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Happy New Year from James Matthews of National Wealth Center!

happy new year national wealth center

As this year of 2014 has come to a close, I wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year!  This year with National Wealth Center has been amazing, giving me my highest annual income to date within my internet marketing career.

As every year comes to a close, it’s always a time of reflection for me personally on what I’ve done over the course of the year.  I think most about my success and also my failures on what I could have done better, how to improve, and how I can be a better marketer this next year.  Constant improvement and building a huge business with National Wealth Center is always a great learning process, and has given me an amazing lifestyle and earning potential.

I am so thankful I chose to set my foundation with National Wealth Center instead of the other hundreds of online programs that last about 3 months or are complete scams.

National Wealth Center is the ‘Real Deal’ when it comes to serious online income, make no mistake about that.

What’s Next for Myself and National Wealth Center in the 2015 New Year?

If 2014 is any indication for what National Wealth Center will do, National Wealth Center members can rest easy and be assured that the best home based business opportunity on the planet is going to get 100x even better!

Peter Wolfing has stated and hinted on many awesome new features added into the program for 2015, and with the recent addition of the company’s own payment processor this opportunity will be a huge income potential for members who are consistent and work their business this next year.

National Wealth Center has many amazing features that make it the best opportunity on the planet (you can read all about those on this site) in terms of compensation, products, support, etc. and I can’t wait to see what the company will be doing and adding this next year!

Will National Wealth Center Continue to Dominate in 2015?

Absolutely, National Wealth Center started in July of 2014 and got the training wheels off around August-September.  The opportunity, while taking the internet by storm when it launched, is still very much in it’s infancy and open to anyone who wants to put in the work effort to change their income and their life.

If you are interested in the opportunity, set yourself up for success right here and now for the new year and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Merry Christmas from National Wealth Center!

national wealth center merry christmas

Christmas is a time of giving, and I wanted to write this post to wish everyone out there a very merry Christmas!  National Wealth Center has given me the ability to have such a great Christmas this year for myself and for my family, it is definitely time to think and reflect on just how great life has become.

It seems like yesterday when I was working a ‘job’ I would always be really stressed out because I was barely making ends meet and really had to watch what I spent each Christmas…

As I got more involved and serious about Internet Marketing and National Wealth Center, thinking and worrying about money is truly a thing of the past.

Why Is Christmas So Great for National Wealth Center Members?

While I can’t speak for everyone within National Wealth Center, I can pretty much sum up why members are having such a great Christmas this year:

  • 100% commissions gained from each referral on monthly income levels
  • Great products involving personal development, business development, creating wealth, etc.
  • Breaking even with their first and only referral
  • Huge Savings for each member within National Savings Center

Those are just a few reasons why National Wealth Center members are having a great Christmas, read and explore this site to see the huge amount of reasons why National Wealth Center is giving everyone a big reason to smile during this holiday season.

In the world of Internet marketing programs, getting involved in the right program is absolutely crucial.  National Wealth Center has the best products, huge profitable income, stable long term business that everyone is looking for to create an income for themselves.

Is Christmas Great This Year For You?

If Christmas is not as great as it should be for you this year, then think about getting involved with National Wealth Center and generating long term 100% commissions for yourself, click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Using Payza With National Wealth Center

Using Payza With National Wealth Center

using payza with national wealth center

A popular payment processor to use with the National Wealth Center program is Payza.  While there are many payment processors to choose from within the back office of National Wealth Center, Payza is very convenient as it is absolutely free to start a business account and is fully integrated within the back office of the opportunity.

In this post I am going to detail why Payza is a great choice to use a payment processor to accept payments.  Please understand there are many processors to use and you can use a combination of several within the program, or have the company accept and process payments for you as well.

I will also be detailing steps on how to setup and use Payza within the National Wealth Center program.

Why Is Using Payza with National Wealth Center beneficial?

Using Payza is beneficial mainly because it is a great international processor.  National Wealth Center is a global opportunity and you need a payment processor that can process and accept payments from customers and referrals in other countries.  Many of my own referrals from Japan, Philippines, Middle East, Australia, Jamaica just to name a few have used Payza to join under me personally.

Other reasons why Payza is so beneficial to use with National Wealth Center are:

  • Fully integrated and endorsed to use by the National Wealth Center program
  • When setup will automatically process new payments and automatically process payments each month
  • Setup only takes 24 hours with the approval process
  • Great Payza back office and great options for withdrawals
  • Easy and convenient back office and easy to understand and use
  • Payza will also automatically convert currencies from other countries

Since Payza is absolutely free to use as a business account and will allow you to open your business worldwide to accept payments, using Payza is really a ‘no-brainer’ to use with the National Wealth Center program!

How To Setup Payza With National Wealth Center

There are several parts to setting up a business account with Payza to use with National Wealth Center, all is very easy but will list the exact details to every step here:

1.  Open a business account with Payza, this is explained step by step by just going to Payza’s website and setting up.

2.  Complete a Website Review with the Directions listed within the back office of National Wealth Center to get your affiliate site approved to use with Payza (usually takes only 24 hours excluding weekends)

3. Once the Website Review is completed, complete these steps to fully integrate and use Payza with National Wealth Center:

1) Next, click on “My Payza Account Main Menu” in the menu tab.
2) Click on “Manage Business Profiles” (add a business profile, for
3) Click on “My Payza Account Main Menu” in the menu tab. Click on “IPN Advanced
Integration”. Under IPN Setup, click on “Set up your IPN now”.
4) Enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click on the “Access” button.
5) Under your business profile for, click “Edit”. Make sure the “IPN
Status” is set to “Enabled”, and “Enable IPN Version 2” is set to “Disabled”. Verify that the
“Allow Encrypted Payment Details (EPD)” is set to “Disabled”.
6) In the input field “Alert URL” enter in “”
without the quotation marks.
7) Click the button “Generate New”, and copy the resulting IPN Security Code into your clipboard.
8) Verify that the “Test Mode” is set to “Disabled”.
9) Click on the “UPDATE” button. Log out of Payza.
10) Paste the Security Code into the “Payza IPN Security Code” field above on this profile page.
11) Click “Update Profile” (below)

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James Matthews
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New National Wealth Center Processor Is Now Live!

New National Wealth Center Processor Is Now Live!

Just recently on the company webinar on December 8th, Peter Wolfing showcased the new payment processor for the National Wealth Center Opportunity.   The payment processor is now live and ready for members to use so the company can process payments for each member who choose to use the new ‘in-house’ processor.

The new payment processor is located within the ‘profile’ section for National Wealth Center members to access. You can see this option now under the ‘payment information’ heading within that area, as seen in this screenshot:

national wealth center new payment processor
As you can see from the screenshot, National Wealth Center will now process payments for each member.  This new addition was set in place for the need to help members who cannot get their own merchant account from several payment processor options located within the back office.

In the beginning, payments collected using this method will be paid out twice a month to members, but Peter Wolfing stated that these payouts will be much quicker as time goes on and the processor is set in place.

Important Things To Know About the New National Wealth Center Payment Processor

There are several points to understand about the new payment processor located within the National Wealth Center back office:

  • Members can only choose their own payment processors OR use the NWC payment processor; you cannot do both
  • There is a 20% convenience fee since the company has to process and distribute the payments to each member
  • The payouts, while starting out at twice a month, will be much sooner as time goes on and more features implemented

While there may be some discontent over the 20% convenience fee, it’s important to understand that National Wealth Center will be handling the entire payment process and most anyone that has common sense would understand that this costs money to handle the tremendous amount of payouts to be distributed.  This is not cheap and is a huge favor to only incur a 20% fee for this service to members.

It’s important to understand that the industry average for online business opportunities is 45%, so 80% using the NWC processor is still miles ahead of any opportunity out there!

If you are ready to start getting paid huge monthly commissions by an opportunity that puts its members first, then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Is Getting It’s Own New Payment Processor!

national wealth center new payment processor

With many new enhancements and features that National Wealth Center has put in place since it’s launch in July of 2014, Peter Wolfing has just announced that the program will be getting it’s own new payment processor for members!

This decision was made over recent complications with a payment processor and to give members, especially international members, an easy and convenient way to process payments received within the program from referrals. 

International members, for various reasons, may not always have access to payment processors that US members have access to, and this solution will be huge for members around the globe.

Also this will be much easier for everyone within the National Wealth Center program to receive payments for their commissions generated without using a third party processor, or another option added in to receive payments in case some members cannot pay through a third party processor.

Why Is It Important for National Wealth Center To Have It’s Own Payment Processor?

While most anyone who has done big business online and National Wealth Center members who are making thousands and thousands of dollars each month know, payment processors can be a sometimes confusing and frustrating aspect of your business.

National Wealth Center having it’s own ‘in-house’ processor instantly cuts out any type of issue or problem a third party processor may have in dealing with the program and makes things even easier for members.

There are many payment processors within the back office of National Wealth Center to use for each and every member, and all of these processors are top notch to use with the program, but National Wealth Center having it’s own processor will give members a much easier tool to use to use with their business.

Are There More Details About the New Payment Processor for National Wealth Center?

Plans are that the new payment processor will be in the program by the middle or end of December and updates will be reported on my site about further details as the company reports in future webinars and calls.

Again Peter Wolfing, who is the absolute best CEO on the planet, has implemented this within the National Wealth Center program to further help members, especially international members, in having a much easier payment processor they can utilize to process payments.

If you are ready to get involved with a company that actually cares about it’s members, and ready to make insane 100% commissions, then click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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