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Who Should You Join in National Wealth Center?

Who Should You Join in National Wealth Center?

national wealth center sponsor who should you join

Out of all the questions I get asked from the thousands of emails I’ve gotten through my success with National Wealth Center, alot of these questions ask me something like this:

“Why Should I Join You?”

I always get incredibly annoyed when I get asked this question because if you are on this site and after seeing my success, training, and support I give then asking this question is incredibly disrespectful and shows that these same people have bad mindset issues and cannot take action for themselves.

With that being said, and with 3 years in the industry I do realize that when someone looks into an opportunity like National Wealth Center, it’s very important to get involved with the right sponsor.  I do realize and respect people for doing their due diligence in finding someone who can teach on how to duplicate success within this industry.

However too much ‘sponsor shopping’ is detrimental, and I’m also going to explain why this will never lead to the right kind of success and how this has a negative effect in the industry.

So Who Should You Join in National Wealth Center?

You should join the sponsor in National Wealth Center who can make you a great marketer and teach you the skills it takes to be a success with the program, or any type of marketing you end up with.

These are skills you can take with you and make a great marketing career.

You see most people think that it is the opportunity like National Wealth Center that is going to get you results and success, that is completely untrue and couldn’t be farther from the truth.

What brings success in an opportunity is YOUR ability to effectively promote whatever you are promoting online, for YOU to learn and most importantly apply to what you are promoting.

YOU are responsible for your success in any program, and it is not your sponsors or the programs responsibility for your success whatsoever.

Whether you signup with me, or whoever into the National Wealth Center program, and no matter what marketing resources and training you are given, it is completely up to you to apply and follow through with the training and make the decision you are going to be a success.

Who Should You Not Join in National Wealth Center?

In every home based business or affiliate marketing model like National Wealth Center, there tend to be very deceptive marketers or ‘teams’ and ‘systems’ that pop up and claim to give each signup untold riches or guaranteed amounts of money for signing up into the ‘system’.

This is 100% scam and complete waste of time if you ever want to make any kind of money in this industry and I’m shocked that people fall for these type of things.

I’m not saying that every system or marketing system for National Wealth Center doesn’t work or isn’t useful, but these types of things are not beneficial for long term success like I have had.

Nothing in the home based business of affiliate marketing industry will gain you tons of money each month and get you freedom unless you do one thing, no matter what system or funnel or whatever you want to call it within the opportunity:

You Have To Put In the Work

Sorry to burst your bubble if you are thinking you can sit on the couch while a ‘system’ does all the work for you and changes your life, please understand that you are the very definition of the word ignorant and I’m pretty sure you are also 100% lazy.  There is no place for you in this industry and you will never have any success whatsoever.

Any business, whether online of offline or whatever, takes work.  Nobody is going to do that work for you no matter how awesome the ‘system’ or whatever you have access to.

You have to learn how to market that system or funnel in a huge way and that’s what brings huge success to YOU, not the creator of a ‘system’ or anything that claims huge success while you do nothing.

So in conclusion, if you are reading this post and want to know how to have huge success doing things the right way and how to have a completely customizable funnel that brands you within the opportunity, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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National Wealth Center Policy Updates – Changes and Important Information Every National Wealth Center Member Needs To Know

national wealth center policy

As National Wealth Center has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of months, it is very important to realize and understand that company policy needs to update and change as time goes on to coincide with the huge growth the company has been experiencing.

Peter Wolfing, the CEO of National Wealth Center has announced new company policy enforced immediately for all National Wealth Center members. 

This was done due to the huge growth the company has been going through and all the new ‘systems’ that have been popping up left and right to give incentive to prospects to join, as well as some not so pleasant behavior within the opportunity, and to also stop more unpleasant behavior before it starts from this point forward.

So What Is the New National Wealth Center Policy and Changes?

I will list here in this post the new policy changes as put forth by Peter Wolfing and National Wealth Center staff as sent in a admin email to all members within the opportunity.   I will also add that this is not my words but from the admin itself as in membership notice.

In regards to cancelling memberships and joining another sponsor:

1. Members wanting to move away from their current position must cancel their current position and wait 30 days to rejoin. This applied to any instance from the date of this notice onward. We had unique circumstances in the past few weeks that we needed to overcome so we have been lenient in this area to allow it to resolve itself but sufficient time as passed and we will be enforcing it as of Tue Sept 8th. If it’s found you have done so and not waited the required 30 days, your account will be deactivated.

In regards to ‘cross-recruiting’ within the opportunity:

2. Members are forbidden to recruit other NWC members to move from their current position over to their team. This is an obvious issue that should not be done. If it is found that this is going on, we will evaluate the circumstances and take action that is appropriate for each instance.

No member is allowed to recruit other NWC members to quit and/or join their team. This should go without saying. Members wanting to move must cancel all subscriptions on their current account and wait 30 days before they can join again. Members caught creating other accounts during this 30 day time will be terminated.

We realize that members participate in other programs. However, the downline email function is there for support of your group only. Members sending solicitations to other members will have their account blocked.

Why? Existing members must have a sense that their work to bring people on board is safe from other members recruiting them into other teams in NWC or into other programs. The rollups that happen which may have been passed up from other members must be safe from cross-recruiting as well.

In regards to member behavior and company environment:

3. Members are not to “bash” other members or the systems they may be using to recruit and build their business. We have covered this for over a month. If you don’t agree with what they are doing… fine. Just go about your business and build your way. Let them build their way. If you see obvious issues where you think things are being done and are against company policy, let the company know.

What Is My Personal Opinion on the New National Wealth Center Policy Changes & Updates?

I personally feel that these new policy updates are a must because within my experience in the world of online network marketing, if these types of behaviors are left unchecked, they will cause huge problems for the business and company itself. 

I’ve seen companies disappear in a matter of months due to in company fighting and bickering over who has the best marketing ‘system’ or ‘co-op’ within the opportunity.   Most of the time 90% of these things are outright deceptions and scams in the first place and these new policies will enforce the right kind of behavior in the opportunity.

All opportunities have a problem with ‘cross-recruiting’ and quite frankly it is a plague within the industry and should never be tolerated and I commend the National Wealth Center staff for enforcing this policy.

The National Wealth Center program is the most legally compliant, long term stable income producing opportunity out there and these new policy updates will ensure stability and will weed out all the shady marketers doing suspicious activities within the program, and will set the program for long term success for decades to come!

And if you are reading this post and want to be a part of the best real opportunity out there and start raking in tons of 100% commissions, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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Is Infinity Downline Shut Down?

Is Infinity Downline Shut Down?

infinity downline shut down

I’ve been getting asked questions about Infinity Downline in regards to National Wealth Center recently and they are all to this effect:

“Hey James, what happened to Infinity Downline”?

“Is Infinity Downline Shut Down?”

“Did Infinity Downline Get Shut Down?”

I explained this in a former post, but the Infinity Downline program has not been ‘shut down’ in any form or fashion whatsoever.  What I’m going to explain in this post is what happened to Infinity Downline and why so many are confused as to why the traditional Infinity Downline company site is no longer around and how this all relates to National Wealth Center.

So Did Infinity Downline Get Shut Down?

Infinity Downline is not ‘shut down’ but the decision was made by the company CEO, Peter Wolfing, and company staff to forward the Infinity Downline site to what is now known as National Wealth Center.

So why would the company do this and what is National Wealth Center?

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, National Wealth Center is the full relaunch of the Infinity Downline program that happened in July of 2014.  It is a much better program with better products, support, presentations, and overall better company site design with tons of new features you can read more about all over this website.

The infinity downline company site stayed ‘as is’ up until this last month of August 2015 but the decision was finally made to forward the old Infinity Downline site and all links associated with the old Infinity Downline site to the new National Wealth Center company site.

This decision was made as Peter Wolfing explained to me because the infinity downline site and branding etc. had been in existence since March of 2009 and the new National Wealth Center branding and presentation are much better and more oriented as far as a better business opportunity so all redirects are now going to represent National Wealth Center.

It was also explained to me that by doing this National Wealth Center’s site, server, and programming are now much faster and better due to data not having to be held within the old infinity downline site as well.

Was It a Good Idea To Take Infinity Downline Down?

As much as I love Infinity downline and where I got my start in the industry, I do agree it was a good idea to forward everything now to National Wealth Center.

Mainly because as Peter explained to me as well, everyone within the opportunity needs to be on the same page and promoting the same program and the company can’t keep supporting and dividing it’s time between 2 separate sites.

Although Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are the same program, it just doesn’t make sense to keep having 2 separate sites as this is confusing as everyone moves forward and needs to have one goal and purpose with the opportunity.

This is also a ‘no-brainer’ because as you can see from the review on this site, National Wealth Center is 100x better than Infinity Downline ever was in terms of products, support, and overall branding and image.

Not to mention the higher commission levels allow anyone to make a fortune by working their business and you can make about 100ox more with National Wealth Center vs. Infinity Downline!

So now you know what happened to Infinity Downline, and if you haven’t joined National Wealth Center yet and are ready to make 100% commissions with unlimited earning potential, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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Happy Labor Day from National Wealth Center 2015!

Happy Labor Day from National Wealth Center 2015!

labor day 2015 national wealth center

Every year I like to write a post about Labor Day and what this holiday really means for all of us, whether you are in online marketing with National Wealth Center or any online business or working at a traditional job everyday.

While everyday of the year is Labor day for me now, I remember a short time ago I used to work a job and I waited the whole year for holidays like Labor day just to get a day off.

So this post is going to be about Labor day and what it was like before I discovered online marketing and the National Wealth Center opportunity.

Why Is Labor Day Important For National Wealth Center Members?

Leaders like myself in National Wealth Center realize the importance of taking time off, even though when you run a successful business like I do with over 1,000 members it seems like money and the business never sleeps and new people are always coming into the program and always questions on getting started.

Taking time off is what the Labor day holiday is all about, and while I have an amazing lifestyle now with complete time freedom thanks to National Wealth Center, I will tell everyone reading this post that taking time off is the utmost importance for your success in any online opportunity.

This is for several reasons:

  • Everyone needs a break and it’s not healthy to grind 24/7
  • Gives you time for new marketing ideas to develop (this is crucial)
  • Taking time off from time to time lets you realize the bigger picture and why time freedom is so essential
  • It’s never good to obsess about any business; and if you are doing the right thing it will always work out for the best

While now after working my National Wealth Center business very hard and have tons of members and a huge residual income, I can literally take months or even a year off and not stress about money due to what this great business has given me since I chose to get to work building the program and not make excuses.

Do All National Wealth Center Members Celebrate Labor Day?

I hope that all members within our opportunity celebrate the Labor Day holiday and take time off from their business from time to time.

While National Wealth Center is the greatest long term sustainable online income producing program on the planet, and it is very easy to be completely obsessed with the everyday aspects of new signups, training, and company updates and treat the business like a 24/7 ordeal.

That’s not good and you have to learn to take time off and work your business smart instead of hard, and if you don’t know how to work your business smart instead of grinding yourself doing the wrong things in your online business, then you need to click the ‘Register Now’ button below and gain access to my training that shows you how to completely dominate the opportunity:

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James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Site Is Now National Wealth Center

infinity downline closing

infinity downline is now national wealth center

In a recent email exchange with the creator of Infinity Downline & National Wealth Center, Peter Wolfing, he explained that the Infinity Downline company site is now forwarding to the National Wealth Center company site.

This is due to the fact mainly that National Wealth Center is the official relaunch or revamp of the Infinity Downline opportunity, which has been the most stable online marketing opportunity on the planet since March of 2009.

I made a fortune with Infinity Downline, and got my start with the Infinity Downline opportunity, so as much as it is hard to say ‘goodbye’ to Infinity Downline from this point forward, I do understand the decision for the change.

Why Is Infinity Downline Now National Wealth Center?

While discussing with Peter Wolfing, Peter explained this is for these main reasons:

  • The old Infinity Downline site is taking server speed and space that is needed for National Wealth Center
  • All resources are now being implemented towards National Wealth Center
  • All support is now implemented within National Wealth Center; not Infinity Downline
  • National Wealth Center has better overall products, support, and training associated
  • National Wealth Center staff needs to focus all new resources to National Wealth Center solely

These are the main reasons but obviously Peter Wolfing and National Wealth Center staff really don’t need to be supporting two programs at the same time, especially when National Wealth Center has so much more to offer any member than Infinity Downline ever did.

National Wealth Center has much more updated products, support, training, etc. it would be a complete waste of time to continue supporting the old Infinity Downline company site.

It’s also from a standpoint to get everyone moving and working within National Wealth Center.  Alot of diehard Infinity Downline members did not want to see change coming in the beginning, but as they saw how much better the relaunch into National Wealth Center was, they quickly realized and happily agreed to the changes.

You can’t have a huge member base or community promoting 2 different opportunities (even though they are the same program), it is confusing to the overall sense of purpose and mission within the community to what National Wealth Center is creating in the world of affiliate marketing and home based business.

What Is My Personal Thoughts On Infinity Downline Site Closing?

As stated I have a soft spot for Infinity Downline, the main company site, how it looked, etc. because it’s where I got my start.  I built a huge member base and earned a full time income within my first month promoting Infinity Downline and never looked back.

The opportunity was very good for me and I built a great reputation and credibility online, and it was very important for me to get involved with a great opportunity like Infinity Downline when I first started.  It makes all the difference in the world.

As time went on myself and I’m sure other Infinity Downline leaders knew we needed a change to keep progressing within the affiliate marketing/home based business world and the company exceeded all our expectations with the official relaunch of National Wealth Center in July of 2014.

So Infinity Downline, for me, is not ‘closing or done away with’ but lives on within National Wealth Center.  Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are the same program.  It’s just that National Wealth Center is a much better relaunch and revamp of Infinity Downline it would make no sense to keep supporting Infinity Downline as well.

Think of it like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly (probably a bad example but first thing that came to mind), something great has become much much better and all of us within Infinity Downline/National Wealth Center that are leaders and work our business all had our incomes tripled and quadrupled with the new higher commissions and levels within National Wealth Center basically overnight.

So in closing I applaud Peter Wolfing, Marcus Taylor, and the staff at National Wealth Center for continuing to build us a great long term sustainable income with an outstanding program!

And if you are reading this and are not in the opportunity, then what the heck are you waiting for…this is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

To YOUR Success,

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