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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

national wealth center summer national wealth center summer

Well just like that another summer is upon us and most everyone is getting ready to take that 1 week of vacation during the summer working in the corporate world and most jobs…

Now if you are building a successful online business like National Wealth Center you can take vacations whenever you want to but the main reason for this post is to talk about summer and how MOST people view this time of year….and also to explain to you there is a BETTER way to do things 😉

Don’t know what I’m talking about…that’s ok most are brainwashed into the job culture…I’m about to enlighten you and expand your mindset!

What is Summer for Most People?

Summer is the time of year where everyone who is working at a job is deciding where to take that vacation…and also trying to get as many days in at the beach or the lake during the hot weather.

I remember when I worked as a teacher and had the summers off I counted down the days until summer every year….lol

The reason I did this is because I didn’t enjoy that job…and looked for every excuse to be off work and really dreaded going back when the summer ended…

What I really want to get across to everyone reading this post is that is is possible to HAVE SUMMER EVERY DAY…


How Is this Possible?

Very simply you get yourself to work in online affiliate marketing…whether that be with a great company like National Wealth Center or any type of online marketing…and learn how to make income work for you….instead of you working hours and hours at that job every year waiting for summer to roll around…

How To Have Summer Every Day Vs Once A Year…

Yes it is actually way easier than you think, and more and more people these days are turning their back on the traditional job route and working from home building an online business.

You absolutely can’t beat National Wealth Center for long term stable income and building a business you can be proud of…vs. the ‘fly by night’ opportunities that are popping up every moment online.

Fortunately for you I’m going to be training you every step of the way and you’ll be getting training access on how to dominate in affiliate marketing with my exclusive training site…just go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

national wealth center happy mothers day

Just wanted to take the time to write a post about a very special day that just occurred and that is Mother’s Day in May… I do hope that everyone celebrated this day as much as possible and enjoyed as much as possible.

A mother is the most special relationship one can have, and speaking personally I don’t know what I would do without my mother who has been a constant rock throughout all my years and still to this day.

The first thing that I did with my success with National Wealth Center and online marketing is to make SURE my mother was always taken care of!

Why Is Mother’s Day So Important?

Mother’s Day is important to me because we should never take our mothers for granted and what they mean to us.  We never know what tomorrow may bring… so if you are reading this…do make sure you NEVER take your mother for granted and make SURE you celebrate as much as possible and make her know how much you appreciate her!

With success in online marketing and National Wealth Center I’ve always made a huge priority to make Mother’s Day very special and always take the weekend around the date to make my mother feel appreciated as much as possible…

But now that I think about we should do this every day!  We should always strive to make our mothers feel as appreciated as much as possible…because this is what they have done for us our entire lives…

Are you Able to Celebrate Mother’s Day to the Fullest?

If you are not able to celebrate Mother’s Day to the fullest without the financial or time freedom to celebrate holidays as much as possible, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I will show you how…

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James Matthews
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Check Out A $600 Day With National Wealth Center…

In the video within this post I show you what $600 Daily with the National Wealth Center program looks like as I log into my payment processor and show you proof positive evidence of this daily income…

What do I do this?

For several reasons, but the main is that I look to show real results that anyone can get with an online program if they apply themselves and put in actual work in developing connection with prospects.

Check Out My Video of My $600 Day With National Wealth Center

Here is the video of where I login and show everyone what a $600 day with the program looks like:

Alot of people ask me how I do this?  Well the answer is really incredible simple…I work.

There is a big misconception within this online network marketing industry in that you sign up into National Wealth Center or any online program and you just make tons and tons of money without putting in any effort…

People who have this type of mentality have had zero results and will always have zero results over and over and over and over again, but still looking for the next ‘magic bullet’ or ‘secret’ to getting great results with an online marketing program.

Well I hate to burst everyone’s bubble…but the ‘secret’ or the ‘magic bullet’ is just simply getting your butt in gear and working your business consistently.  That’s it.

How Can You Make $600 A Day With National Wealth Center?

If you want to have $600 Days with National Wealth Center then you need to join the program with yours truly…because I do show you exactly what I do within my personal training site ( to have days just like this with the program.

So if you want to make hundreds of dollars a day with a great long term stable program then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Watch Exactly How To Make Over $100,000 Your First Year in National Wealth Center…

In this post I’m going to go over exactly how to make over $100,000 in your First Year in National Wealth Center…this will also work for just about any online opportunity you want to promote.

First of all watch this video for real proof of just how this works and has grown with proof positive evidence:

I’m going to go over the exact steps of how this type of income is created, so if you haven’t produced this type of income in an online opportunity…then take notes and pay close attention!

The Exact Steps of Making Over $100,000 In National Wealth Center or Any Online Opportunity…

So here are exactly how I and other huge leaders in National Wealth Center and other online opportunities produce this type of income while others struggle, I’m giving you the real ‘secret’ right here so like I said listen up and take notes!

Here is what you have to do to make big income and have big results in any online opportunity:

  • Duplication — You have to have a duplicatable way to train your referrals for them to duplicate the same results, this can be a sales funnel, training on various marketing methods, or any type of assistance to where your referrals can take the same actions to get results
  • Learn Paid Advertising — Some people just think that they can make a post on facebook or some other type of social media and make thousands of dollars, this is never the case.  If you want to do huge things as an online marketing, start as soon as possible learning paid advertising and paid traffic….then learning to scale this paid advertising to make your profits soar
  • Master Conversions — conversions are producing great content that inspire others to take action and join your business…this can be anything from a post like this one, a youtube video, persuasive social media post etc….you just need to keep getting better and causing others to take action…

Now I’m not a hype type of person and lie to you and tell you that everyone who gets involved with an online opportunity makes huge money, that’s just not the case.  But if you really learn to concentrate on what I’ve shared with you in this post, you will start to see a huge change in your business.

Ready to Make $100,000 in National Wealth Center or Any Online Opportunity?

If you are finally tired of getting no results or making a few sales and really want to master this online marketing game with myself in National Wealth Center, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

My training will also teach you on how to promote and do huge things with Any Online Opportunity!

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James Matthews
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How To Have Huge Success Online in 2017!

How To Have Huge Success Online in 2017!

national wealth center success 2017

Alot of people ask me all the time how to have big success like I have with the National Wealth Center opportunity, so I wanted to write a post about the reality of success with a home based business vs. all the hype and garbage that you usually hear in this industry…

What I’m going to do is tell everyone in this post EXACTLY what I do day to day to build such a giant business online, if you are struggling in your opportunity or within any type of marketing online, listen up and pay attention because what I say in this post is the absolute TRUTH.

Ready to hear the Truth?  I thought so, here we go…

What I Do Day to Day for Big Success Online in National Wealth Center (This Applies to Any Opportunity/Product Online)

Here is the actual exact truth about what I do on a daily basis to have built a giant business online with National Wealth Center, but this applies to anything you would want to promote online whether an opportunity or a product…but first let me go through what NOT going to give you Huge Success in 2017:

  • Procrastination – saying that you are going to do something to build your business…but never do it or keep putting it off
  • Searching for the ‘secret’ – there is NO SECRET to making sales, building a downline, or having big success for an online business…you will keep searching for this for the rest of your life…STOP looking for the ‘secret’ and start putting in the WORK
  • ‘Systems’ – there are literally countless ‘systems’, ‘rotators’, etc. etc. etc. that promise you the world and ‘guarantee’ thousands of dollars but never deliver hardly any…because they are based on the false promise of putting in the work for you without you doing anything…STOP getting suckered by these things, they never work and they never will give you a full-time income
  • Giving UP – Giving up on yourself, giving up on your opportunity or product when you hit the first stumbling block or obstacle…jumping from opportunity to opportunity without putting in work and effort and learning…this will NEVER give you an ounce of success!

Now that we have that out of the way, here is exactly what I do on a day to day basis for major Success:

  • Write down 4-5 things each day You Need to do to build your Business – I have a huge office calendar and I write down 4-5 things each day that I need to do to build my business…this can be anything from building and testing capture page, creating a video, running paid traffic to a funnel, etc. but these 4-5 goals GET DONE NO MATTER WHAT!   I bet I am one of the few people online that do this, but my results speak for themselves
  • WORK:  Understand first of all that no one owes you ANYTHING, if you want big success with any online opportunity….this is no different from any other business out there…those who work the hardest and put in effort and learn how to work their business effectively make the most money…ALWAYS
  • TRAFFIC & LEAD GENERATION:  If there is 1 piece of advice I could give in this industry then it is this…learn and MASTER driving your OWN Traffic (not ever relying on any system/rotator/etc. to do this for you) and get Better and Better at this process.  Traffic & Leads are the absolute ‘lifeblood’ for your business and once you master this you are in the top 1% of income earners online!
  • MAKE A CONNECTION WITH YOUR PROSPECTS – This is basic business and sales fundamentals but if you are not making a connection with your prospect about your business, whether marketing online or offline, then you are dead in the water.  You have to inspire and connect with your prospect about ‘why’ they need to be involved in your business and what you have to offer…Master this and you are the top 5% of income earners online!

Those are the basis of what I do and how I’ve been able to retire in a short amount of time with my online opportunity…make notes of these and apply them for Huge Success Now…

Ready for Huge Success in 2017?

So if you are reading this and tired of failing and want real results in 2017 with real training I’m going to show you every step of the way, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center 2017 – What You Need to Know!

national wealth center 2017

Well it’s a Brand New Year of 2017 and 1 question I always start to get goes something like this:

“Hey James Will National Wealth Center Still Be Working in 2017…?”

I got this same question directed towards me when the 2016 new year rolled around…

What I’m gonna do in this post is answer this question and also explain why this question is completely irrelevant to your success in National Wealth Center, or any type of online opportunity you want to promote in 2017!

So Will National Wealth Center Still be Popular and Working in 2017?

Here is what you need to realize about whether National Wealth Center or whatever online opportunity will be in popular in 2017…an opportunity does NOT have to be NEW in order for that opportunity to ‘work’ or be ‘popular’…

An opportunity like National Wealth Center will ALWAYS be ‘popular’ and ‘working’ due to the opportunity being a REAL OPPORTUNITY vs. many other opportunities claiming all sorts of things then disappearing a short time afterwards!

In fact this is why the National Wealth Center opportunity is now and always will be more popular than ever…when people finally want to join something real and substantial vs. all the scam opportunities like ‘rev shares’ and ‘digital currency investments’ and all kinds of hype and garbage out there…they then come into a real opportunity and work that opportunity.

There is NO other real opportunity that has been around this long and has changed so many lives (to this date paying over $250 million in affiliate commissions) than the National Wealth Center opportunity!

The reality of Success within online affiliate marketing is NOT being in an opportunity when it is ‘new’ or ‘launching’ but how much effort and work you put into that opportunity when you join that opportunity…re-read that as many times as you need to so it will sink in

If you are the type of person who jumps from opportunity to opportunity or looking for a ‘something for nothing’ type of opportunity or system claiming to give you untold riches without you putting in work…then you should learn by now that those are scams and will always be scams and never last more than a year…look at what keeps happening to the ‘rev share’ type of programs to understand the truth I am telling you.

Ready To Dominate with a Real Opportunity in 2017?

So if you have been burned and burned by scam opportunities that never pay off and have never learned how to actually be an effective marketer…then pay close attention to how to have real success in 2017 and Get Started Below…

You simply click the ‘Register Now’ button below to get Training Access and Get Started Making a Difference and Getting Financially Free in 2o17…Click Below Now!

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James Matthews
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New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel Coming!

New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel Coming!

national wealth center sales funnel

I am in the process of creating an all new National Wealth Center Sales Funnel!  As you can see on this site I created the ‘Ultimate NWC Funnel’ that converted tons of sales and signups for myself and for lots of people promoting the National Wealth Center within my sales team in the opportunity.

That funnel performed very well and helped a tremendous amount of people build their National Wealth Center business, but it is now time to take things a step further and roll out an even better funnel/system so my members can effortlessly enroll signups into the business.

New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel Details…

While I can’t give out every single detail about the New National Wealth Center Funnel I’m creating, I will give out a few notices here in the post as a ‘teaser’:

  • This will get sales and signups into NWC for you and will be a funnel members can just input a code and use themselves
  • This will be a high converting funnel explaining every detail of the opportunity so members do not have to any selling whatsoever
  • This will get prospects to take massive action through showing my success as well as my member’s success in the program
  • There will also be full training within my training site on how to setup the funnel and get huge amounts of traffic to the funnel as well

I always want to give my National Wealth Center members as many resources and tools as possible to help them duplicate success as well, so I’m very excited to be getting this done and getting it out to my members to start using and generating massive leads and sales!

How Do You Get Access to the New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel?

I’m still debating whether to allow NWC members who are not sponsored under me directly to access the new funnel, the last funnel I created I did allow this and was put out there by close to a thousand people and saturated for the opportunity. 

I’m thinking it may be a better option just to allow my personally sponsored members to use and market the funnel.

This way I can keep the funnel more close guarded with training and getting members better and better results…

So if you are reading this and are looking to join the National Wealth Center opportunity and have tons of $25, $50, $100 payments coming in every single month then don’t hesitate and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and you’ll be getting full access and training to this New National Wealth Center Funnel…

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James Matthews
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Is Timing Important In National Wealth Center?

Is Timing Important In National Wealth Center?

is timing important national wealth center

I get asked this question alot and that is if ‘timing is important when joining an opportunity’…

Alot of people think it is critical that if you join an opportunity like National Wealth Center, you MUST join an opportunity right when it launches to be able to promote successfully or be effective in being a member.

In this post I am going to delve into this subject deeply and give everyone the truth about this question!

So How Important is Timing When Joining National Wealth Center Or Any Online Opportunity?

While I will say that joining an opportunity does have some importance, it is not by far the most important aspect of joining an online business whatsoever.

For example, the first online opportunity I joined, which was ‘Infinity Downline’ which is now what you see as National Wealth Center…I joined 4 years after that program launched!

I then became the biggest promoter of that opportunity by far, not because of WHEN I joined but because of HOW I marketed the opportunity.  It’s all about what kind of marketer you are…

No matter when you join an opportunity does not having anything to do whatsoever whether you have success with that opportunity or not!

The main reasons why you will be successful with any opportunity is for these reasons:

  • You legitimately like and resonate with your opportunity
  • You are excited about your opportunity and want to share the opportunity with everyone
  • You can effectively explain your opportunity to others in the right way
  • You can or learn how to effectively market your opportunity to others
  • You offer alot of value in the market for your opportunity

So as you see, it’s never about WHEN you join an opportunity like National Wealth Center, it is always HOW you market your opportunity to others when you do join.

Now let’s be very clear, if you want to join an opportunity then BY ALL MEANS do not and I repeat DO NOT procrastinate and get overloaded with information, join the opportunity and get started learning and applying yourself for big success!

Just don’t believe that you HAVE to join something when it first launches, it’s all about HOW you learn to market your opportunity when you do join.

So How Do You Join an Opportunity and Market the Right Way for Big Success?

If you are new to online marketing and looking into the National Wealth Center opportunity, joining the right sponsor is critical to your success.

I teach everyone on exactly what it takes to build a huge income and success online and will make you into a great marketer through my exclusive training you can preview right here.

So if you are ready to big things and have big success online, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Testimonials

National Wealth Center Testimonials – What To Look For

national wealth center testimonial

In any online opportunity one thing to look out for when judging the legitimacy of an online program is the amount of testimonials real life ordinary people have contributed to that program.

In the world of online home based businesses that come and go like clockwork, you can always tell how much credibility an opportunity has by the amount of sincerity in these testimonials as well.

Unfortunately in the world of online marketing, whether an opportunity or a product, fake testimonials are very much commonplace, if you take the time to look into the National Wealth Center opportunity you will see that the testimonials are anything but fake…

Where Can You Find National Wealth Center Testimonials?

I am proud to say that National Wealth Center has a surplus of testimonials you can view on the company site here.  These are not paid fake testimonials like you’ll see on a sales page for a product or opportunity, these are REAL people within the program speaking sincerely on how much they love the program.

While not everyone who joins the National Wealth Center program has success, the ones who work and put forth effort into the opportunity are the ones who make great testimonials about how they took action and produced residual income with the program and changed their lives in many different ways.

I know personally that the ability to have tons of $25, $50, $100 payments coming in while living a life of freedom was a complete game changer for me and you will NOT find a better opportunity out there in the world of online network marketing.

What is the Best National Wealth Center Testimonial?

All of the National Wealth Center testimonials are great and more and more are being done each and everyday.  National Wealth Center is an amazing long term stable program that has changed a ton of lives, including mine.

If you are reading this website and all the great incentives to join this great opportunity, then why not go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and you can be featured and have your own testimonial…
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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Rotator?

National Wealth Center Rotators?

national wealth center rotators

Not a day goes by that I do not receive an email from saying asking me about some type of rotator system for the National Wealth Center program Or someone is telling me how they were completely burned and scammed by some type of ‘rotator’ system.

Unfortunately as an opportunity like National Wealth Center grows in popularity, marketers will create all kinds of ‘systems’ to entice prospects into joining within that ‘system’.

Due to everyone asking my honest advice I thought it would be a great idea to make a page just for this subject and give everyone the cold hard truth about these types of ‘systems’.

First of all let me clearly state that I am not talking negatively or bashing any group or marketers within the National Wealth Center program, I am giving my unbiased explanation of how a rotator REALLY works and the actual real TRUTH of what you can expect when joining or being a part of any type of ‘rotator’ marketing system.

You are more than welcome to form your own opinions and join whatever situation you feel fits you best.

On this page I’ll discuss and explain what a ‘rotator’ is, how they function, and most importantly the truth about if these can actually give you the ‘guarantees’ and results they most always claim.

So What Is A Rotator and How Do They Work For National Wealth Center?

First off let me state that a Rotator for National Wealth Center is NOT from the company itself or endorsed by the company itself.

Rotators for the National Wealth Center program are created, put together, and managed by marketers or groups of marketers themselves within the National Wealth Center program.

A Rotator is just simply a link, that has several other links embedded within a link that simply rotates whenever a click happens on the rotator link istelf.

For instance a rotator link could contain 4 different links or 40 different links to different pages within just the 1 main rotating link, hence giving the name rotator meaning the different links rotate whenever a click happens.

Marketers have used these types of rotating links for many different marketing strategies, most of which would be to test different landing pages when promoting a product to see which one gets the best results. I’ve used this strategy myself when promoting products and I can confidently say it is absolutely essential in testing which page performs the best, in the case of promoting a product from clickbank for example.

Now in the case of a home based business opportunity like National Wealth Center or any home based business opportunity, members links would be placed into the rotator and as clicks came into the rotator link, each members site would be visited by users clicking that link in a rotating manner.

So What is the Good and the Bad of Taking Part in a Rotator for National Wealth Center?

Here I will list the good vs. the bad (and the ugly) in taking part in one of these type of systems or being part of a rotator type of system:

The Good

  • Helps people who have no clue or ability on how to market in getting clicks to their site
  • Somewhat helps members learn some aspect of marketing in how marketing is done
  • Some rotator systems have shown to give short term small success in generating sales

The Bad

  • Rotator creators usually hide behind websites and do not put their info out there to be contacted for questions
  • Rotator systems usually make absurd income claims for members doing no work; this is lying and outright hype
  • Rotator systems bring out false sense of entitlement as the systems claim to ‘do all the work’; another lie
  • Rotator systems cause a bad environment usually in opportunities, as the rotators keep making absurd claims about guaranteed signups and sales

The Ugly

  • No one in any opportunity in a rotator system has ever made a full time income except possibly the creator of the rotator system (this is why the creators of the rotator system keep jumping from opportunity to opportunity after the ‘rotator’ is played out)
  • In a Rotator, you have NO idea where the traffic is coming from (could be fake bots opting in) or if the traffic is the least bit credible
  • In most rotator systems, you are never allowed to market your own links or brand yourself whatsoever; this is a huge and terrible mistake in online marketing
  • It is completely and mathematically impossible for any sizeable number of links within a Rotator to get reasonable and credible amount of traffic and clicks without the rotation to take forever
  • It is always much quicker, easier, and much more profitable to just buy your own traffic
  • Rotator systems are what is called ‘biz opp welfare‘ among real marketers because people who are attracted to a rotator system thinking all the work for them have a ‘welfare’ type of mentality and will do absolutely nothing to build their business
  • Taking part in any system that makes false promises or promises to do all the work for you completely robs you of learning how to become a great marketer and create your own skillset to make money at will

So What Is My Personal Opinion of National Wealth Center Rotator Systems?

Again this is my personal opinion as having a very successful long term career in the industry and NEVER jumping from any opportunity to another, but taking part in anything where you can believe or think that success is going to be given to you is not only completely ignorant, but is also completely irresponsible.

As to why anyone would ever believe or think that anything would give them success without them learning and applying themselves is shocking to me, but as we know unfortunately people will fall for anything and this type of deception always give the industry a bad name to say the least.

This is much like joining a gym, wanting to lose weight and get great shape, and then believing that someone else is going to do all the work for you and get you results…pretty crazy right? Well this is the SAME mentality with an online business and believing or thinking a ‘system’ or a ‘rotator’ is going to get you all the success for your business!

There may be some ethical and upright type of rotator systems out there, but honestly all I’ve ever seen from these types of things are people getting hurt and scammed by the ridiculous income guarantee claims of signups and sales which are completely fake and dishonest to say the least.

There is an old saying ‘”If it’s too good to be true, then it usually is” which comes to mind, unfortunately in the internet marketing industry nothing is really regulated to the point and just about anyone can say anything to try and take your money.

I was raised with values and integrity, and that’s the way I’ve always conducted myself online. I never lie to anyone and I honestly tell people what it takes to make a large income online and train them on how to create great content and drive their own traffic as much as they want when they want for their own results.

I have trained and made great marketers who have taken my advice and training and built large teams and organizations in all kind of opportunities because they learned how to build and brand themselves and generate their own traffic, results, and sales.

This is the only thing that will set you free…becoming a great marketer (I will train you step by step) and developing your own skills and your own results.

Again, I’m not saying that all ‘systems’ are bad whatsoever, but as anything in life if you are looking at getting involved in these types of things please understand that your success will be very limited and it is very important to do your due diligence and research to make sure what you are joining is credible.

So if you are reading this post and will let me train and teach you how to get real success then click that ‘Register Now’ button below…

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