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How To Get Sales & Signups For Your Online Business!

How To Get Sales & Signups For Your Online Business!

how to get sales and signups national wealth center

As much as I teach on my training on how to generate leads and get sales into an online business opportunity like National Wealth Center, I still get asked alot on how I generated tons of sales and signups while some people can get none…

In this post I am going to break down how to get sales, and why you are not getting sales or signups if this is the issue for you.

What I talk about in this post works like crazy if you really understand and apply it to your online business. This is the TRUTH about what it takes to really make that full-time income and get financially free…so you are welcome to pay attention or keep failing…

So take notes and pay close attention because I am about to give you the real secrets to dominating your online opportunity!

So How Do You Generate Sales & Signups For Massive Success In Your Online Business?

Well it’s actually very simple but I would say alot of people who get involved with an opportunity really miss these points I am about to explain in this post…

So lets go over what would generate a ‘sale’ or more specifically a ‘signup’ into National Wealth Center or any type of online business out there:

Leaders in any opportunity who are generating sales are just simply practicing these tactics:

  • Constant flow of leads; or just simply practicing ‘lead generation’ through great content and constant traffic through various paid or free advertising strategies
  • Separate themselves from everyone else in the same opportunity; bring value to your opportunity and NEVER be just like everyone else in your opportunity; separate and be unique in what you have to offer your prospects
  • Making tons of sales is all about just being HELPFUL; seems like commons sense but prospects appreciate leaders who are helpful in answering questions, returning phone calls, etc. from those interested in joining.  The marketers who do this MAKE THE MOST SALES IN AN OPPORTUNITY
  • Duplication; Have something set in place (sales funnel, system, etc.) that prospects when they join can take part in and use as well to help them generate sales.  It is NOT your responsibility as a SPONSOR to do anything for someone, but having resources and training set in place for your members to access and use will attract thousands of people to you in your opportunity!

Now if you are not getting sales in signups into National Wealth Center or any online opportunity, chances are you are not practicing the points I’ve just listed…

You don’t have to do all these, but study and apply these methods and your profits will start to soar for your online opportunity!

Can You Show Me How To Get Tons of Sales and Signups?

Absolutely!  In fact I teach all of my members within my exclusive training site exactly what I do and this site is updated every single week with new content and also Direct Member Lessons for new step by step video tutorials on sales tactics and marketing strategies…

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James Matthews
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Want $200,000 Your First Year in National Wealth Center?

Well who wouldn’t…haha.  Check out my screenshot of my earnings within my first year with the National Wealth Center opportunity right here:

national wealth center earnings 6 figures

As of this moment my current earnings are right at $200,000, and will be over 200,000 at the end of this month of the time of writing this post!

Now in the home based business industry, unfortunately some people don’t make over $100…so how does someone like myself and other high earners in the National Wealth Center opportunity make this type of money?

Well read this post because you will finally know the true ‘secrets’ of making huge money in an online business and getting financial freedom!

How Did I Make $200,000 In National Wealth Center My First Year?

Well it’s actually really simple, whether its National Wealth Center or any online business you would want to join, it really just comes down to these simple things:

  • Being a Real Person; other people join only with those they connect with, like, and trust and are relatable (just be a real person)
  • Bring Great Value to your opportunity; this means to share resources and skills with your prospects to help them as well as much as possible
  • Have a Method of Duplication; have an easy way for referrals to use resources to duplicate success as quickly as well (for instance I have sales funnels my members can use and market to help them get as many sales as possible and make even more money!)
  • Brand Yourself to Your Opportunity; this goes with being a real person, but brand yourself as much as possible and people will join you in the hundreds and thousands to your opportunity; this is everything for effective marketing

Now I know that sounds either simple or complicated if you are a newbie, but let me tell you it’s incredibly simple and common sense to practice these points I’ve listed above.

The main thing I will also say and want to add is the concept of PATIENCE.  In this industry unfortunately at times people want huge amounts of money very quickly and the truth of the matter is that building a six figure business, while easy online, does take time, effort, and energy from the individual marketing the business.

All of this hype and lies and outright garbage of marketers telling you that you are going to make huge amounts of money by doing nothing, sitting back, or something else doing the work for you are outright scam artists…don’t fall for this nonsense and understand that consistent action is everything and you’ll be making a full time income before you know it!

Do You Want To Make $200,000 Your First Year In National Wealth Center?

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James Matthews
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Is Timing Important In National Wealth Center?

Is Timing Important In National Wealth Center?

is timing important national wealth center

I get asked this question alot and that is if ‘timing is important when joining an opportunity’…

Alot of people think it is critical that if you join an opportunity like National Wealth Center, you MUST join an opportunity right when it launches to be able to promote successfully or be effective in being a member.

In this post I am going to delve into this subject deeply and give everyone the truth about this question!

So How Important is Timing When Joining National Wealth Center Or Any Online Opportunity?

While I will say that joining an opportunity does have some importance, it is not by far the most important aspect of joining an online business whatsoever.

For example, the first online opportunity I joined, which was ‘Infinity Downline’ which is now what you see as National Wealth Center…I joined 4 years after that program launched!

I then became the biggest promoter of that opportunity by far, not because of WHEN I joined but because of HOW I marketed the opportunity.  It’s all about what kind of marketer you are…

No matter when you join an opportunity does not having anything to do whatsoever whether you have success with that opportunity or not!

The main reasons why you will be successful with any opportunity is for these reasons:

  • You legitimately like and resonate with your opportunity
  • You are excited about your opportunity and want to share the opportunity with everyone
  • You can effectively explain your opportunity to others in the right way
  • You can or learn how to effectively market your opportunity to others
  • You offer alot of value in the market for your opportunity

So as you see, it’s never about WHEN you join an opportunity like National Wealth Center, it is always HOW you market your opportunity to others when you do join.

Now let’s be very clear, if you want to join an opportunity then BY ALL MEANS do not and I repeat DO NOT procrastinate and get overloaded with information, join the opportunity and get started learning and applying yourself for big success!

Just don’t believe that you HAVE to join something when it first launches, it’s all about HOW you learn to market your opportunity when you do join.

So How Do You Join an Opportunity and Market the Right Way for Big Success?

If you are new to online marketing and looking into the National Wealth Center opportunity, joining the right sponsor is critical to your success.

I teach everyone on exactly what it takes to build a huge income and success online and will make you into a great marketer through my exclusive training you can preview right here.

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James Matthews
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Happy Labor Day 2016!

Happy Labor Day 2016!

labor day 2016

Labor Day Weekend is here again and while I’m writing this post a few days later I feel the holiday is a great topic to discuss.

The reason I find Labor Day so interesting is that this is a holiday that was invented to give working Americans a day off from their jobs.  Now I think that is great and I wish there were more ‘Labor Days’ out of the year to give more days off to hard working people, because God knows people work ridiculous amount of hours at jobs for most of the time low pay.

If it was up to me all of them would be paid more, and be given more time off to spend with family or enjoying free time.

With National Wealth Center I can proudly say that I’ve been on ‘Labor Day’ for almost 5 years now, and this post will be about how to do the same and leverage online marketing…

How Do I Have Labor Day Every Day of the Year?

The reason I’ve been able to have a ‘Labor Day’ every day of the year is because I saw the leverage and time freedom of being involved with a great business opportunity like National Wealth Center.

When you work hard and leverage your online business, your business makes money FOR you instead of you going and spending hours and hours at a job and making an hourly wage or a salary.

Passive residual income with National Wealth Center or any great online program in an amazing thing to have when you make money without you constantly working for that money at a job.  It’s a difficult concept for some people to realize, because most everyone has been taught since they could walk to prepare for a job.

Making money passively and residually (coming in without your effort) is the greatest way to make income because of the ability to have your life given back with you with complete time freedom.

It is truly the most powerful and life changing experience you can ever experience as far as creating income…

Do You Want To Have a Labor Day Every Single Day?

If the idea of having ‘labor day’ every day of the year instead of just 1 day after a weekend, then I highly recommend getting started with online marketing to really learn how to leverage and create passive residual income in your life.

You will not find a better income stable long term opportunity than National Wealth Center, so go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and you’ll be getting a Welcome Email from me with the industry’s best training…

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James Matthews
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