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Is National Wealth Center the Perfect Business?

Is National Wealth Center the Perfect Business?

I get asked alot of questions concerning National Wealth Center and whether or not it is the ‘perfect business’ or not.

In this post I am going to go in depth to whether the opportunity is ‘perfect’ and the actual truth behind this type of perception looking into an online business.

Anyone looking into an online opportunity does look for the ‘perfect’ business and this post will really clarify alot of what people are looking for in terms of the National Wealth Center program.

So Is National Wealth Center Perfect?

Some people may look into National Wealth Center and think it is the perfect business.

Let me tell everyone reading this post that there is NO online business that is perfect.

An online business is much like a person, not perfect whatsoever.

Now don’t get me wrong, some online programs are absolutely worthless and scams and some are very credible opportunities. There are several things a person really needs to look for when looking into whether an online program is legitimate or a complete waste of time.

What makes an online opportunity worthwhile?  Well make sure the program you are looking into has these qualities:

  • The owner or creator has a good reputation and history
  • The company is based in the United States or another well developed country
  • The company has worthwhile products that benefit any customer or member
  • The company offers support to the membership base
  • The company is very transparent and treats members well

On the other hand, here is some things to definitely watch out for and avoid like the plague when looking into an online opportunity:

  • You cannot find who the company or owner is
  • You cannot determine where the company is based or operates
  • The company has very low quality products or no real product at all
  • The company has no support or guidelines for members
  • The company does not communicate with members often

National Wealth Center definitely meets the criteria for the above in that it is a very credible company, but I will be the first to say that the company is not perfect whatsoever.

Why Is National Wealth Center Not Perfect?

There is no such thing as a perfect company or online business, that does not exist and never will.  If you are looking for the ‘perfect’ online opportunity you will be looking for the rest of your life.

No company works 100% perfectly online.  Servers go down, maintenance has to happen, things need to be upgraded, glitches happen.  This is just normal operating procedure for any online business.

Another reason why National Wealth Center or any online business is never perfect is most often because of the membership base itself.

The membership of any online opportunity can most definitely make or break on whether an online business is credible or run an opportunity right in the ground with very shady and spammy marketing.

The people make the opportunity good or bad, and the people in charge of the company should uphold everyone to the same guidelines and compliance to keep the company in good standing.

This is what makes a company long term and sustainable or a fly by night opportunity, and that is the cold hard truth.

And if you are looking to get involved with someone credible within the National Wealth Center opportunity, then click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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New National Wealth Center 6 Month Member Policy

New National Wealth Center 6 Month Member Policy & Terms

In a recent update by the National Wealth Center Company, new terms have been set in place concerning memberships within the opportunity.

Unfortunately at times within this industry stricter regulations have to be set forth to protect a company and the membership.

In this post I will be discussing the new terms and policies set forth by the National Wealth Center company and terms.

What is the New National Wealth Center 6 Month Policy Mean Exactly?

The new National Wealth Center 6 month policy means this:

– When a new member comes into the opportunity under a sponsor, then that member cannot change sponsors within the opportunity for 6 months

This is set in place to further prevent and protect members who are building a business with the opportunity and to prevent and withhold other members from trying to persuade others in other groups to join them.

The opportunity recently has had trouble with some members and particularly a group (I won’t mention within this post) who have not conducted themselves in the right manner and who were causing those of us who are legitimate and honest marketers problems within the opportunity.

The 6 month membership will also help builders within the opportunity in retention and keeping their memberships they do enroll and sponsor.

What Is My Personal Opinion on the New National Wealth Center Member Policy?

I can see two sides to this new term set in place for National Wealth Center members.

On one hand I see the need to protect memberships for a prolong period of time and will help new members understand the need for commitment and putting in work to their National Wealth Center business.

On the other hand I can also see how a new member may have mistakenly got involved or enrolled into a very low quality ‘system’ that did not give any results as unfortunately these types of things are rampant in the industry.

Preventing members from changing from a shady sponsor or ‘system’ to something actually legitimate can be detrimental in my opinion as well.

What do you think?  Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts…

And if you are not a National Wealth Center member yet and are looking into the opportunity and want to know how to dominate just like I do, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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Who Has the Best Team In National Wealth Center?

Who Has the Best Team in National Wealth Center?

 national wealth center team

In the online network marketing industry, you always hear the word ‘team’ thrown around alot within an opportunity like National Wealth Center.

People who are looking into an opportunity are really bombarded by ‘who has the best team’ and it is my intention within this post to really put some clarity onto this concept and what this actually means.

In this post I am going to explain why this concept of ‘teams’ is something you definitely want to stay away from if you want huge massive success in any online opportunity.

Don’t believe me?  Well Read On…

Why No One Has the Best Team in National Wealth Center

I have over 1,000 people and counting in National Wealth Center and I have never once referred to my downline as a team with a specific catchy team name or anything like that whatsoever.

Why not?

There are some things you really have to understand about the industry of online network marketing and some people are going to be offended by this but here is the truth:

‘Teams’ create divisiveness within an opportunity

What does that mean?  Well pay attention to these points and I will clearly explain:

  • Marketers who talk about their ‘teams’ always claim they have the ‘number 1 team’
  • Marketers who talk about their ‘teams’ almost always bash another ‘team’ because they are not on their ‘team’
  • Most anyone who follows this ‘team’ mentality are almost always guilty of cross-recruiting within an opportunity and always become terminated
  • ‘Teams’ are always at war with one another on whose ‘team’ is better than the other ‘team’
  • ‘Teams’ always create a huge amount of infighting within an opportunity and always attack anyone successful for the opportunity that is not part of their ‘team’

These are the very reasons I do not talk about my ‘team’ within National Wealth Center.  My downline within National Wealth Center are very special individual people who have their own strengths and their own goals with the opportunity.

I am not playing a cheesy game and have a ‘team’, I am building a giant income with a great opportunity and helping each of my members as much as possible.

The whole concept of ‘team’ within an opportunity really makes me nauseous and now you know why.

Why You Shouldn’t Talk About Your Team in National Wealth Center

If you are constantly talking about how great your ‘team’ is within National Wealth Center, let me tell you this and take it to heart because I am one of the biggest leaders in the industry:

No one will join you

If you are not adding value to what you are offering to your prospects from a personal standpoint to where they can get to know you individually, then you are going nowhere fast.

I’ve put over 1,000 people in National Wealth Center by marketing and putting in work to my business, not constantly talking about how great my ‘team’ is.

I am concerned with my own results and my own efforts, not my ‘team’.   Those who take action and apply my training have huge success as well, those that do not have no accountability and responsibility and that’s the cold hard truth.

If I spend all my time taking in every question or concern of my ‘team’ then I am not continually working my own business and getting greater and greater results.

I hope this post has enlightened you and you understand more of the truth of this industry, if you are tired of the usual hype and garbage of things like ‘teams’ and ‘who has the best team’ and want to get real results and learn how to dominate the opportunity, then click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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James Matthews
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Who Has the Best National Wealth Center Training?

Who Has the Best National Wealth Center Training?

national wealth center training

An interesting topic I would like to write about for this post is who has the best training for the National Wealth Center program.

One of the biggest questions I always get is when a prospect asks me about my training site and the information contained within the site (

While my training goes over everything in step by step tutorials on anything you would ever want to know about online marketing, this post will really delve deeper into the types of people looking into training provided and their mindsets as well.

Why is National Wealth Center Training Important?

First of all let me see that your sponsor providing training on how to market and grow your National Wealth Center business is crucial and essential for your success, especially if you are a complete newbie or new to the industry.

Online marketing can be overwhelming to say the least and if you don’t have someone to guide you and help you, then you are doomed even before you start.

With that being said, there are also countless people in the program who just ‘throw together’ some type of training to try and gain signups and make quick money with no long term success or training involved.

It’s important to know and understand the difference between the two.

In fact if I had one thing to do over again, I would have had much better security over my own training as just some people do not do the right thing online and will attempt to steal or impersonate training videos instead of creating their own material and putting their own value into the industry.

And that brings me to my next point about all the type of training people claim to have to help you gain success within the National Wealth Center program.

I personally do everything in my power to help my direct members in the opportunity, and even do weekly trainings for my direct members to further help their marketing and make them better marketers to further dominate as well for the program.

In doing that, there is one thing I CANNOT do for my members and one thing that ANY training can do for anyone, and that is for that member to TAKE ACTION on what is taught within the training.

In fact, in over 1,000 people I’ve personally sponsored into the program, the only reason any of them fail is because they never take action in anything.

I can give members everything that I personally do and walk them step by step, even my high converting sales funnel you see on this website, but it is up to each member to take action and market their business.


It’s very important to understand that despite all the bogus claims, scams, and hype of ‘systems’ and ‘teams’ and ‘groups’ within the opportunity guaranteeing you untold riches just for signing up, that you are completely responsible for taking action and creating your own success within an online opportunity.

If I had that attitude that a ‘system’ or things were going to be done for me when I first signed up into the National Wealth Center program, I would have done nothing and would not be the leader and top income earner I am today.

I knew that I was responsible for my own success and this is what got me to a full-time income within my first month with the opportunity.

Is All National Wealth Center Training the Same?

Absolutely not.  It is very important when getting involved with the National Wealth Center program to sign up with somebody that can not only help you, but is going to be there when you do have questions and support you along the way.

I would not have had the success I have within the program if my training ( was not only duplicatable but easy for anyone to understand to follow the same success.

This is why my members are having huge success as well and you see their success all over the internet for the opportunity.

It is very important to understand and get involved with the right sponsor for this opportunity, first and foremost, so make sure that is a good decision when looking into the best ‘National Wealth Center Training’.

And if you are reading this and ready to take action and get REAL results, then click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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