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National Wealth Center Ultimate Sales Funnel – Full Review!

I’ve been getting asked alot of questions regarding the New National Wealth Center Sales Funnel I’ve created, so I wanted to put together a full review of the Sales funnel and how it works and also more importantly how it will make you alot of income in more ways than one for the National Wealth Center program!

In this video I go through the entire process and explain how the sales funnel is really amazing:

In this post I will go through and explain each part of the sales funnel to fully detail how beneficial this is for anyone looking into a sales system that will absolutely sell the National Wealth Center program for you.

What Makes the National Wealth Center Ultimate Sales Funnel So Good?

As in the video, I will list the largest benefits of using the ‘Ultimate National Wealth Center Sales Funnel’ to build your National Wealth Center business:

  • Will completely Sell the National Wealth Center program for you
  • No selling on your part whatsoever; just leverage myself and my results for you to produce sales and build your downline
  • Allows you to build your OWN list and keep your OWN leads
  • The entire high converting sales funnel process from the capture page, sales page, and signup page is created for you
  • Sales funnel is customizable so you can edit and change the content on the sales page to anything you wish if needed
  • Incredibly easy to setup for your own National Wealth Center affiliate link
  • Completely done for you 21 part email campaign series created for you within the sales funnel
  • Builds a Secondary Income as your Referrals join to take part in the Sales Funnel as well
  • Allows you to further brand and personalize yourself as a leader in NWC (if you wish to do so)

When creating the ‘Ultimate Sales Funnel’ I wanted to put together something that would solve all the usual problems when someone who joins a business opportunity would face, such as:

  • Not having a good system set in place when joining to get sales (just use the funnel)
  • Not knowing how to build a website or have time to do so (just plug into the funnel)
  • Not having any success of your own yet to show results to entice prospects (just use the funnel)
  • Not having any online sales experience or any sales knowledge to produce results (just use the funnel)
  • Not having a single clue about internet marketing (just use the funnel)

I’ve noticed as having great success with the National Wealth Center opportunity, these are the biggest problems people face when signing up into a business opportunity and the sales funnel I created solves all of these issues for anyone looking to get their National Wealth Center business off to a roaring start.

So Who is the National Wealth Center Sales Funnel For and Who Can Use the Funnel?

I get asked this question most of all so wanted to clarify who the sales funnel is created for and how to get access to and use the funnel.

The Ultimate Sales Funnel for National Wealth Center is created for my personally referred members into the National Wealth Center opportunity, and also for their referrals as well.

I have a ton of people who are sponsored by other sponsors within the National Wealth Center and ask if they can have access to and use the funnel as well.

Members in the National Wealth Center opportunity who are not sponsored by myself directly can gain access to the sales funnel by joining the marketing platform I used to create the sales funnel.  This enters us into a mutual business relationship with the marketing platform compensation plan as well and also allows me to help anyone within the National Wealth Center program not sponsored directly by myself personally.

Please contact me below to get more details on gaining access to the sales funnel if not directly sponsored through myself.

And if you are reading this post and are looking into the National Wealth Center, then I don’t know what in the heck you are waiting for!  Click the ‘Register Now’ button to get started now…
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James Matthews
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Project Breakthrough – Does This New Free Training Really Work?

project breakthrough high traffic academy

There is a huge amount of ‘buzz’ going on within the world of online marketing about the New Project Breakthrough from 2 pioneers of the industry, Vick Strizheus and John McClain.

As being hugely successful with National Wealth Center, which is part of the same online marketing world, everyone always asks my opinion of new programs and trainings that come out, so I wanted to take the time to write an honest review of this new training series and if it is indeed as helpful as the creators claim.

I’ll be breaking down the most asked questions about the Project Breakthrough training series in this post and hope to answer as in depth as I possibly can.

So Just What Is Project Breakthrough?

Project Breakthrough was created by two individuals:

Vick Strizheus

vick strizheus project breakthrough

John McClain

jason mcclain project breakthrough

As stated by the two creators, the Project Breakthrough training series was created for one simple reason, to give everyone the ‘breakthrough’ they need to finally learn and understand on how to make their first commission online in 14 days and how to do that over and over again.

The training series takes place over 14 day video sessions where you watch Vick and Jason take a married couple step by step through 14 days in building their brand new online business step by step.  Each consecutive video is unlocked by watching each day and completing the former day.

Each day within the training series also has a ‘to do list’ and assignments that are completed before the next day and video to really hold you by the hand in what is needed to be done each day to build an income and online business for long term success.

Project Breakthrough is part of the overall company ‘High Traffic Academy’ which is an ‘all in one’ program where everything you could ever imagine about the world of internet marketing is taught through step by step training modules.

The greatest benefits or appealing aspects of the Project Breakthrough training series is as follows:

  • It is completely FREE – no kidding it is absolutely completely FREE to go through the 14 day training series
  • Step By Step – this is a step by step ‘over the shoulder’ training done by Vick & Jason with 2 students
  • Daily Assignments – list of daily assignments and homework to really get users engaged in the process
  • High Quality – training series and videos are very high quality (usually hour length each day)
  • High Educational Quality – teaches both the theory and puts into practice each of the concepts taught each day
  • Easy to Follow – the daily video trainings are very easy to follow; especially for beginners or users with no experience

One of the most appealing aspects of this training for me personally was that the training is actually ‘step by step’ and actually ‘over the shoulder’ as you watch Vick & Jason teach 2 brand new students (who have no idea of what even internet marketing is) through 14 days how to build a very successful online business for themselves.

I don’t know how many times in the past when I first got into internet marketing I bought a ‘step by step’ training on internet marketing and then the product was the furthest thing from ‘step by step’ and even left me more confused.  It is absolutely amazing in my opinion to find something so ‘step by step’ and taught so well in a completely FREE training series.

So What Is My Personal Opinion of the New Project Breakthrough Training?

My personal opinion of Project Breakthrough training series is that I have never seen anything like this within the online marketing industry, and believe me I have seen it all.

Alot of my success within National Wealth Center or any product or online business opportunity I’ve been involved with or sold online is because I was very fortunate to learn from Vick Strizheus back in the day when he first launched ‘High Traffic Academy’.

Needless to say, anything that Vick Strizheus puts together I am listening intently with ‘both ears wide open’ as he is the utmost authority within the internet marketing world and any huge earner in the industry has been a student of his as well.

The ability to learn from him personally within the Project Breakthrough training series for FREE is the biggest ‘no brainer’ you could ever imagine.

If you follow along and complete each day of the 14 day free training series, I can guarantee you will be an absolute expert within internet marketing and will be in a position to make more money than you ever thought possible.

If you haven’t had huge success online like myself and other big marketers have had, then do yourself a favor and click the button below and get yourself started (it’s completely free what do you have to lose!)…
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James Matthews



Why People Don’t Make Any Money in National Wealth Center

Ever wondered why people sign up into a business opportunity like National Wealth Center and make absolutely NO money and are complete failures?

Well in this post I am going to describe the exact reasons why this happens so you will know once and for all why this happens and more importantly how to NOT be a failure in your business opportunity.

Here is a video I did on the very subject, watch this and pay close attention to what I am saying:

As explained in the video I give the real reasons as to what makes someone a success in an online opportunity like National Wealth Center or any online business.

So What Really Makes Someone Alot of Money in National Wealth Center Vs. Making No Money?

In referring well over 2,000 people into National Wealth Center currently, I can confidently say that there are certain traits that make someone successful in the program vs. those that do nothing and then complain of no success.

The people I’ve referred into the program and have gone on to become great leaders are the type of people that:

  • Take action on the training I teach
  • Brand themselves with the opportunity
  • Go to work
  • Don’t complain
  • Have great positive mindsets
  • Fully understand the business and take the time to understand how the business works
  • Want long term success vs. short term success

Contrary to that, the people who become massive failures are people that:

  • Take no action and continually watch the training but never take action
  • Do not brand themselves and give no one a reason to join them
  • Do no work
  • Constantly complain and ask questions when everything is fully explained in great detail step by step
  • Have poor and broke mindsets
  • Do not even take the time to understand how the business works
  • Want to make short term money and then jump into another opportunity

While these are characteristics that separate the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’ in any venture in life, it bears repeating and is the honest truth when it comes to doing great things in life and getting yourself free with a business opportunity.

How To Make Sure You Are Not A Failure In National Wealth Center…

If you want to ensure you are NOT a massive failure in National Wealth Center, you need a mentor and someone that can train you on how to become a very successful marketer.

There are tons of marketers online that will lie to you all day long and tell you that you will make $10,000 monthly just by joining their ‘system’ or ‘rotator’ but as you know by now that is complete lie, hype, and garbage and this ‘hype’ is the only way they get any type of success and are soon jumping into another opportunity within a month or so.

True success in this industry is being learning and applying very successful marketing strategies that work for the long term, I can show you all that and then some in my private training site and you can get started by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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