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1 Day Huge Results and Success With National Wealth Center

Whenever a new opportunity like National Wealth Center launches, everyone is looking for results or proof of someone having success with the program.

Right after launch I am having huge success with the program and you can see picture proof evidence of success right here in the video:

Alot of what people don’t realize is that when you get really good at Internet Marketing an opportunity like National Wealth Center, a daily income of $400-$1000 is actually quite common.

Now I’m not saying that everyone who joins National Wealth Center has these same kind of results, in fact I would say that most people who join an online opportunity are just plain lazy, have no idea how to run a business, or just want to ‘play around’ with their online business and wish for things to happen.

Huge daily success with National Wealth Center comes from consistent daily work and applying the marketing strategies I teach in depth, plain and simple.

How Do You Have Huge Success With National Wealth Center Also?

If interested in having success with any online opportunity, it’s very important to realize that any type of success in life, whether it be in business or any pursuit or goal you have for yourself, is directly dependent on how much effort you apply multiplied by the amount of skill that you have.

national wealth center effort skill

In other words it comes down to this:

“Your Effort X Your Skill = Results”

Some put forth alot of effort but still get no results.  Why is this?  It’s because they have not learned the proper skillset to market or prospect their National Wealth Center business.

You can work incredibly hard and get no results but some work incredibly smart and get amazing results because they have the skill and actually understand their business opportunity and how to market that opportunity.

I Want To Have Huge Daily Success With National Wealth Center, What Do I Do?

Well lucky for you reading this you’ve come to the right place.  If you are looking to completely dominate National Wealth Center just like I am then you just simply need to click the ‘Register Now’ button below. 

You will get FREE access to my exclusive private training site that teaches everything you will ever need to know about making a large income online…
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National Wealth Center – National Savings Center Review

national savings center national wealth center

There is alot of buzz about National Wealth Center at the moment and also about National Savings Center.  In this post I’m going to review National Savings Center and describe exactly what it’s about, how it works, and how each member of National Wealth Center can save up to 50% with National Savings Center.

Watch this video as I go over just awesome National Savings Center is:

As seen in the video, National Savings Center allows National Wealth Center members to receive huge discounts on everything from hotels, resorts, travel, electronics, nutrition items, just about anything you would ever want to purchase.   Some savings go up to even 50% off and also include amazing deals such as $100 dollar off flights on certain airlines.

For someone who loves to travel like I do, I can’t be more pleased with the great deals that can be found within National Savings Center.

How Do I Gain Access To National Savings Center?

Gaining access to National Savings Center comes with the completion of payment of the admin fee within National Wealth Center.  Each National Wealth Center member is required to pay an admin fee of $9 but allows them to gain access to this exclusive savings membership which will allow them to save an amazing amount of money on purchases they are already making.

No other opportunity online gives this kind of incentive to its members.

You must be a member of National Wealth Center to gain access to National Saving Center.  No one can gain access to National Savings Center without being a paid member of the National Wealth Center program.

Is National Savings Center Worth the Admin Cost to Join National Wealth Center?

For anyone to ask if National Savings Center is worth the $9 admin fee to join National Wealth Center then they just do not have any common sense or need their head examined by a professional. 

More than that if they do not understand that $9 is essential for the National Wealth Center company to be able to produce more awesome features for the program, then the last thing they need to be doing is involved in a business whatsoever.

All companies need to make money, and while National Wealth Center has an amazing compensation plan that pays 100% commissions to each member, the $9 they collect from each member is beyond fair for the program to continue to flourish.

If anyone complains about paying $9 to be gain access to a membership that will save them hundreds of dollars each month then they really need to leave the program completely and let the rest of us who are doing great things with the program and saving hundreds on awesome deals really promote and share the program in the ways intended.

If saving hundreds of dollars on purchases you are already making sounds like a good idea and you would like to start making 100% commissions every day, then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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Are National Wealth Center and Infinity Downline the Same Programs?

infinity downline logo

national wealth center

With the new National Wealth Center program, which is the Infinity Downline revamp and relaunch, there is always going to be a certain amount of confusion that sets in with any new program launch.

In this post I am going to clear up any confusion set forth and explain everything very clearly. What I will do is explain how the programs are the same and then explain how the programs are different. It is quite confusing to the newcomer as they are somewhat the same and different at the same time.

How Is National Wealth Center and Infinity Downline the Same?

Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are the same in the sense that they are exactly the same at the $25 level. Infinity Downline has a $25 level where each member accesses the product line and can market the opportunity to others to receive 100% commissions. National Wealth Center has the $25 Self Development level as well and these levels are exactly the same between the two programs.

These 2 levels are exactly the same between the 2 programs. If a member if active within Infinity Downline at the $25 level, then they are automatically a member of National Wealth Center at the $25 Self Development Level.

Also Infinity 100, which is a standalone or upgrade program from Infinity Downline, is the same as the $100 Wealth Advantage Level. If anyone is a member of Infinity 100 then they are automatically a member of $100 Wealth Advantage Level within National Wealth Center.

Infinity Downline was decided to keep ‘as is’ for the huge amount of member base that wanted to continue to market the opportunity as well.

How Are National Wealth Center and Infinity Downline Different?

Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are different in that there are several new features, enhancements, etc. that National Wealth Center has that Infinity Downline does not as Infinity Downline was kept ‘as is’.

The biggest major difference now than before is the introduction of an admin fee which is $9.95 monthly for each member that is mandatory after July 7th. This is for both Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center and the admin fee can be seen here when logging into Infinity Downline:

infinity downline admin fee

This admin fee goes towards programming, server and data updates, adding products, better support etc. for each member. Infinity Downline never had an admin fee for the 5 years after launch since 2009 but the decision was made to implement a very inexpensive admin fee so the company can add revenue to correct problems when needed for both Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center.

This has been great as the server that Infinity Downline uses is 100x faster now than ever before as well as everything working 100x faster.

Another big difference between Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center is that National Wealth Center has much higher compensation levels by adding in a new monthly subscription level at the $50 Business Development Level.

(the program now has 3 monthly recurring 100% commission levels, $25, $50, $100 levels that each member receives 100% commission on each month as they refer others into the opportunity, massive monthly income potential)

national wealth center compensation plan

There is also the Introduction of 1 Time High Ticket Purchase Products, which are as follows:

– $250 Fitness Product Package

national wealth center fitness advantage

– $1000 Elite Wealth Advantage Package

national wealth center wealth advantage elite

– $3500 Elite Network Marketing Training Package

national wealth center network marketing elite

(10% of these product levels go to the company as an admin fee, the rest of the product sale goes directly to the member for huge commissions!)

If you are ready to get started and start receiving huge monthly commissions as well as the high commissions from the 1 time product purchases then just simply click the ‘Register Now’ Button below…

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No Sales Or Signups In Your Online Business? Watch This To See How…

Due to my success with National Wealth Center, I am also getting asked how I get so many signups in one day than amounts to what most get in a month, and sadly what some marketers get in a year. I’m also asked why I am so successful online while so many struggle…

Well if you are reading this post you are in for a special treat because this presentation will give you 3 main reasons why most do not get many sales or signups into their online business:

So to Recap the 3 Main Reasons Are:

1. Not Adding Value to your Opportunity or Product

2. Customers or Prospects are not Trusting You

3. Your Content is just simply No Good

The good news is that these 3 problems are easily fixed and corrected by just simply changing these principles, studying online marketing, and correcting the course you are on.

Why Do So Many Online Marketers Struggle With Sales or Signups?

I find it alarming just how many emails I receive from people who are really struggling online to make their first sale or get their first referral, whether it’s an online affiliate marketing business like National Wealth Center, or any type of product they are promoting online.

no sales or signups national wealth center

I always had much success from the first moment I started by just following the simple rule of educating others as much as possible about the National Wealth Center business opportunity, and also just treating people by how I would like to be treated. Success was instant and literally overnight and I always found it to be incredibly easy.

This is what I find to be the real ‘secret’ to internet marketing or online network marketing, just be a real life relatable human being so people can identify with you. I can’t believe why so many get this wrong and try to hide behind a website or feel that don’t want to get themselves out there. The marketers that do this always dominate for their opportunity or the product they are marketing.

How Do You Start Getting Sales and Signups Into Your Online Business?

Very simply get the 3 Main Reasons Corrected and follow the instruction in the presentation closely. You’ll be amazed about how much more interaction and response you will start getting in your National Wealth Center business, or whatever you are promoting.

You also need to engage people with your content (videos, website posts, etc.) in a very meaningful and inspiring way. Don’t just put content out there that’s just content, put meaning behind it and make people think about their lives, success in their lives, and the course they are heading on.

Most of all make them think differently and show that there is a much better way to make an income with your business and the value of the product you are promoting.

If you are ready to get massive signups and sales into National Wealth Center and also for whatever other opportunity or product you may be currently promoting, I show you step by step in my exclusive private training on how to completely dominate online.

To get started just simply click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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How To Be A Massive FAILURE In National Wealth Center, or Any Online Business…

Today I’m going to write and tell everyone what it takes to be a massive failure in your online business, whether it’s National Wealth Center or any online business. These are the main reasons why people have literally zero success or chance of success of ever making 1 sale or referring 1 person into their business. Pay close attention and take notes, because if your not having success, then it’s because of these reasons:

1. You are Spamming

Everyone hates Spam. What is Spam exactly? It’s when someone sends you an email trying to get you to buy something you are not even remotely interested in or have any interest in whatsoever. Spamming is the equivalent of door to door salesman intruding on your time with your family, just the online version.

I hate Spam so much I made a video about it, and why it will never work in your marketing in a million years…

2. You are Hiding Behind Your Company’s Affiliate Site

If you are using your company affiliate site for National Wealth Center or your online opportunity to market your product or opportunity, you will have little to no success. There are very few exceptions with companies that use really exceptional sales videos, but this is rare. If you are using the same company site that every other affiliate is using, then how does this separate you or make you unique in the marketplace towards prospects?

Understand this concept and you are 95% ahead of the competition hands down!

3. You are relying on ‘systems’ that don’t convert in the first place

Everyone will tell you online that their ‘system’, whether it be team capture pages, team co-ops, team building, replicated websites etc. work in a huge way and will cause massive signups and you can make huge amounts of money in matter of days.

But the honest reality is that ‘systems’ do nothing to get signups, they only are the initial lead to any number of people you market to. ‘Systems’ still involve a massive amount of work with you following up with those leads and convincing them to join, even if they are a real person to begin with or if they are interested whatsoever and not just trying to waste your time.

People only buy from people they know, trust, and like. This is no different online than it is offline. If your ‘system’ is not personalizing you in the mind of prospects, then expect a giant zero in the referral or sales column.

Sorry to burst your bubble about the hype and lies from these types of ‘systems’ online, but the sooner you realize the truth, the sooner you can start doing the right thing and making serious money.

So How Do I Stop Being a Failure In National Wealth Center, Online Marketing, or this Industry and Avoid These Pitfalls?

The answer is shockingly simple and easy, but almost no one ever realizes the solution. Are you ready for the answer? Drum Roll please….

infinity downline solution


It’s just about Being An Actual Real Life Person!

Surprised? Most are because most have no idea on how to be an actual person online, or want to be for that matter.

Whatever you do online, you need to be an actual real life person who wants to help as many people as possible have success. That’s it.

If you follow this principle, the 3 pitfalls or mistakes I’ve listed above will never be an issue. Being a real person and educating and explaining your product/opportunity in a relatable, personable manner that adds value to your product/opportunity will guarantee you success each and every time.

Most do not want to make the effort to do this and will continue to hide behind their affiliate or company site hoping to get a referral or sale, being a ‘real person’ is something most no one will take the time to be or do in this industry of internet/network marketing.

Do this, and you are a leader and you have massive success while others are scratching their heads wondering ‘how do they have that much success?’

If your ready to learn the real secrets about being a real person online, recruiting, sponsoring, making massive sales in National Wealth Center or any opportunity or product, then see a preview of my massive training site you get access to when you click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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The Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes, Why Everyone Fails Miserably…

In my very brief and very successful venture with National Wealth Center and referring right at 1,000 people into the opportunity, I’ve noticed a few things about how people duplicate my same success.

I’ve also noticed how people also become absolute failures.

I’ve received literally thousands of emails asking me about my success in Online Marketing with National Wealth Center and how I make so much money while most others make nothing. This concern recently caused me to write a Report titled “The Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes”.

This Report tells you exactly the biggest and most crucial mistakes that cause just about everyone to fail miserably online. You can get the full Report by opting in to my list on my website here to the right.

infinity downline top marketing mistakes

While I think avoiding these mistakes would just be common sense, it does shock me how much most people have no clue about how to market online. This is what brought me to the obligation to write my report. Fortunately for you I’m going to be touching on these 5 mistakes in this post.

If you want to get more in depth with these Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes, download the full report my opting in to my list on the right.

What Are the Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes?

If you want huge success in an online business like National Wealth Center or any online business, avoid these mistakes at all costs!

Mistake #1: Hiding Behind A Website

Some unfortunately believe that when they sign up into an opportunity like National Wealth Center, they can just market their affiliate or company site online and expect big success.

This is absolutely false.

Unless your company or affiliate site allows your traffic to get to know you or know that you are an actual real life person, then expect ZERO sales or signups. If you are not allowing people to get to know you through a personalized website or in your marketing, you will make ZERO sales or have very little success online. People always buy or signup from people they know, like, and trust.

Mistake #2: Using Company Replicated Sites, Tools, or Capture Pages

This ties in somewhat to mistake #1 but using anything replicated does nothing to seperate yourself from the thousands of others using the exact same things.

If you want a unique (large) income online, then develop yourself into a leader and be as unique as possible.

Mistake #3: Not Treating Your Business Like A Business

This is a huge mistake I see people do more than any other mistake. Signing up into an opportunity and just ‘hoping’ for things to happen without working very hard and completing tasks everyday to build your business, you will fail.

This is work like anything else in life and if you are not committed to building your business, you will not last longer than a month and will end up quitting your business and become yet another statistic of failure.

Mistake #4: Lack of Focus

By far the biggest mistake anyone can make in starting an online business like National Wealth Center or any business, is not being able to focus on their business.

The internet itself is a huge distraction, and if you cannot focus and stay away from all the distractions online such as social media, videos, and all of the other hype and endless amounts of garbage trying to get your attention, you will fail.

Mistake #5: Comparing Yourself To Top Marketers

I see alot of people unfortunately try to compare themselves to myself or other top marketers when first starting out. This is detrimental because most if not all never understand the amount of work we have done learning, studying, and applying ourselves to become successful.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone can be successful in this industry if they just choose to apply themselves, but comparing yourself to someone that makes over 10k a month before you make your first dollar, is never a good idea.

How To Avoid the Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes…

How do you avoid these crucial mistakes so you can be a success in National Wealth Center or any online business venture? Simply being aware of these top 5 mistakes will allow you to be ahead of 95% of other marketers out there. In referring close to 1,000 people into my opportunity these are the top 5 mistakes most everyone makes that has NO success. Once these are corrected, members find themselves making big progress.

If you are ready to join the top 5% of Online Marketers and gain access to my private internet marketing training site, then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below and get ready to get free…

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How To Change Your Mindset and Be the 2%…

How To Change Your Mindset, Be the 2%…

In the beginning of 2014, it’s always great to start the year off right. To prepare for big success in National Wealth Center or any type of business, it’s absolutely crucial to get your Mindset right. This is the most important factor in any kind of success in anything you pursue in life.

Before you can have big success, you have to BELIEVE you can have big success. This is why 95% of people fail at online marketing with a program such as National Wealth Center, or any type of business for that matter.

To fully illustrate what I’m talking about, I made a video that includes an image that summarizes what successful Mindsets are all about:

Most people never adopt the belief that they can achieve massive success, and this is the reason most don’t. When you learn to control and change your Mindset, anything in life is possible. You can literally bend the universe to your will when you learn how to control your Mindset. Building a giant income with an opportunity like National Wealth Center is a piece of cake if you can change your Mindset.

Why Do Most People Have Poor Mindsets?

I believe it’s because most people are beat down at every avenue they turn in our society. Most people are predominantly negative so people are continually talked down, berated, belittled etc. at their jobs, from family, and from society in general.

Turn on the TV and what do you see? 95% of shows and news on the TV are full of negative garbage. The news in particular is the most depressive amount of time you’ll ever spend during your day. One way I completely changed my mindset was I stopped watching the news and the negative reporting going on everything under the sun, nothing positive is ever rarely shown on the news.

TV shows and our society in general are made to make people feel incompetent and inferior unless they look a certain way, buy certain brands, have a nice enough car, etc. These type of ‘programming’ over time makes one feel very inadequate about themselves due to our ‘celebrity’ culture we live in today. I honestly believe it’s a form of mind control to keep people feeling inferior, grateful to have substandard jobs, etc. but that’s a subject of another post.

This is also the reason why people cannot be successful in an online business like National Wealth Center, they have such a poor self esteem about themselves and never get themselves enough credit to even get started and will continually make excuses and never change their lives. This is true for any business.

Is Changing Your Mindset Easy?

Changing your Mindset takes time, since most have been ‘programmed’ by the massive amount of negatives in our society. Here are the biggest tips I can give anyone looking to change their mindset:

1. Stop watching the News

2. Surround yourself with Positive People

3. Let go of the negative people in your life (not always easy but a must unfortunately)

4. Fill your mind with good positive self development books (Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill)
5. Just don’t let negativity enter your mind in any way shape, form, or fashion

As you start changing your Mindset, you’ll find that your view on yourself and what you are able to accomplish drastically improves very quickly. You’ll start to realize that whatever success you want in life is entirely and completely dependent on you, and that my friend makes you absolutely dangerous 😉

If you ready for success, personal development, and everything under the sun and ready to build a massive income with National Wealth Center and my huge massive training site then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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The 95% Failure Rate in Internet & Network Marketing…

When I first got started and building an online business, I always heard of something called the “95% failure rate in online marketing” and I found it to be quite discouraging to be honest. Do this many people who start a business actually fail? In my experience in the past 9 months marketing the online business National Wealth Center I will give you my honest experiences and thoughts on this topic, but first watch this video as it will help you understand better about what I am discussing:

Do 95% of the People Who Start an Online Business Really Fail?

I would say that 95% is close but not entirely accurate completely. What this figure refers to is all the people overall who start any kind of business online, whether it be e-commerce, network marketing business marketed online, traditional business marketed online, or affiliate marketing business like National Wealth Center. If you put all of the people together who have attempted to start an online business WITHOUT any direction, help, or guidance on how to grow their business, then yes the failure rate is going to be through the roof due to the frustration from each person taking their business online.

national wealth center not working

However, it is my firm belief that anyone, regardless of alot of experience can build a business like National Wealth Center due to the ease and simplicity of the business itself. If you were to start a giant e-commerce website from scratch then is going to take a huge amount of time and frustration on your part due to the complexity of the nature of this type of startup.

National Wealth Center is incredibly easy to promote due to the universal product line, super simple compensation plan, and it’s just downright easy for people to understand and ‘get it’. This is why the system is so attractive and popular 4 years strong and why I am having days of 20-30 signups in a single day, the program just plain works and will always work. If someone can’t understand that $25 gets them access to a product line worth thousands and they can build a super profitable business at the same time, then you need to check their pulse!

How Can I Avoid the 95% Failure Rate and Be A Success?

Starting out it’s VERY important to get involved with a program that is simple, easy, and not complicated to promote to others. National Wealth Center is so simple you can talk about the program to people in your living room before you take the program online in a huge way like I do. National Wealth Center is a huge stepping stone and where most successful marketers like myself got started because the system just flat out works like crazy and is incredibly easy to build an income, when you know how to market effectively (very important).

If your looking to be one of the 5% elite who makes tons of money while everyone else is scratching their head, then you need someone who has had success and is having success everyday to show you EXACTLY what they are doing. Lucky for you you’ve seen this post and I am the person that is going to show EXACTLY what I do on my private training site.

Just hit the ‘Register Now’ button below and Get Started Already…

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I Work Less Than 4 Hours A Week With National Wealth Center…

It’s a not a secret at this point that I work less than 4 hours a week with National Wealth Center. Most find this very hard to believe that I can generate this type of income only working 4 hours a week. It’s also incredibly hard for someone working for 60-80 hours to EVER believe I only work 4 hours a week. More importantly, it’s very sad for anyone to work 40-80 hours a week at a job they hate and never spend anytime doing what’s important such as spending time with their family, relaxing, or just doing something they enjoy.

It really doesn’t have to be like this:

national wealth center time freedom

How Is It Possible To Work Only 4 Hours A Week With National Wealth Center?

Owning any type of business there is a potential of high income, the problem with a traditional business is in a owning or leasing a building, employees, etc. there is a huge headache managing all these types of problems. For instance I knew a guy who owned a used car dealership. He made good money, but he also constantly had nervous breakdowns from the amount of stress he underwent everyday managing everything and worked 14 hour days. Not in a million years would I want that headache where my business owned me instead of me owning my business. There is a big difference between the two.

Same thing with owning and operating your own restaurant, taking out a $100,000 dollar loan just to open the place etc. In my opinion it’s so not worth the headache and the hassle compared to having an online business like I do, especially a business like National Wealth Center that only costs $25 to start!

The reason Online Business owners, especially in a networking opportunity like National Wealth Center, can get away with working 4 hours a week or less, is because of Leverage. What is Leverage you ask? It’s the most amazing concept in the world of business and goes hand in hand in networking opportunities.

Leverage is you earning money off the efforts of others, with no more work or action on your part whatsoever. In the traditional world of business this would be the owner hiring employees (what a headache) with an online business it’s having a compensation plan that pays you over and over from your sales and referrals, such as the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan that gets insanely profitable by just referring 4 people with $25 and this process just duplicating. Sure sounds alot easier and better than managing employees and all that nightmare, huh? 😉

How Can I Work Only 4 Hours A Week Like You James and Have Your Same Time Freedom and Income?

You just simply have to get started with National Wealth Center. Perform the simple action of just referring 4 members who have $25 and want to make more money as well. This over time very quickly compounds and duplicates and all the sudden you’ve replaced whatever income you have at your job with your online business, with no more effort and work on your part.

This is truly residual passive income that gives you the time freedom to do whatever you want, or do like I do and work 4 hours a week and answer emails from people interested in the program. I’m also gonna give you access to my huge Training Site to show you how to refer hundreds of members to really explode your income with the program on a daily basis, because I’m just a cool guy 😉

To Your Success,

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James Matthews
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Take Action Is The Key To Success, Stop Thinking!

Ever wonder why some people are insanely successful in National Wealth Center while others always seem to struggle? I’ve always noticed this too and this doesn’t just apply to internet marketing, it applies to anything.

just do it national wealth center

It’s a fact that the people who are the most successful at anything are the people that ‘JUST DO IT’. This is Nike’s slogan for a reason. Athletes are coached and mentored to ‘Just Do It’ each and everytime they step out onto the field. You’ll never hear a coach say to his player: “Hey Just Think It!”

Thinking too much is not only detrimental, it’s downright dangerous to success. While one person is ‘thinking about it’ there is another that is already halfway through completing the steps needed for success!

Why Do People Think So Much Before Making A Decision?

In the areas of marketing a business like National Wealth Center, people want to ‘think too much’ because they just can’t grasp the concept that they can be successful at building their own business, or just can’t see themselves having a lucrative income online, so they have to complicate the matter about 1000x by thinking how they will do things. When in reality all they have to do is follow my training. Taking their head out of the equation is a sure route to success.

Some people are just ‘thinkers’. I know I had to change my mindset in a big way when getting into online business. I was always the type that had to think and make things perfect before ever getting into action. This is dangerous for online business. You have to get yourself out there everyway possible as fast as you can, don’t ever worry about being perfect, just start taking massive action.

How Can I Start Just Doing It, Instead of Thinking Too Much?

This all starts by just taking action, whether it’s building that first website, talking to that first person about your business, learning the latest marketing strategy, etc. it’s just about taking action and taking action and taking action.

We all hear the countless stories of the internet marketers who read countless stories and e-books but never take action. Don’t be one of these people, take action with the unbridled belief that if you don’t, you’ll absolutely lose everything. That always works!

If you are the type of person that ‘takes action’, then click the ‘Register Now’ Button below to dominate National Wealth Center…

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