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This is my first post to let everyone know that I will be bringing everyone lots of great info & updates about the National Wealth Center Opportunity.  As the company makes changes and sets things in place, these will all be featured and shown in detail on this site.

We all know that National Wealth Center is the New Infinity Downline 2.0 and members cannot be more excited about the new changes, features, enhancements, and upgrades that are being put into place.

National Wealth Center will be the best home based business opportunity on the planet.

Has National Wealth Center Fully Launched?

National Wealth Center has fully launched and can be seen here on the company website.  But with all launches there are still features being added and programming yet to be fully finished.  Peter Wolfing has stated that National Wealth Center is in a testing phase and should be 100% finished in August.  July will be a testing and building phase for members to get feedback to make this the best opportunity for everyone involved.

I for one am very excited about the new compensation plan features with the new monthly membership levels as well as the 1 time product purchases that will deliver insane commissions to each member who diligently works the program.

Who Will Be Successful With National Wealth Center?

Like all things in life, those who actually put in the work instead of making excuses will be the most successful and make tons of money with National Wealth Center.  Any business, whether online or offline, requires dedication and effort.

The good news is that if you have any type of work ethic whatsoever you will already beat out 95% of others promoting the opportunity.

Work ethic multiplied by my exclusive training will not only make promoting National Wealth Center fun and exciting, it will also make it easy!

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