel showed an amazing almost 70% opt in rate with the front capture and also immediate sales and conversions with those leads opting in! 

The funnel process really features overall success of our entire organization within National Wealth Center instead of just my success and has an overall better family aspect of presenting and sharing the opportunity that really causes leads to take big action within the funnel…

Another great aspect of this new National Wealth Center funnel is that the funnel has the ability for prospects to contact specific members within the funnel for any questions and closes the sale with that specific member using the funnel, some prospects take immediate action and join while others want to ask specific questions about the program and reach out to the member behind the funnel…this new funnel has everything and then some!

The funnel is a 4 page process involving an immediate bridge sales page, then going into a full sales page and then a walkthrough page that makes sales and signups into the National Wealth Center a completely automated process!

How Do You Get Access To this NEW National Wealth Center Funnel?

This NEW National Wealth Center funnel is being launched this week for my members within my exclusive training site and will allow my members to dominate with in the beginning of the funnel being launched.

I may or may not at some point allow other National Wealth Center members to use that are not part of my organization, so best bet is to take big action on this page and click the ‘Register Now’ button below to get access and start using to really maximize sales and conversions on autopilot for those 100% commissions coming in at all levels like clockwork!

Hit that ‘Register Now’ button right here and set yourself up for Success Right from the beginning…

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James Matthews
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