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Is Your Downline Quitting or Leaving Your Program? Here is How to Fix!

downline quitting in your program how to fix

I get asked this question often…

“Hey James, I’ve been promoting a program and have had signups and some success, but how do I keep people in my program for the long term?”

It’s a crucial question if you are involved in any affiliate marketing opportunity….and is essential to long term success in the industry.

As you all know from this site and from my results…I’ve sponsored over 2,000 people into National Wealth Center and have a huge member base with very high retention rates…so I know a thing or two about how to sponsor and keep people in a program….so I’m going to be sharing EXACTLY what I do with everyone out there and how to build a HUGE downline and more importantly KEEP a huge downline so you are here for the long term!

So How Do You Keep Your Downline In Your Program?

When I first started in online affiliate marketing it took me awhile to learn some things on how to not only sponsor people into my program…but also of what it takes to keep people around for the long term so I could have long term success vs. short term success like so many others in this industry.

Here is EXACTLY what I learned and EXACTLY what you need to know…most no one will tell you what I’m about to tell you so take notes on this if you want LONG TERM success:

  1. Get Involved with the Right Program – This is everything for long term success online before any other tips are given.  If you are not involved with a great product driven program like National Wealth Center vs. other programs that are complete scams or disappear after a few short months, then you will NEVER have long term stable success…that’s the absolute truth.  Think about all the rev share programs that were all over the place about a year ago that are completely gone now and scammed everyone in the process…find an ethical great program you can promote who have a great staff behind the company if you want great long term results…this is the most crucial aspect of what this post is about.
  2. Give Value to Your Prospects – This is alot of what I teach through my training site (, but if you want long term success in your opportunity then you have to give Value into what you are promoting.  You will NOT have big huge long term success by just joining an opportunity and running traffic to your company replicated site.  You have to be a real person and offer Value to make someone join your opportunity with you….and most of the time you can do this by just explaining what your team offers in terms of sales systems, bonuses, sales funnels or what’s available to your overall team within your program.
  3. Teach Duplication – This is crucial for long term success and retention in your online program.  Have a method of duplication for your signups to come in and duplicate what you do to have had success in marketing.  This could be a small training page or a training site or any type of directions for your signups to follow so they can duplicate the same success.  Now obviously not everyone is going to take action and be lazy and not take one step of action in the business, but 10% of your signups duplicating can make you ALOT of money online.  If you don’t have your own training, then just plug in your signups into your overall team training or methods of duplication.
  4. Communicate With Your Membership Base – This is another huge thing that is critical to your long term success…you have to have ongoing communication with your member base so they remain engaged and working to promote the business.  How I personally do this is I have my signups sign up into a members list and every week I communicate with my entire membership base on updates and updates to the training, and any other important information and just mainly to keep in contact to let your members know that you care and continually working to help them achieve the same success you have….this is what will increase your retention rates by 90%.  Whether it’s through an email list, or some type of social media like facebook or a private facebook group…communicate with your member base.  Also if you are involved in a really solid program…the company will be communicating with members as well to motivate, inspire, and encourage the membership base as well.

I’ve just given you 4 tips that will make you from having very short term success and making little income in your online network marketing program to having huge long term success and being able to retire like I did…that’s the truth.

Want To Know More About Keeping Your Downline In Your Program?

If you want to know all about getting massive signups and keeping those signups for the long term and most importantly having those signups duplicate success for themselves and for you…then just go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I will be teaching you more than you’ll ever need to know within (…

To YOUR Success,

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James Matthews
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Why Sign Up With Me in National Wealth Center?

Why Sign Up With James Matthews in National Wealth Center?

james matthews sponsor why join national wealth center

Now here is a question I get asked rarely, because as most people who see any of my content or see this website understand very quickly to signup with me in National Wealth Center as fast as possible…but it’s a question worth answering…so here we go…

In any online opportunity, whether it be National Wealth Center or any affiliate marketing opportunity, there are tons of sponsors looking to recruit and enroll as many people as possible looking into the opportunity…

So this post is going to detail what a person gets by signing up with personally and will try to answer every question possible about this subject.

So What Do You Get Exactly for Signing Up With James Matthews in National Wealth Center?

As you can see from this website, anyone signing up with me personally in National Wealth Center gains access to all kinds of training, resources, and tools to make them as successful as possible in the National Wealth Center opportunity, but here we will outline what each member receives:

  • Access to HUGE training site ( – this training site will teach you everything you will EVER need to know in step by step video tutorials on every aspect of online affiliate marketing
  • Done for you SALES FUNNELS – plug in and use high converting sales funnels with entire email marketing campaigns, graphics, ad copy, videos all done for you to attract signups on autopilot when used in conjuction with the marketing training
  • Done for you SALES SYSTEM – step by step ‘Easy Autopilot Income’ Sales System that actually teaches traffic that lands into the system how to signup and get started using and duplicating the system itself!
  • Tons of Bonuses – See on the ‘bonuses’ page on this site, tons of bonuses teaching all kinds of marketing and marketing resources…just for signing up and becoming a member
  • Personal access to myself – my members know they can contact me through email at anytime to get help on whatever problems or obstacles they encounter or further help whenever needed
  • Training Site is updated weekly with ‘Direct Members Lessons’ with step by step over the shoulder trainings on all things internet marketing

That’s just a few points listed about what members get access to….read this site to get more information on everything personally sponsored members get access to…

So What is the Real Benefit With Joining James Matthews in National Wealth Center?

The real benefit to all of this is that you will be learning from myself who at this point has sponsored over 2,000 members into the National Wealth Center opportunity…now I’m not being arrogant…but if you want to do big things with the opportunity you need someone who has done huge things to guide you and help you duplicate the same results..

Ready to join?  I thought so 😉  Click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Hate Your Boss? Try Online Marketing!

Hate Your Boss? Try Online Marketing!

If there was one thing I absolutely hated way back when I had a job was working for an insecure hateful boss on a power trip…

This post is all about my experiences before I discovered online marketing with a great program like National Wealth Center and how my life is now compared to when I had to wake up each day and go to a dreaded job each and everyday and work with miserable people…if you are in the same situation I can tell you there is a way out so listen up…

When I graduated college I had many jobs, one of the worst was working for a school district where I worked with miserable people all day long, most of which principals who were on power trips and made it an issue to flaunt their false sense of power.

hate your job

Now being an entrepreneur in the making, I’ve always had a HUGE problem with authority and always had a tendency to take up for co-workers and put people in their place, obviously I wasn’t well liked to say the least by these power trip idiots who like to push people around.

While I won’t go into huge detail about that, I will say that if you are like me and hate being told what to do, put up with crap from someone who tells you what to do and think they are the ultimate authority and love to flaunt their insecurity in the workplace, then pay attention and I will tell you exactly how I broke free with National Wealth Center and online marketing!

How To Leave Your Terrible Boss With Online Marketing

Some people unfortunately have the perception that as soon as you start an online business like National Wealth Center, you immediately from the moment you begin start making tons of money and are able to leave your job right away.

This very rarely ever happens and is possible but if you are like most there is a ‘learning curve’ you have to go through to really learn how to sell, market, and build your online opportunity and be consistent in your efforts.

I came into the online network marketing industry after starting my first business which was IT, and I knew that I was much happier having my own business and doing my OWN thing vs. ever having anyone tell me what I had to do.

When you work hard as I did and do, your success in this industry is put on ‘fast forward’ vs. working hard at a job and they never paying you a dime more or rewarding you in anyway whatsoever.

Huge big success in this industry doesn’t always happen overnight, but isn’t it worth to put in 2-3 years of hard work and retire instead of working 30 years at a job and then hope to live long enough after that to enjoy retirement?  Let that sink in for a moment…

Does Everyone Have Success In Online Marketing and Able To Leave Their Boss?

Unfortunately, not everyone who joins an online business like National Wealth Center is able to leave their job and have big success.  This is true of any business venture.

I will say however that having success in an online business is about 1000x easier than owning a traditional business like a restaurant or any traditional brick and mortar business with a building, employees, and problems etc etc etc.

The reason people fail online are several, most often because they are just not driven enough to be successful on their own or just like to ‘play around’ instead of put forth consistent action towards building their own income.

Anyone can have huge success in this industry, and at this point I’ve trained well over 2,000 people to do so.

So if you are reading this and want the real results and are tired of being lied to over and over in this industry, then I invite you to click the ‘Register Now’ button below and my training will teach you how to build as much income as you want, if you are willing to put in the work…

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James Matthews
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10 Day Challenge Is Now Live!

10 Day Challenge Is Now Live for National Wealth Center Training!

10 Day Challenge National Wealth Center

In a former post I mentioned that I was about to finish the new ’10 Day Challenge’ for my National Wealth Center members to use to go through a daily 10 step training to learn the real secrets of dominating with online marketing.

Now I can officially say that this new training has officially launched and is now live for all of my members to use and benefit from as much as possible.

This has taken alot of work on my part but is just another huge incentive to help my members as much as possible to achieve the same success as I have.

This New ’10 Day Challenge’ walks everyone through 10 daily steps and by the end of the 10 days you will be the authority and the leader for whatever opportunity you are promoting.

I can confidently say this is the BEST training in the market specifically for a home based business/online network marketing opportunity!

So How Does the 10 Day Challenge Help You in National Wealth Center?

The ’10 Day Challenge’ will help you in National Wealth Center, even if you are a complete beginner, because it takes you by the hand and walks you through every step in completely dominating online for the opportunity.  It teaches all the real insider ‘secrets’ and strategies to what all top leaders do to make tons of commissions in their opportunity while others make nothing.

I can confidently say that if you commit to completing all 10 days for your National Wealth Center business, you will be ahead of 95% of other marketers out there.

In fact, I share everything I have ever learned and have personally done to be able to retire in a short 2 years with online marketing.

Here are just a few things I walk everyone through in the ’10 Day Challenge’:

  • Each day will be expanded upon based on your feedback going through each day,
    this is the best training online for successful promotion of a home based business
    and will be expanded on as well to give everyone as much detail and assistance as
    possible for every aspect of killing it online in your opportunity
  • This applies to ANY opportunity and the training, tools, resources etc. are made
    to assist you in promoting whatever opportunity you are involved with
  • You watch over my shoulder as I build an opportunity right in front of you in the
    tutorials from building a main website around the opportunity as well as quick
    immediate sales tactics
  • You watch me take about 10 minutes to build a successful sales funnel and
    then watch me run it through paid advertising
  • I go through the real secrets of what all huge leaders are doing within their
    opportunity so you can do the exact same thing and model

There is no fluff, hype, or run around whatsoever, just walkthrough tutorial videos and daily assignments you complete at the end of each day to become a master marketer in the shortest amount of time you can imagine!

So How Do You Get Access to the ’10 Day Challenge’ to Dominate in Your National Wealth Center Business?

To gain access to the ’10 Day Challenge’ you MUST be sponsored directly by me in National Wealth Center.  I have many people that email me everyday wanting access to my training site but cannot access because they are not signed up with me directly.

The only way you can get access to my training is to be sponsored by me directly in the National Wealth Center program.

And Yes, you can share the training site with your referrals so success can duplicate as quickly as possible for everyone involved.

I ALWAYS continually expand and update the training and this training has grown into the most successful online marketing resource in the industry.

So if you are looking into the National Wealth Center program and are wanting REAL help and REAL training that works, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Project Breakthrough – Does This New Free Training Really Work?

project breakthrough high traffic academy

There is a huge amount of ‘buzz’ going on within the world of online marketing about the New Project Breakthrough from 2 pioneers of the industry, Vick Strizheus and John McClain.

As being hugely successful with National Wealth Center, which is part of the same online marketing world, everyone always asks my opinion of new programs and trainings that come out, so I wanted to take the time to write an honest review of this new training series and if it is indeed as helpful as the creators claim.

I’ll be breaking down the most asked questions about the Project Breakthrough training series in this post and hope to answer as in depth as I possibly can.

So Just What Is Project Breakthrough?

Project Breakthrough was created by two individuals:

Vick Strizheus

vick strizheus project breakthrough

John McClain

jason mcclain project breakthrough

As stated by the two creators, the Project Breakthrough training series was created for one simple reason, to give everyone the ‘breakthrough’ they need to finally learn and understand on how to make their first commission online in 14 days and how to do that over and over again.

The training series takes place over 14 day video sessions where you watch Vick and Jason take a married couple step by step through 14 days in building their brand new online business step by step.  Each consecutive video is unlocked by watching each day and completing the former day.

Each day within the training series also has a ‘to do list’ and assignments that are completed before the next day and video to really hold you by the hand in what is needed to be done each day to build an income and online business for long term success.

Project Breakthrough is part of the overall company ‘High Traffic Academy’ which is an ‘all in one’ program where everything you could ever imagine about the world of internet marketing is taught through step by step training modules.

The greatest benefits or appealing aspects of the Project Breakthrough training series is as follows:

  • It is completely FREE – no kidding it is absolutely completely FREE to go through the 14 day training series
  • Step By Step – this is a step by step ‘over the shoulder’ training done by Vick & Jason with 2 students
  • Daily Assignments – list of daily assignments and homework to really get users engaged in the process
  • High Quality – training series and videos are very high quality (usually hour length each day)
  • High Educational Quality – teaches both the theory and puts into practice each of the concepts taught each day
  • Easy to Follow – the daily video trainings are very easy to follow; especially for beginners or users with no experience

One of the most appealing aspects of this training for me personally was that the training is actually ‘step by step’ and actually ‘over the shoulder’ as you watch Vick & Jason teach 2 brand new students (who have no idea of what even internet marketing is) through 14 days how to build a very successful online business for themselves.

I don’t know how many times in the past when I first got into internet marketing I bought a ‘step by step’ training on internet marketing and then the product was the furthest thing from ‘step by step’ and even left me more confused.  It is absolutely amazing in my opinion to find something so ‘step by step’ and taught so well in a completely FREE training series.

So What Is My Personal Opinion of the New Project Breakthrough Training?

My personal opinion of Project Breakthrough training series is that I have never seen anything like this within the online marketing industry, and believe me I have seen it all.

Alot of my success within National Wealth Center or any product or online business opportunity I’ve been involved with or sold online is because I was very fortunate to learn from Vick Strizheus back in the day when he first launched ‘High Traffic Academy’.

Needless to say, anything that Vick Strizheus puts together I am listening intently with ‘both ears wide open’ as he is the utmost authority within the internet marketing world and any huge earner in the industry has been a student of his as well.

The ability to learn from him personally within the Project Breakthrough training series for FREE is the biggest ‘no brainer’ you could ever imagine.

If you follow along and complete each day of the 14 day free training series, I can guarantee you will be an absolute expert within internet marketing and will be in a position to make more money than you ever thought possible.

If you haven’t had huge success online like myself and other big marketers have had, then do yourself a favor and click the button below and get yourself started (it’s completely free what do you have to lose!)…
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James Matthews