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Easy AutoPilot Income System FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

easy autopilot system national wealth center system faq

In this post I’m going to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the new Easy AutoPilot Income System for the National Wealth Center Program I’ve been asked so far.

Putting together this FAQ will really help answer alot of questions that people usually have about a new ‘system’ but the really unique great thing about Easy AutoPilot Income is that the system itself answers just about every question you can imagine in each of the steps within the system!

This is a list of what my member base and those interested have asked about the system, and will be compiled for easy source of info for members using the system as well…

So What is the Easy AutoPilot Income System FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)?

Here is the Easy AutoPilot Income System FAQ:

  1. Is this system EASY to use?  It’s the easiest system out there and anyone regardless of any type of issue whatsoever can use this system, in fact, the system itself teaches everyone how to use it within the steps!
  2. Why was this System created?  This system was created to completely get rid of all of the usual boundaries of people getting started in affiliate marketing and having to overcome the ‘learning curve’ of capture pages, landing pages, sales pages, autoresponders, email marketing, etc. etc. etc…. the system uses NONE of those things and is so incredibly easy and effortless to use
  3. Who can use this System?  For now my current member base within National Wealth Center only has access to the system…this is to they can maximize the system and use to their benefit exclusively!
  4. How Can I Get Access?  You must be a personally sponsored member of National Wealth Center to myself personally or from one of my downline members to be able to get access and use the system.
  5. How do I ‘plugin’ to the system to use?  The system in each of the steps tells prospects how to setup and use the system through Power Lead System which you can just plug in a share code to make the system yours!  This is all shown step by step within the system itself and is incredibly easy and honestly you can be setup as soon as you are done watching the steps!
  6. So How is the system AutoPilot?  The system runs on autopilot because in the last step of the system, prospects and members coming into the system are shown how to run traffic to the system… thus creating autopilot traffic and referrals coming into the income streams after each member goes through and follows the steps of the system (this cannot get any EASIER) 😉
  7. What Income Sources are used within the System?  National Wealth Center primarily then each prospect picks up Power Lead System to be able to use the system as well, then finally you are PAID on the traffic that each referral goes through and buys….AWESOME!  Each of these income sources/programs work in perfect harmony with one another and everything is explained within the system on how to setup each and use.
  8. What if I am already in National Wealth Center or Power Lead System…Can I still get Access?  The system is only for use with my exclusive member base at the moment to help them as much as possible in maximizing their profits with the system.

That’s most of what has been asked so far, but this system is so easy to use and each step within the system so it is literally the easiest system to setup and plug in and use that has been created 🙂

Want Access to the Easy AutoPilot Income System and Get Rolling Right Away?

If you want the System now then all you gotta do is click the ‘Register Now’ button below…you’ll be getting a Welcome Email with exact steps on how to access…

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Easy AutoPilot Income System Launching This Week!

easy autopilot system national wealth center system

Finally, after setback and technical difficulties, and most importantly some bad outsourcing decisions I am launching the new Easy AutoPilot Income System for National Wealth Center

As stated in previous post this system will pay members on 3 different income streams and the primary income source will be National Wealth Center.

This system also includes 2 other income sources that completely complement each other with Power Lead System and a Traffic Source that pays members as well as traffic is run through the system…thus paying each member on all 3 of these income streams as referrals come into the system as well…

The really cool part about the Easy AutoPilot Income System is that it does in fact run on ‘autopilot’ since referrals going through the process follow the easy steps and this keeps duplicating and duplicating effortlessly for members using the system.

What Is So Special About Easy AutoPilot Income System?

In referring and sponsoring thousands upon thousands of people into National Wealth Center, I’ve listened to members who were wanting something so incredibly easy, would have incredibly easy steps to follow, and would effortlessly get members paid on all 3 income sources that work perfectly together.

Here is a summary of how the Easy AutoPilot Income System works:

  1. Prospects come into the system and are presented into signing up with National Wealth Center…paying up to $175 monthly per referral and up to $7500 in 1 time payments from each referral being presented the system
  2. Prospects then are presented with Power Lead System, which will allow the prospect to get the Easy AutoPilot Income System and just ‘plug in’ and use the system as well
  3. Prospects then are taught and how to just simply purchase and run traffic, and the member using the system are PAID on those traffic purchases as well!

More great points about this system is that it involves NO autoresponders, NO capture pages, NO funnel pages….just a simple 1 page system that is incredibly easy to follow for everyone the system is presented to!

How Do You Get Access to the Easy AutoPilot Income System?

I am releasing the system to my members only this week through a member update within my private training site (…

If you are reading this post and interested in the National Wealth Center opportunity and want access to all the great funnels, training, and resources as well as this new system launching then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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A Job Vs. Having An Online Business – Which Is Better?

job vs online business which is better?

An interesting concept I’ve thought about after 5 long successful years in this online marketing industry and with National Wealth Center is this:

What’s Having A Successful Online Business Like Vs. Having A Job?

This is a post I think everyone needs to really read and listen to, because I like alot of people had no idea in the past that there is a better way to produce income vs. going to a job every single day….

Now let me first of all say if you are reading this and you do have a job that you hate…but you do it anyway to provide for yourself and your family…let me be the first to say you are a hero in my opinion hands down

But what I want to do and what I have done in my success with Online Marketing and National Wealth Center is cause people to think differently…and that is the core of my success in online marketing….because yes, there is a better way to produce income for yourself than giving your life away to that job….get ready and listen up!

So What’s the Difference Between Having A Job Vs. Having an Online Business?

Well let’s break down each one, first up is the job…in a job you most often have to do these types of things:

  • Wake up at a set time each day and be at your job each day…usually 8:00 AM
  • Paid a set salary….you are paid the same amount no matter how hard you work vs. just going through the motions
  • Can’t pick who you work with – You are at the mercy of who you work with…this can be a great thing or a really terrible miserable thing to experience each day (believe me I know)
  • Usually only get 1-2 weeks of vacation a year…and usually work for that 1 week of vacation and usually only travel that 1 week out of the year
  • At the mercy of a Boss…you are told what to do by someone who can be a complete jerk or be pretty decent…but always you are at the mercy of this individual telling you what to do….and how to do it
  • You can be FIRED at any time for any reason…or as they ‘downsized’ for any reason at any time…you are completely at the mercy to the company you work for and the decisions they make

These are just some of the types of things I experienced working at a job and I found out very quickly it was NOT for me…now let me describe what having an Online Business like National Wealth Center is like:

  • Wake up whenever you want to…I personally haven’t had an alarm clock in 5 years now…I wake up exactly when my body tells me when to wake up
  • I am paid based on how hard I work my business…I can give myself a raise anytime I want by working harder on my business, improving my marketing, or helping my members duplicate success as well
  • I choose the type of people I attract to my business and who I want to work with and build my business with…I have referred thousands in just about every country you can think of…and all of these people are like me and want more time freedom and produce income in a better way
  • I can travel whenever I want and how much I want to….my entire business is done through a laptop and a smartphone…I can go wherever I wish at any moment and take as many vacations as I want…whenever I want
  • I am my own Boss…while this does need discipline and a strong work ethic….I answer to myself and dictate each day what I do to grow my business….Nobody ever tells me what to do or How to do it
  • You can NEVER be fired from your online business…no one can EVER fire you for any reason….you would only FIRE yourself if you do not have the discipline or the mindset to create a life of your own vs. working for someone else

This has been my real life experience moving and transitioning from the world of ‘jobs’ (believe me I had quite a few) to a very successful Online Marketing with 5 long successful years in helping thousands and thousands of people experience the same success 🙂

So How Can You Move Away from Your Job to a Successful Online Business?

Well that’s an easy one, you just have to find the right mentor like myself who has made the switch himself and will hold you by the hand and teach you the same methods of success…

Go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…


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James Matthews
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Easy AutoPilot Income – New National Wealth Center System On It’s Way!

easy autopilot system national wealth center system

I’ve been working on something really cool to plug in and use with the National Wealth Center opportunity and this post is going to talk a little about this project before it’s full release…

What this system is going to do is primarily focus on the National Wealth Center program but also add in Power Lead System and a Traffic Source all on one page…the really cool part is that you will be getting paid on these 3 programs when prospects come in and follow the easy simple directions on the system’s page!

How Will the Easy AutoPilot System for National Wealth Center Work?

I will be releasing the full details and directions about the Easy Autopilot Income when it launches, but for now will be giving a simple overview of the system and how it will work:

  • All directions and instructions will be on 1 page; no opt in page, bridge page, sales page etc. in a typical funnel…which means you won’t even need an autoresponder and will be incredibly easy for anyone to follow
  • 3 Income sources will be featured to maximize your profits through all 3 income sources shown within the system
  • Everything is explained and the selling is all done for you…you just plug in your affiliate link for the 3 income streams
  • Traffic will be part of the system and you will actually be paid on the traffic purchased!

Those are a few short descriptions of how this new system will work, the main thing I want to stress is just how easy and simple this is going to be for yourself, your referrals, and their referrals to duplicate and duplicate very easily over and over and over…

When Will Easy AutoPilot Income Be Released?

After some delays I am finally putting the last pieces of the system together as I’m preparing my taxes and this should be finally released within the next week as I finish my final tax preparations.

So if you are ready to be part of another great resource and system for the National Wealth Center opportunity, go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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How To Have Huge Success Online in 2017!

How To Have Huge Success Online in 2017!

national wealth center success 2017

Alot of people ask me all the time how to have big success like I have with the National Wealth Center opportunity, so I wanted to write a post about the reality of success with a home based business vs. all the hype and garbage that you usually hear in this industry…

What I’m going to do is tell everyone in this post EXACTLY what I do day to day to build such a giant business online, if you are struggling in your opportunity or within any type of marketing online, listen up and pay attention because what I say in this post is the absolute TRUTH.

Ready to hear the Truth?  I thought so, here we go…

What I Do Day to Day for Big Success Online in National Wealth Center (This Applies to Any Opportunity/Product Online)

Here is the actual exact truth about what I do on a daily basis to have built a giant business online with National Wealth Center, but this applies to anything you would want to promote online whether an opportunity or a product…but first let me go through what NOT going to give you Huge Success in 2017:

  • Procrastination – saying that you are going to do something to build your business…but never do it or keep putting it off
  • Searching for the ‘secret’ – there is NO SECRET to making sales, building a downline, or having big success for an online business…you will keep searching for this for the rest of your life…STOP looking for the ‘secret’ and start putting in the WORK
  • ‘Systems’ – there are literally countless ‘systems’, ‘rotators’, etc. etc. etc. that promise you the world and ‘guarantee’ thousands of dollars but never deliver hardly any…because they are based on the false promise of putting in the work for you without you doing anything…STOP getting suckered by these things, they never work and they never will give you a full-time income
  • Giving UP – Giving up on yourself, giving up on your opportunity or product when you hit the first stumbling block or obstacle…jumping from opportunity to opportunity without putting in work and effort and learning…this will NEVER give you an ounce of success!

Now that we have that out of the way, here is exactly what I do on a day to day basis for major Success:

  • Write down 4-5 things each day You Need to do to build your Business – I have a huge office calendar and I write down 4-5 things each day that I need to do to build my business…this can be anything from building and testing capture page, creating a video, running paid traffic to a funnel, etc. but these 4-5 goals GET DONE NO MATTER WHAT!   I bet I am one of the few people online that do this, but my results speak for themselves
  • WORK:  Understand first of all that no one owes you ANYTHING, if you want big success with any online opportunity….this is no different from any other business out there…those who work the hardest and put in effort and learn how to work their business effectively make the most money…ALWAYS
  • TRAFFIC & LEAD GENERATION:  If there is 1 piece of advice I could give in this industry then it is this…learn and MASTER driving your OWN Traffic (not ever relying on any system/rotator/etc. to do this for you) and get Better and Better at this process.  Traffic & Leads are the absolute ‘lifeblood’ for your business and once you master this you are in the top 1% of income earners online!
  • MAKE A CONNECTION WITH YOUR PROSPECTS – This is basic business and sales fundamentals but if you are not making a connection with your prospect about your business, whether marketing online or offline, then you are dead in the water.  You have to inspire and connect with your prospect about ‘why’ they need to be involved in your business and what you have to offer…Master this and you are the top 5% of income earners online!

Those are the basis of what I do and how I’ve been able to retire in a short amount of time with my online opportunity…make notes of these and apply them for Huge Success Now…

Ready for Huge Success in 2017?

So if you are reading this and tired of failing and want real results in 2017 with real training I’m going to show you every step of the way, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

happy thanksgiving national wealth center 2015

Wanted to take the time to wish everyone from myself and all National Wealth Center members a Very Happy Thanksgiving…

Seems like the weeks and months fly by so fast these days, but always make a post every year during these big Holidays to take a moment to remind everyone of what is important and how us as marketers need to really appreciate these big events during the year.

In this post I’ll talk about what Thanksgiving means to me and how I’ve appreciated success with National Wealth Center

So What Does Thanksgiving Mean to Me?

Thanksgiving for me personally is a time for reflection and above all just giving thanks for everything that has occurred during the year, for example having huge success in National Wealth Center.

Giving thanks is something alot of people don’t do and that’s a shame in my opinion…whatever you have in your life, no matter how much or how less you have, you should always give thanks.

Because here is the thing…someone is always going to have more than you and someone is always going to have less than you…

Always give thanks for whatever you have or whatever stage of your life you are in, don’t forget where you come from or what you came out of for the successes you have, no matter how small or how huge those successes are!

How To Have the Best Thanksgiving Ever…

Here is my recommendation on how to have the Best Thanksgiving Ever this year…

During the rest of this week spend as much time as possible with your family, tell each and everyone one of your family members how thankful you are and how much you appreciate them (this may be hard to do for some members of you family lol, but do it anyway).

You’ll also realize just how much other things in your life you need to be thankful for as well, and this is the time to be Thankful for everything!

My problem during this Holiday is always eating too much and having to hit the gym hard afterwards 😉

And don’t forget if you haven’t joined the industry’s best 100% commission program then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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Is National Wealth Center Completely ‘100% Autopilot’?

national wealth center 100% autopilot automated

A question I often get asked about National Wealth Center, and this applies to any online marketing as well, is if my business is ‘completely 100% autopilot’?

What this means is if my online business is completely automated to the point where I literally have to do nothing but just rake in tons of cash..

Well what I’m going to do in this post is really answer this in depth so everyone will really know what the ‘100% autopilot’ and ‘automated’ means in the world of online marketing…

The Truth About Online Marketing and National Wealth Center and 100% Autopilot

The real truth about this concept, and believe me you will hear all kinds of ‘hype’ from all kinds of marketers about your business being on 100% autopilot and you having to do absolutely nothing for huge results in your business…….there is some truth to this and some big dishonesty about this…

Here is the absolute truth about how you can 100% autopilot or ‘automate’ your National Wealth Center or any kind of business online:

  • Create a really great capture page sales funnel with very compelling content that causes prospects to take action
  • Buy Traffic for steady streams of traffic coming into your content for a continual automated process of traffic

Now as you noticed you do have to create (or plug into a sponsors sales funnel just like mine) to have a really great sales system in place and you do have to put in the work to purchase the traffic from sources to have the traffic coming in…

So as you see while none of this is hard whatsoever and is actually the easiest thing you’ll probably ever do…there was ‘work’ involved in creating or setting up the process.

The problem in this industry is we have too many marketers just out there absolutely lying about this ‘100% autopilot’ process telling prospects they have to do absolutely nothing to have massive success in an opportunity online.

I hate to break it to everyone reading this post, having huge success in anything will and always will require ‘work’…those who understand this and learn and ‘work’ the process have huge success while those that do not get this will always be massive failures joining opportunity after opportunity still not making a dime…

So How Can You Automate Your National Wealth Center Business As Much As Possible?

As you see from this site, I have several high converting sales funnels for myself and my members to use to automate the sales process as much as possible.  In fact, my members can just plug into the sales funnel with a share code and be ready to go!

So if you are reading this and want the best possible chance of success at National Wealth Center then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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NEW National Wealth Center Sales Funnel LAUNCH!

NEW National Wealth Center Sales Funnel LAUNCH!

new national wealth center sales funnel

I am launching an ALL NEW FUNNEL for National Wealth Center this week for myself and for my members to use to dominate the National Wealth Center program!

As you can see from this website, I have had a very successful funnel in place and this funnel performed extremely well for an entire year, but obviously over time this funnel ‘oversaturated’ the market for the National Wealth Center opportunity.

I learned alot from my first very successful funnel I created for myself and for my members to plug in and use, and those lessons go straight into this NEW funnel to make it perform even better for my members in the program!

What’s So Great About this NEW National Wealth Center Funnel?

Initial tests with the Funnel showed an amazing almost 70% opt in rate with the front capture and also immediate sales and conversions with those leads opting in! 

The funnel process really features overall success of our entire organization within National Wealth Center instead of just my success and has an overall better family aspect of presenting and sharing the opportunity that really causes leads to take big action within the funnel…

Another great aspect of this new National Wealth Center funnel is that the funnel has the ability for prospects to contact specific members within the funnel for any questions and closes the sale with that specific member using the funnel, some prospects take immediate action and join while others want to ask specific questions about the program and reach out to the member behind the funnel…this new funnel has everything and then some!

The funnel is a 4 page process involving an immediate bridge sales page, then going into a full sales page and then a walkthrough page that makes sales and signups into the National Wealth Center a completely automated process!

How Do You Get Access To this NEW National Wealth Center Funnel?

This NEW National Wealth Center funnel is being launched this week for my members within my exclusive training site and will allow my members to dominate with in the beginning of the funnel being launched.

I may or may not at some point allow other National Wealth Center members to use that are not part of my organization, so best bet is to take big action on this page and click the ‘Register Now’ button below to get access and start using to really maximize sales and conversions on autopilot for those 100% commissions coming in at all levels like clockwork!

Hit that ‘Register Now’ button right here and set yourself up for Success Right from the beginning…

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James Matthews
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New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel Coming!

New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel Coming!

national wealth center sales funnel

I am in the process of creating an all new National Wealth Center Sales Funnel!  As you can see on this site I created the ‘Ultimate NWC Funnel’ that converted tons of sales and signups for myself and for lots of people promoting the National Wealth Center within my sales team in the opportunity.

That funnel performed very well and helped a tremendous amount of people build their National Wealth Center business, but it is now time to take things a step further and roll out an even better funnel/system so my members can effortlessly enroll signups into the business.

New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel Details…

While I can’t give out every single detail about the New National Wealth Center Funnel I’m creating, I will give out a few notices here in the post as a ‘teaser’:

  • This will get sales and signups into NWC for you and will be a funnel members can just input a code and use themselves
  • This will be a high converting funnel explaining every detail of the opportunity so members do not have to any selling whatsoever
  • This will get prospects to take massive action through showing my success as well as my member’s success in the program
  • There will also be full training within my training site on how to setup the funnel and get huge amounts of traffic to the funnel as well

I always want to give my National Wealth Center members as many resources and tools as possible to help them duplicate success as well, so I’m very excited to be getting this done and getting it out to my members to start using and generating massive leads and sales!

How Do You Get Access to the New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel?

I’m still debating whether to allow NWC members who are not sponsored under me directly to access the new funnel, the last funnel I created I did allow this and was put out there by close to a thousand people and saturated for the opportunity. 

I’m thinking it may be a better option just to allow my personally sponsored members to use and market the funnel.

This way I can keep the funnel more close guarded with training and getting members better and better results…

So if you are reading this and are looking to join the National Wealth Center opportunity and have tons of $25, $50, $100 payments coming in every single month then don’t hesitate and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and you’ll be getting full access and training to this New National Wealth Center Funnel…

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How To Get Sales & Signups For Your Online Business!

How To Get Sales & Signups For Your Online Business!

how to get sales and signups national wealth center

As much as I teach on my training on how to generate leads and get sales into an online business opportunity like National Wealth Center, I still get asked alot on how I generated tons of sales and signups while some people can get none…

In this post I am going to break down how to get sales, and why you are not getting sales or signups if this is the issue for you.

What I talk about in this post works like crazy if you really understand and apply it to your online business. This is the TRUTH about what it takes to really make that full-time income and get financially free…so you are welcome to pay attention or keep failing…

So take notes and pay close attention because I am about to give you the real secrets to dominating your online opportunity!

So How Do You Generate Sales & Signups For Massive Success In Your Online Business?

Well it’s actually very simple but I would say alot of people who get involved with an opportunity really miss these points I am about to explain in this post…

So lets go over what would generate a ‘sale’ or more specifically a ‘signup’ into National Wealth Center or any type of online business out there:

Leaders in any opportunity who are generating sales are just simply practicing these tactics:

  • Constant flow of leads; or just simply practicing ‘lead generation’ through great content and constant traffic through various paid or free advertising strategies
  • Separate themselves from everyone else in the same opportunity; bring value to your opportunity and NEVER be just like everyone else in your opportunity; separate and be unique in what you have to offer your prospects
  • Making tons of sales is all about just being HELPFUL; seems like commons sense but prospects appreciate leaders who are helpful in answering questions, returning phone calls, etc. from those interested in joining.  The marketers who do this MAKE THE MOST SALES IN AN OPPORTUNITY
  • Duplication; Have something set in place (sales funnel, system, etc.) that prospects when they join can take part in and use as well to help them generate sales.  It is NOT your responsibility as a SPONSOR to do anything for someone, but having resources and training set in place for your members to access and use will attract thousands of people to you in your opportunity!

Now if you are not getting sales in signups into National Wealth Center or any online opportunity, chances are you are not practicing the points I’ve just listed…

You don’t have to do all these, but study and apply these methods and your profits will start to soar for your online opportunity!

Can You Show Me How To Get Tons of Sales and Signups?

Absolutely!  In fact I teach all of my members within my exclusive training site exactly what I do and this site is updated every single week with new content and also Direct Member Lessons for new step by step video tutorials on sales tactics and marketing strategies…

You can gain access to my training by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button below and joining me in the great stable opportunity National Wealth Center!

So what are you waiting for?  Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and lets’ get you started finally ‘cracking the code’ of getting tons of sales and signups in National Wealth Center or whatever you are promoting online…

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James Matthews
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