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How Do You Make Sales in National Wealth Center?

How Do You Make Sales in National Wealth Center?

national wealth center sales how to make sales

A question I get asked from alot of people seeing my success with National Wealth Center is this:

“Hey James, how do you make so many sales in National Wealth Center…?”

From the outside looking in it seems like I make making sales in this opportunity so easy…and this post is going to be about the real truth in making lots of sales with National Wealth Center…or any online opportunity for that matter

So if you are not making tons of sales in your online affiliate marketing opportunity, then pay close attention to this post for how to do so!

Here are the Steps on How To Make Sales in National Wealth Center or Any Online Business Opportunity

Here are the exact steps on how to make tons of sales in National Wealth Center:

  1. Sign up with the Right Sponsor…sign up with someone who can train you and give you the resources and tools to train you into becoming a great marketer….this is crucial
  2. Plugin & use those resources and tools, especially sales funnels (check out the ones on this site I have for members for to plug in and run with) to get your business off to a huge start
  3. Use this sales funnel in advertising, whether free or paid (this is taught in depth within my training for members) and have as many leads as possible coming into your funnel, certain percentage will convert and duplicate and replicate these same results as they go through member training

Is it just that simple in those 3 easy steps….?

Well yes and no…..and here is the real honest answer with online affiliate marketing industry…

It is that simple if you don’t question and just follow the simple steps and understand the process of generating leads and don’t ‘think too much’

In fact ‘thinking too much’ is what will kill you in any pursuit in life….you have to take big action in anything if you want the results….and that’s the honest truth to this affiliate marketing industry.

Ready To Make Lots of Sales in National Wealth Center?

If you are reading this and ready to make lots of sales in the National Wealth Center opportunity, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

My training will hold you by the hand and take you step by step on how to dominate and make as many sales as I do in a day!

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James Matthews
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How To VACATION All the Time!

How To VACATION All the Time!

how to vacation all the time

Alot of people ask me how I vacation so much and am constantly taking trips etc…

This summer especially I took close to 8 different trips…to all different areas…I didn’t have to ask ANYONE for time off…or work around anyone’s schedule etc. etc. etc.

So I thought it would be a great idea to write in a post about how I do this personally through my National Wealth Center business and how taking vacations whenever you want is such a real possibility in this day and age through online marketing.

It’s interesting to know that most people who work conventional jobs only have 1-2 weeks chance a year to take a vacation…and usually they are so tired from working 60-80 hours a week it’s not really a vacation at all 🙁

So How Can You Vacation Anytime You Want?

The reality of having a successful business like National Wealth Center, which you primarily do online (or you can do offline as well) is that if you have an online business and have residual income coming in instead of a job….then you have the time freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want….that’s the truth

Most people are brainwashed from the time they start school that they have to have a 9 to 5 job…and that they have to work their entire lives away for their income at that job.

Online marketing and residual passive income like with National Wealth Center, gives you the ability to not be tied down to a job and to be able to have an income coming in no matter what you are doing….and let me tell you that is a nice feeling to have when so many are working their entire lives away…

Don’t get me wrong, if you are supporting yourself and your family with a job and making ends meet…you are a hero…but what I want to do in this post is open your mind to a better way of doing things…just like when it happened for me when I discovered online affiliate marketing!

Are You Ready to Take a Vacation Whenever You Want?

If you are ready to live life on YOUR terms, do what you want when YOU want instead of waiting for any time off…then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below….it all starts here just like it did for me when I finally decided to do things better and live life on my own terms!

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James Matthews
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Is National Wealth Center Still Popular?

Is National Wealth Center Still Popular?

national wealth center popular

A question I often get asked is:

“Is National Wealth Center Still Popular….?”

I sometimes don’t understand the question as why someone would even ask why a program like National Wealth Center is still popular, as it has been one of the most stable long term income producing opportunities online for a solid three years now….most programs don’t even last a year or never what they say they are.

So What Makes National Wealth Center So Popular?

It’s very important to realize, that when looking into an online program, is to make sure the opportunity is built for long term success.  When this happens, an opportunity WILL ALWAYS BE POPULAR!

A solid stable ethical program such as National Wealth Center will always be here, always be popular, and this is why its so critically important to choose the right kind of opportunity online when looking into an affiliate program.

Here are just a few reasons why National Wealth Center is popular and will ALWAYS be popular

  • 100% commissions on every product purchase
  • Both monthly and 1 time high commission recurring income
  • Long term staff and great CEO behind company
  • Tons of features and tools to give every member success

You can read about these points and tons more on this site, there are too many great features to list about the National Wealth Center company.

Will National Wealth Center Continue to be Popular?

This company is not going anywhere, rest assured when building a long term income online….you need a solid base…and this is why I have been able to have very long successful career in this industry.  I picked the right opportunity vs. all the other ‘fly by night’ programs that come and go like the wind.

If you want a real long term income with a company that actually cares about its members, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

national wealth center summer national wealth center summer

Well just like that another summer is upon us and most everyone is getting ready to take that 1 week of vacation during the summer working in the corporate world and most jobs…

Now if you are building a successful online business like National Wealth Center you can take vacations whenever you want to but the main reason for this post is to talk about summer and how MOST people view this time of year….and also to explain to you there is a BETTER way to do things 😉

Don’t know what I’m talking about…that’s ok most are brainwashed into the job culture…I’m about to enlighten you and expand your mindset!

What is Summer for Most People?

Summer is the time of year where everyone who is working at a job is deciding where to take that vacation…and also trying to get as many days in at the beach or the lake during the hot weather.

I remember when I worked as a teacher and had the summers off I counted down the days until summer every year….lol

The reason I did this is because I didn’t enjoy that job…and looked for every excuse to be off work and really dreaded going back when the summer ended…

What I really want to get across to everyone reading this post is that is is possible to HAVE SUMMER EVERY DAY…


How Is this Possible?

Very simply you get yourself to work in online affiliate marketing…whether that be with a great company like National Wealth Center or any type of online marketing…and learn how to make income work for you….instead of you working hours and hours at that job every year waiting for summer to roll around…

How To Have Summer Every Day Vs Once A Year…

Yes it is actually way easier than you think, and more and more people these days are turning their back on the traditional job route and working from home building an online business.

You absolutely can’t beat National Wealth Center for long term stable income and building a business you can be proud of…vs. the ‘fly by night’ opportunities that are popping up every moment online.

Fortunately for you I’m going to be training you every step of the way and you’ll be getting training access on how to dominate in affiliate marketing with my exclusive training site…just go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Why Do I Promote National Wealth Center?

Why Do I Promote National Wealth Center?

why I promote National Wealth Center

I often get asked the question of why I promote the National Wealth Center opportunity vs. everything else out there…so I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about the topic and really explain why.

It’s so critically important that you choose the right kind of opportunity for your long term success online…this decision is never something to be taken lightly and is also the reason alot of people fail online…they just choose the wrong kind of company to be involved with…

What I’ll do in this post is break down why this decision is so important and my decision in backing and promoting what I feel is the most stable long term income opportunity out there…National Wealth Center.

So What Are the Reasons I Promote National Wealth Center?

When looking into an online opportunity, there are several key factors you want to have to ensure your success, I will list these here and briefly discuss:

  • Great Compensation Plan and Commissions – you really need to study and understand the compensation plan behind the opportunity you are looking to join and how you make commissions.  Not all compensation plans are created equal.  Always look for high commission percentages going to YOU for doing the work in promoting and building a downline…this is a MUST!

National Wealth Center has 100% commissions on $25,$50,$100 monthly levels and $250,$1000,$3500 one time payments which you put in your pocket instantly!  Not to mention a Reverse 2 up compensation Plan that allows you to make money residually and passively with no more effort from yourself whatsoever!

  • Products – Make SURE the program you are joining has an actual product.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they join a bogus or scam opportunity with no real product behind the opportunity that members are getting access to.  These types of opportunities will ALWAYS get shut down and disappear because they are ILLEGAL.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

National Wealth Center has a great product line behind each level members join, also these products are updated every single month!  The amount of value behind the product levels is incredible and this is what makes a great long term stable income producing program that you can have a long term career with.

  • Great People Behind the Opportunity – make sure you do your research and understand who put the opportunity together, who the CEO and staff is behind the program etc.   I have seen countless online programs come and go and disappear because the CEO behind the company was a suspicious and shady individual and were very unethical.  It’s also a great idea to look at the leaders promoting an opportunity and see what kind of people they are as well.  Good programs attract good people…bad shady programs attract bad people

National Wealth Center has a great CEO in Peter Wolfing who has an amazing track record in online business and builds amazing programs that change ordinary people’s lives for the better.   This was one of the main reasons I promote the opportunity.

There are many more reasons why this opportunity is awesome that you can read all about on this website, but those are the main reasons of what you want to look for in an online affiliate marketing opportunity. 

Stick with these and apply yourself and work hard in your opportunity and you will make more money than you ever thought possible 😉

Why Promote National Wealth Center Vs. Every Other Program Out There?

There are literally hundreds of different online opportunities and programs popping up left and right every day that promises to be the ‘next greatest thing’ or ‘revolutionary program’ etc. etc etc…

Most of these hyped up programs don’t last over a few months however and then your commissions and business is gone overnight, the reason I have aligned myself with National Wealth Center vs. everything else is because I want to have long term real success for the long term…an opportunity that is going to be here forever with CEO that is committed to member’s success and continually working and upgrading to make the opportunity better…

If you are reading this and want to be part of a REAL opportunity and have a real ‘home’ in the world of online network marketing that you can be proud of and align yourself with…then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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“Work From Home” Means ‘Work’!

Work from Home Means Work…The Real Truth About ‘Working From Home’

work from home national wealth center

I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about something that has been on my mind, and that is the actual truth and reality of what ‘working from home’ is really like vs. alot of the myths and exaggerations you may constantly hear people saying about ‘working from home’

With success with National Wealth Center, which I work completely from home through my laptop, tablet, or phone I have the expertise to tell you exactly what working from home is really all about vs. the hype.

I think most people have this perpetuation that ‘working from home’ is the wonderful freedom type of lifestyle where you do anything you want, whenever you want since you work from home…

Now this is partly true, BUT in this post I am going to tell you what the real reality of ‘working from home’ is all about and what it takes to really have alot of real success working from home with an online business or any type of business you could do ‘from home’.

The Real Truth About Working from Home

What you have to realize about working a business like National Wealth Center from home is the key word to all this is ‘work’.

Having big success with any type of online business working from home requires WORK and EFFORT.  If anyone tells you anything differently than this, then they are a liar and a scam artist and you need to run away as fast as possible.

Now this does not mean that you have to spend hours upon hours of working on your online business, slaving away in front of the laptop…but this does mean you have to learn how to market your opportunity in an effective way.

Now I hardly ever work over 4 hours a week for my National Wealth Center business, but while learning how to market the opportunity in the beginning I was putting alot of effort and work in, and this made ALL the difference later.  I also work however and how much or how less I want to, and that in my opinion is the real beauty of online affiliate marketing.

For some people they understand this and get this very quickly and have success very quickly, others may take awhile to really learn the process of marketing something effectively with online marketing.   Those who work in learning as quickly as possible and putting things into ACTION have success much more quickly than anyone else.

Also ‘working from home’ means you have to have alot of discipline to get things done!  Surprisingly, it is harder to get things done when you have a TV or video game console nearby calling your name every minute of the day distracting you.  Discipline and consistency is everything when working from home and removing all kinds of distractions.

I personally write down each day several things in my calendar I HAVE to get done, and this keeps me focused every day working and building my business from home vs. getting distracted by the xbox or TV or anything else that would be distracting.

Why Do Some People Not Have Success Working From Home With An Online Business?

The reality of why someone who does not succeed from working home is because of the reasons I’ve talked about briefly above, distractions, inconsistency, and lack of focus each day.

Also some people just refuse to do the ‘work’ in working from home each day whether it’s just 1 hour a day or whatever hours you want to put into building your business.

But if you are one of the people who really want to get free with an online business and work when you want whenever you want and know how to have huge success then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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The ‘Myths’ of Online Marketing Revealed…

The ‘Myths’ of Online Marketing Success Revealed…

myth national wealth center online marketing

When marketing an opportunity like National Wealth Center or any online opportunity, there are certain types of ‘myths’ with having huge success with an online program.

What I’m going to do in this post is expose these ‘myths’ and give all of you the absolute TRUTH about how to have MASSIVE success with any online program so for once you will actually know the reality instead of the hype…

So What Are the Myths of Online Marketing Success?

Since I’ve been hugely successful with National Wealth Center and my other income streams online, I’m going to break down each ‘myth’ for you so you’ll know the actual reality of what you need to do to have your own big success…

Here are the Myths of Online Marketing:

  • Huge Success in Online Marketing comes from doing nothing and money is made all day long by people just visiting your website promoting your opportunity or product
  • Everyone who tries to promote an opportunity or product is very successful and this industry is a piece of cake and everyone makes a fortune
  • Company website for your opportunity or product convert very well and makes tons of sales for you
  • Replicated systems will do all the work for you and you can just sit back and relax and do nothing and make commissions
  • You can hide behind your website and generate tons of leads and sales without any prospect getting to know you

Those are just the main myths I’ve seen from my time in the industry and there are more, but let’s get to the REAL TRUTH about these myths:

  • Huge Success in Online Marketing comes from taking big ACTION and putting together very good content on a landing page/website that makes a prospect want to take action as well
  • Everyone is NOT successful in this industry and never learn or want to learn how to effectively market; the biggest earners in this industry take huge action and have learned to market very effectively
  • Company websites for an opportunity/product DO NOT generate leads and sales much at all; everyone in the opportunity usually tries to use these and those that do have very little success
  • Replicated systems do not work for you and do the work for you; you have to put forth the effort into your business!
  • If you are thinking in this industry you can hide behind a website and not let anyone get to know you and see a real life person promoting an opportunity/product then you will be sorely mistaken; People BUY from People!

So as you can see having success in this industry is not the usual hype and garbage you see online, and you have to have a good coach/mentor to help you avoid these types of pitfalls…

How Can You Avoid These Myths and Have Real Success?

To Avoid these myths and have real success you just simply have to get involved with me by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button below and get access to my exclusive training site that teaches you everything you would ever want to know about having huge success in online marketing.

So what are you waiting for?  Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and have massive success while everyone else keeps falling for these ‘myths’….

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James Matthews
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Easy 1 Up Review – Is This A Giant Scam?

Easy 1 Up Review – Is This A Giant Scam? Get All the Details Right Here

easy 1 up review

A new program on the horizon that is getting alot of attention and people have been asking me about is called ‘Easy 1 Up’…

What I’m going to do in this post is give everyone a completely unbiased real review about this program and give you all the details so you can make an informed decision on whether the Easy 1 Up program is right for you.

As one of the biggest earners in National Wealth Center, I’ve seen all kinds of programs and compensation plans and am a ‘go to guy’ in the industry for all kinds of questions, so this review will inform and help alot of people looking for great information about the Easy 1 Up Opportunity.

So What Exactly Is the Easy 1 Up System And How Does It Work?

Easy 1 Up is a new online opportunity and while I could not find this information on the company website, I did later find out this program is created by the one and only Peter Wolfing.

I noticed the registration page and some of the graphics looked similar to Peter’s programs in the past so with a little research I found out the Peter Wolfing is the creator of Easy 1 Up but was unsure of why his information and company information was not listed on the Easy 1 Up Company site.

As you well know, Peter Wolfing created National Wealth Center which was formerly Infinity Downline, and these programs allowed me to change my life in terms of financial and time freedom so obviously I am pretty fond of Peter Wolfing and the programs he has put together.

I would also mention that great CEO’s such as Peter in this industry are VERY hard to come by and he is truly indeed a person who puts long term stable opportunities together for those who work and put forth effort behind them to make a fortune and get free.  I am living proof of that and that can happen!

Peter and I haven’t always agreed on everything, but I will say that the man has alot of integrity and puts his members first and continually strives to make great programs that hard working affiliates can profit from in the long term like myself.

As far as how the Easy 1 Up Program works, there are basically 4 product levels as follows:

There are 2 Elevation Packages:

Easy 1 Up Elevation Packages

  • $25 Elevation Package
  • $100 Elite Elevation Package

These are product levels which consist of digital products regarding network and affiliate marketing strategies and topics, which is beneficial as the product line is actually useful to the prospects becoming members as they will really help them learn how to market effectively online.


The next 2 product levels are the Vertex Products:

Easy 1 Up Vertex Packages Product Levels

  • $250 Vertex
  • $500 Vertex Elite

These Product packages consist of topics within the Business building aspects of starting a business and then building a business and go much deeper than the Elevation product levels listed above.

So the Easy 1 Up Program has great products and this is the cornerstone of any great long term program online.  If a program does not have an actual product, then this is illegal and will be shut down quickly as we’ve seen many programs go through the process and members income disappearing overnight.

Now that we’ve looked at the products, let’s look into and understand how the Compensation Plan Works Behind the Easy 1 Up Program:

The compensation plan behind Easy 1 Up follows a ‘Power of 1’ or a ‘1 Up’ Compensation where the 2nd sale is passed up to the referring sponsor.

Now you have to understand some very important points about the ‘1 Up Compensation’ Plan and how this program works overall:

  • You HAVE to have purchased a level to be paid on the level;  For instance if you only purchase the $25 product you will ONLY be paid on the $25 level product when referring others.  If someone pays for the $500 level and you haven’t purchased that level you will NOT be paid on that level and that commission is passed up to the next active sponsor
  • This is NOT a monthly commission program.  The payments are 1 time and this program does not consist of monthly income coming in every single month unless you are continually working the program hard.
  • Only the 2nd sale from your referrals are passed up, there are NO other passup sales within this compensation plan
  • Big Results within a 1 Up Compensation Plan depend the majority on YOUR efforts marketing the program since there is not a large passup component to the program

So there is the basic summary of the Easy 1 Up Program, please go to the company site to read more full details about the opportunity…

So What Is My Honest Opinion of Easy 1 Up and How Does It Compare to National Wealth Center?

My honest opinion of Easy 1 Up is that it is a solid program and if you like the products and compensation plan then I would tell you to ‘go for it’ and ‘set the world on fire’ and put massive amounts of effort into the business as much as possible to succeed.

I will however give you my honest opinion on why I believe National Wealth Center is a better choice for long term residual payments coming in each and every single month:

  •  National Wealth Center’s compensation plan revolves around the ‘Power of 4’ meaning that the 2nd AND 4th sale is passed up to you by your referrals; this creates alot more residual income off the efforts of your referrals and not yourself continually putting in the effort
  • National Wealth Center has 3 monthly product levels (you can read all about on this site) which give you monthly stable income coming in each and every month vs. the 1 time commissions of Easy 1 Up
  • National Wealth Center has much more varied product levels that include something for everyone; from the $25 monthly level to the $3500 commissions
  • National Wealth Center combines the best of both worlds with 3 monthly commission levels and then 3 higher 1 time product commissions
  • National Wealth Center has much better support, benefits, products, and bonuses as a member which you can read all about on this site

Those are just a few reasons why I believe National Wealth Center is superior to Easy 1 Up, combined with my exclusive training will make you unstoppable no matter what you promote whether just National Wealth Center or National Wealth Center and Easy 1 Up or whatever you want to promote!

I am by no means ‘bashing’ the Easy 1 Up opportunity and anything put together by Peter Wolfing you can bet will be around for a very long time to profit with…but for me tons of monthly commissions coming in with National Wealth Center coming in every month is a much more stable long term commission structure and plan for a solid foundation online…

Go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and let’s get you started on learning how to become a great marketer and dominating online…
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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center – Don’t Get SCAMMED!


I wanted to take the time to write a post about something I’ve seen happen over and over in the home based business industry.  What I’m talking about is people getting SCAMMED not only in the National Wealth Center opportunity but in just about any online opportunity.

People getting Scammed is something I have always fought against as much as possible in this industry.

From the first day I got involved in this industry with National Wealth Center I said to myself that I am going to be honest and straightforward from the start and teach people the real reality of what success means in this industry instead of all the lies, hype, and garbage out there that just about everyone else was doing…

After reading this post you’ll be able to spot any type of online scam or sponsor out there in any type of opportunity and know exactly what to watch out for!

How To Spot A National Wealth Center Scam or Online Scam

There are several things to look out for while looking into a home based opportunity like National Wealth Center and that would be mainly be what the sponsor of the opportunity or the ‘system’ has for you when signing up and joining.

I’ll list here several points of what to watch out for and STAY FAR AWAY FROM when joining any kind of online opportunity:

  • Cannot see or get to know an actual real person behind the sponsor you are signing up with
  • Anyone telling you a ‘guarantee’ that you will get ‘guaranteed’ signups is an OUTRIGHT SCAM; business is business and there is NO guarantees – this is wrong and also completely illegal to put guarantees for any business
  • ‘Systems’ that you take part in and not being able to talk to the person who created the system or find out about how the system works
  • ‘Systems’ making income claims and guarantees – again this is illegal.  You have to have an income disclaimer for any type of business online or make this public
  • If a sponsor will not take the time to speak with you – either through email, skype, or phone – then it is a good idea to not move forward with that individual

I’ve seen it all online in my career and the points above are what most everyone who has been scammed online report to me.

I’ll also say that things like ‘systems’ ‘rotators’ ‘co-ops’ etc. are always usually associated with scamming tons of people believing that these types of things will do all the work for them for just signing up.  As to why people keep believing and falling for these types of scams are beyond me but let’s look at what to look for when getting involved with an online opportunity.

What to look for in a National Wealth Center sponsor or any sponsor in any opportunity:

  • Make sure you see or can talk to a real life person as a sponsor in an opportunity; please be courteous to their time as most leaders sponsor hundreds or thousands of people and are incredibly busy with their own lives and will get back to you when time allows
  • Make sure the sponsor or team you get involved with give honest and realistic expectations for the business and not hype or exaggerated unfounded income claims
  • Make sure you can ask questions or see how a ‘system’ really works if you are taking part in that system – do your due diligence and especially make sure you know where the traffic is generated as some traffic sources are complete garbage
  • Ask your questions to a sponsor and see how well they answer you questions as they will prove their credibility over and over above anything

Have You Been Scammed By A National Wealth Center Sponsor Or System?

I get emails everyday from people in the National Wealth Center opportunity and all kinds of opportunities telling me how badly they were scammed by ‘systems’ & ‘rotators’ etc. promising them untold signups and results and gave none and this is the main reason people seek me out most of all.

Just goes to show you that when you are honest above all and treat people how you would like to be treated, will allow you to do huge things in an online opportunity.

This is an industry that is all about helping other people, and those who scam and hurt others only last for a very short time.  This is why you see these same individuals jump from opportunity to opportunity or are always changing their systems over and over with different names…

If those things actually worked, then why the need to change all the time?  I hope the light bulb finally clicked 😉

So if you are ready for the real reality and the real truth to absolutely dominating with a great 100% commission based business and have a real person that is going to walk you through every part of your success, then go ahead and click the ‘register now’ button below…
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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Admin Fee Changes!

National Wealth Center Admin  Fee Changes!

national wealth center new admin fee changes

National Wealth Center just announced new admin fee changes in May of 2016 for the National Wealth Center program!  In an effort to really listen and adhere to members feedback, the company has made changes to the $19.95 admin fee that has been effective for quite some time in the company for members admin fees every month to access and use the program.

What I will do in this post is go over exactly what the company has stated within the company email to each member, so you will know you are getting the correct information straight from the source.

So What Are the New National Wealth Center Admin Fee Changes?

As reported straight from the company, here are the exact details:

National Wealth Center brings back $9.95 admin fee. It’s live now.

We now have a Basic $9.95 monthly admin fee  and Premium $19.95 monthly.

Existing members are already a Premium Membership.

Basic Membership offers the basic nuts-and-bolts to get you rolling plus NSC (usage only) and you can do business at the residual business centers only.

Premium Membership offers everything including, our new Survey capture page, NWC Core, Vehicle Advantage, able to sell the one-time product business centers, usage of NSC (National Savings Center) and a free $20 Premium membership in which is the best value by far.

No program can offer what National Wealth Center can with a flat-rate admin fee and 100% direct commissions on seven business centers from $25-$7500.

So in summary the company now offers a very inexpensive $9 admin fee with a more value $19 if members choose to have that admin fee if wanting to upgrade to get the full value.

What is My Personal Thoughts on the New Admin Fee Changes?

I think this is a great change to include those interested in the National Wealth Center program that would have hesitation paying the $19 admin fee in addition to the monthly $25, $50, $100 monthly product levels.

The $9 admin fee is very unique in the world of countless online business opportunities, and any time you can be unique and set yourself apart and most importantly allow anyone regardless of finances start in the program with an inexpensive admin fee, then that is a great asset to have and offer out there to prospects.

So if you were a little hesitant of that $19 admin fee and want to get started in the program with the new admin fee, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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