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What Levels Should You Join in National Wealth Center?

what levels should you join in national wealth center?

I get asked this question often about National Wealth Center so wanted to take the time to write a post to really explain what levels someone would want to join with the NWC opportunity…

What is unique about the National Wealth Center opportunity is that the program has something for everybody – low monthly cost levels and also very high ticket 1 time product purchases…so there is really no excuse for anyone not to get started, especially with the $25 monthly level that ANYONE can do if they are really serious about getting involved with an opportunity to change their lives.

This post I’ll be really breaking down on how to make the right decision on what levels to join to maximize your profits and what levels would benefit the most in my opinion.

So Just What are the Levels Someone Could Join in National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center product levels can be broken down into 2 different overall type of levels to join:

Monthly levels – National Wealth Center has 3 monthly levels where each member pays a monthly fee to access the products contained within these levels, they are as follows:

1.  The Basic Self Development $25 level features Self Development Products for Mindset and Success Development.  We offer powerful self development through our robust audio library. Think of self development as an investment in yourself. If you put one hundred dollars in the bank each month starting when you are twenty you can be a millionaire when you retire. Personal development works exactly the same way. Investing a small amount of your own time, money and energy into yourself will give its return in terms of more courage, self-discipline and a better life. Pursuing personal development is one of the most important things you can decide to do in your life.

national wealth center self development

2.  The Fitness Advantage $50 Level features tons of products relating to Fitness and Health.  Don’t you want to feel better, look better, and have more energy? Of course you do! Why is it that obesity is the number one health risk facing our country? Over 200 million Americans are over weight or obese! Fitness Advantage, helps people to achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life! For many entrepreneurs, it’s easy to ignore the warning signs that you’re unhealthy-much less take notice if your business isn’t well. On the inside of Fitness Advantage you will receive life essential complete fitness and lifestyle healthy meals plans, workout plans, fitness empowerment and motivation to help you in your health journey.

national wealth center fitness advantage 50 monthly

3.  The Digital Entrepreneur $100 Level features tons of informational products focused on Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Everything towards Having an Online Business.  The Internet has turned our existence upside down. Billions of dollars is being spent online everyday, isn’t it time you get a piece of that pie? Ever wondered what it would be like to add another stream of revenue to your financial picture using the Internet? from e-books, audios, videos, affiliate programs, membership sites and more, thousands of people around the globe have learned how to leverage the power of the Internet and generate the income necessary to create a better life. Now, it’s your turn!

national wealth center digital advantage

1 Time Product LevelsNational Wealth Center also has 1 time (these are NOT monthly) product purchases where members get access and they are as follows:

1.  The Relationship Edge ($250)

Healthy relationships are essential to lead lives of impact and influence. Unhealthy relationships negatively affect an individuals quality of life. Inside of Relationship Edge you’ll learn how to shift your operating system and get the training you need to reinvent and elevate your understanding and performance today. Our instructors are passionate about relationships and exceptionally relevant. Get the edge on relationships with our Relationship Edge Course and Content.

national wealth center 250 relationship edge

2.  The Wealth Advantage ($1000)

Countless numbers of people who have established a financially-secure future have chosen to invest in the forex market or buy and sell real estate. Wealth Advantage is like video training ON DEMAND providing the advantage you need in the forex, stock market, and real estate arena. Experience top notch training via the Wealth Advantage e-book library, browse topics such as House Flipping Basics, Home Business Taxes, Best Investment Ideas and so much more. You’ll also gain access to advanced trading strategies and learn how you can benefit from market trends and fluctuations. Lastly, you’ll receive various money making and saving strategies as well as over 15 Traffic generation video training modules.

wealth advantage elite national wealth center

3.  The Network Marketing Success ($3500)

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the network marketing arena, our Network Marketing Edge package will teach you from A-Z how to achieve massive success on and offline in the network marketing industry. Discover the mindset of a millionaire, learn the mastery of list building, prospecting, post card marketing, email marketing, lead generation, webinars and so much more. Network Marketing Edge is loaded with hours of industry leading authentic audio and video training. Our CEO, Peter Wolfing and a few hand-picked NWC leaders collectively offer their over 75 years of experience in the industry. They literally pull back the curtains of the network marketing arena and expose everything you’ll need to get you through the no’s, help you push past the ones who quit and serve as a powerful source of motivation and empowerment in your journey as a network marketer.

network marketing elite national wealth center

So What Levels in National Wealth Center Should You Join?

What I would honestly recommend anyone looking into National Wealth Center is to first and foremost join whatever levels they can join….if you can join only the $25 monthly level…then join just the $25 level….if you can join every level in the program…then join every level in the program to really prepare yourself for huge 100% commissions


Most members join all 3 monthly levels…to really maximize their monthly income with the program when referring others into the program, and then later join whatever 1 time product levels they can to really maximize huge commissions on the $250, $1000, $3500 levels.

In sponsoring over 2,000 members I can say most everyone joins the monthly levels in National Wealth Center because everyone wants huge monthly commissions coming in every month!

Ready to start getting tons of monthly 100% commissions coming in?  If so click the ‘Register Now’ button below and follow the steps and join the opportunity and you will be getting exclusive Training Site Access…

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James Matthews
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Is Your Downline Quitting or Leaving Your Program? Here is How to Fix!

downline quitting in your program how to fix

I get asked this question often…

“Hey James, I’ve been promoting a program and have had signups and some success, but how do I keep people in my program for the long term?”

It’s a crucial question if you are involved in any affiliate marketing opportunity….and is essential to long term success in the industry.

As you all know from this site and from my results…I’ve sponsored over 2,000 people into National Wealth Center and have a huge member base with very high retention rates…so I know a thing or two about how to sponsor and keep people in a program….so I’m going to be sharing EXACTLY what I do with everyone out there and how to build a HUGE downline and more importantly KEEP a huge downline so you are here for the long term!

So How Do You Keep Your Downline In Your Program?

When I first started in online affiliate marketing it took me awhile to learn some things on how to not only sponsor people into my program…but also of what it takes to keep people around for the long term so I could have long term success vs. short term success like so many others in this industry.

Here is EXACTLY what I learned and EXACTLY what you need to know…most no one will tell you what I’m about to tell you so take notes on this if you want LONG TERM success:

  1. Get Involved with the Right Program – This is everything for long term success online before any other tips are given.  If you are not involved with a great product driven program like National Wealth Center vs. other programs that are complete scams or disappear after a few short months, then you will NEVER have long term stable success…that’s the absolute truth.  Think about all the rev share programs that were all over the place about a year ago that are completely gone now and scammed everyone in the process…find an ethical great program you can promote who have a great staff behind the company if you want great long term results…this is the most crucial aspect of what this post is about.
  2. Give Value to Your Prospects – This is alot of what I teach through my training site (, but if you want long term success in your opportunity then you have to give Value into what you are promoting.  You will NOT have big huge long term success by just joining an opportunity and running traffic to your company replicated site.  You have to be a real person and offer Value to make someone join your opportunity with you….and most of the time you can do this by just explaining what your team offers in terms of sales systems, bonuses, sales funnels or what’s available to your overall team within your program.
  3. Teach Duplication – This is crucial for long term success and retention in your online program.  Have a method of duplication for your signups to come in and duplicate what you do to have had success in marketing.  This could be a small training page or a training site or any type of directions for your signups to follow so they can duplicate the same success.  Now obviously not everyone is going to take action and be lazy and not take one step of action in the business, but 10% of your signups duplicating can make you ALOT of money online.  If you don’t have your own training, then just plug in your signups into your overall team training or methods of duplication.
  4. Communicate With Your Membership Base – This is another huge thing that is critical to your long term success…you have to have ongoing communication with your member base so they remain engaged and working to promote the business.  How I personally do this is I have my signups sign up into a members list and every week I communicate with my entire membership base on updates and updates to the training, and any other important information and just mainly to keep in contact to let your members know that you care and continually working to help them achieve the same success you have….this is what will increase your retention rates by 90%.  Whether it’s through an email list, or some type of social media like facebook or a private facebook group…communicate with your member base.  Also if you are involved in a really solid program…the company will be communicating with members as well to motivate, inspire, and encourage the membership base as well.

I’ve just given you 4 tips that will make you from having very short term success and making little income in your online network marketing program to having huge long term success and being able to retire like I did…that’s the truth.

Want To Know More About Keeping Your Downline In Your Program?

If you want to know all about getting massive signups and keeping those signups for the long term and most importantly having those signups duplicate success for themselves and for you…then just go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I will be teaching you more than you’ll ever need to know within (…

To YOUR Success,

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James Matthews
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Will National Wealth Center Be As Popular in 2017?

Will National Wealth Center Be As Popular in 2017?

national wealth center 2017

Alot of people who look into opportunities online like National Wealth Center ask questions about programs on whether they are popular or not, or if the popularity and success of the program is still going strong.

In this post I’ll go through why people ask these questions and also answer the question itself to whether National Wealth Center will still be popular in the upcoming year of 2017…

There is alot of misunderstanding and misconception about this issue, so once and for all I’m going to be giving everyone the honest sincere truth about this question!

So Will National Wealth Center Still Be As Popular in 2017 as it was in 2016?

Here is the thing about whether National Wealth Center or any opportunity will be ‘popular’ or ‘successful’ moving forward into the next year or years ahead…

A solid program like National Wealth Center will always be POPULAR and will always be SUCCESSFUL, I really don’t understand why anyone would worry or question this, but I do understand that some people are burned just about everyday by very unstable and low quality programs so that is where the concern may come from.

And here is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about whether any opportunity will be ‘popular’ or ‘successful’ for you in promoting an opportunity:


Read that statement several times if you need to, it’s NEVER about joining a program when it’s ‘popular’ or ‘in the beginning’ or ‘while it’s hot’ or ‘just launched’…’s all about your ability as a marketer to present your opportunity to prospects in a very effective and convincing way for that prospect to want to join you!

That is the cold hard truth about what creates success with ANY program.

In fact the first opportunity I joined when I got into online marketing was 4 years old and I became the number one leader in just 1 month…you think I worried about whether that program was ‘popular’….no I just saw the potential and worked the program hard and became very successful!

There again is the cold hard truth about what makes someone successful online vs. those who fail and fail and fail…

So How Popular and Successful Will National Wealth Be in 2017?

Since National Wealth Center launched a short time ago, the opportunity has seen unparalleled growth and it’s not the #1 online program for no reason…National Wealth Center has an amazing product line, the industry’s best compensation plan, amazing benefits just for being a member, etc. etc. etc. you can read all about on this site.

So if you are reading this I have no idea what you are waiting for…click the ‘Register Now’ button below and set yourself up for an amazing 2017 with financial and time freedom!

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10 Day Challenge Is Now Live!

10 Day Challenge Is Now Live for National Wealth Center Training!

10 Day Challenge National Wealth Center

In a former post I mentioned that I was about to finish the new ’10 Day Challenge’ for my National Wealth Center members to use to go through a daily 10 step training to learn the real secrets of dominating with online marketing.

Now I can officially say that this new training has officially launched and is now live for all of my members to use and benefit from as much as possible.

This has taken alot of work on my part but is just another huge incentive to help my members as much as possible to achieve the same success as I have.

This New ’10 Day Challenge’ walks everyone through 10 daily steps and by the end of the 10 days you will be the authority and the leader for whatever opportunity you are promoting.

I can confidently say this is the BEST training in the market specifically for a home based business/online network marketing opportunity!

So How Does the 10 Day Challenge Help You in National Wealth Center?

The ’10 Day Challenge’ will help you in National Wealth Center, even if you are a complete beginner, because it takes you by the hand and walks you through every step in completely dominating online for the opportunity.  It teaches all the real insider ‘secrets’ and strategies to what all top leaders do to make tons of commissions in their opportunity while others make nothing.

I can confidently say that if you commit to completing all 10 days for your National Wealth Center business, you will be ahead of 95% of other marketers out there.

In fact, I share everything I have ever learned and have personally done to be able to retire in a short 2 years with online marketing.

Here are just a few things I walk everyone through in the ’10 Day Challenge’:

  • Each day will be expanded upon based on your feedback going through each day,
    this is the best training online for successful promotion of a home based business
    and will be expanded on as well to give everyone as much detail and assistance as
    possible for every aspect of killing it online in your opportunity
  • This applies to ANY opportunity and the training, tools, resources etc. are made
    to assist you in promoting whatever opportunity you are involved with
  • You watch over my shoulder as I build an opportunity right in front of you in the
    tutorials from building a main website around the opportunity as well as quick
    immediate sales tactics
  • You watch me take about 10 minutes to build a successful sales funnel and
    then watch me run it through paid advertising
  • I go through the real secrets of what all huge leaders are doing within their
    opportunity so you can do the exact same thing and model

There is no fluff, hype, or run around whatsoever, just walkthrough tutorial videos and daily assignments you complete at the end of each day to become a master marketer in the shortest amount of time you can imagine!

So How Do You Get Access to the ’10 Day Challenge’ to Dominate in Your National Wealth Center Business?

To gain access to the ’10 Day Challenge’ you MUST be sponsored directly by me in National Wealth Center.  I have many people that email me everyday wanting access to my training site but cannot access because they are not signed up with me directly.

The only way you can get access to my training is to be sponsored by me directly in the National Wealth Center program.

And Yes, you can share the training site with your referrals so success can duplicate as quickly as possible for everyone involved.

I ALWAYS continually expand and update the training and this training has grown into the most successful online marketing resource in the industry.

So if you are looking into the National Wealth Center program and are wanting REAL help and REAL training that works, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Rotator?

National Wealth Center Rotators?

national wealth center rotators

Not a day goes by that I do not receive an email from saying asking me about some type of rotator system for the National Wealth Center program Or someone is telling me how they were completely burned and scammed by some type of ‘rotator’ system.

Unfortunately as an opportunity like National Wealth Center grows in popularity, marketers will create all kinds of ‘systems’ to entice prospects into joining within that ‘system’.

Due to everyone asking my honest advice I thought it would be a great idea to make a page just for this subject and give everyone the cold hard truth about these types of ‘systems’.

First of all let me clearly state that I am not talking negatively or bashing any group or marketers within the National Wealth Center program, I am giving my unbiased explanation of how a rotator REALLY works and the actual real TRUTH of what you can expect when joining or being a part of any type of ‘rotator’ marketing system.

You are more than welcome to form your own opinions and join whatever situation you feel fits you best.

On this page I’ll discuss and explain what a ‘rotator’ is, how they function, and most importantly the truth about if these can actually give you the ‘guarantees’ and results they most always claim.

So What Is A Rotator and How Do They Work For National Wealth Center?

First off let me state that a Rotator for National Wealth Center is NOT from the company itself or endorsed by the company itself.

Rotators for the National Wealth Center program are created, put together, and managed by marketers or groups of marketers themselves within the National Wealth Center program.

A Rotator is just simply a link, that has several other links embedded within a link that simply rotates whenever a click happens on the rotator link istelf.

For instance a rotator link could contain 4 different links or 40 different links to different pages within just the 1 main rotating link, hence giving the name rotator meaning the different links rotate whenever a click happens.

Marketers have used these types of rotating links for many different marketing strategies, most of which would be to test different landing pages when promoting a product to see which one gets the best results. I’ve used this strategy myself when promoting products and I can confidently say it is absolutely essential in testing which page performs the best, in the case of promoting a product from clickbank for example.

Now in the case of a home based business opportunity like National Wealth Center or any home based business opportunity, members links would be placed into the rotator and as clicks came into the rotator link, each members site would be visited by users clicking that link in a rotating manner.

So What is the Good and the Bad of Taking Part in a Rotator for National Wealth Center?

Here I will list the good vs. the bad (and the ugly) in taking part in one of these type of systems or being part of a rotator type of system:

The Good

  • Helps people who have no clue or ability on how to market in getting clicks to their site
  • Somewhat helps members learn some aspect of marketing in how marketing is done
  • Some rotator systems have shown to give short term small success in generating sales

The Bad

  • Rotator creators usually hide behind websites and do not put their info out there to be contacted for questions
  • Rotator systems usually make absurd income claims for members doing no work; this is lying and outright hype
  • Rotator systems bring out false sense of entitlement as the systems claim to ‘do all the work’; another lie
  • Rotator systems cause a bad environment usually in opportunities, as the rotators keep making absurd claims about guaranteed signups and sales

The Ugly

  • No one in any opportunity in a rotator system has ever made a full time income except possibly the creator of the rotator system (this is why the creators of the rotator system keep jumping from opportunity to opportunity after the ‘rotator’ is played out)
  • In a Rotator, you have NO idea where the traffic is coming from (could be fake bots opting in) or if the traffic is the least bit credible
  • In most rotator systems, you are never allowed to market your own links or brand yourself whatsoever; this is a huge and terrible mistake in online marketing
  • It is completely and mathematically impossible for any sizeable number of links within a Rotator to get reasonable and credible amount of traffic and clicks without the rotation to take forever
  • It is always much quicker, easier, and much more profitable to just buy your own traffic
  • Rotator systems are what is called ‘biz opp welfare‘ among real marketers because people who are attracted to a rotator system thinking all the work for them have a ‘welfare’ type of mentality and will do absolutely nothing to build their business
  • Taking part in any system that makes false promises or promises to do all the work for you completely robs you of learning how to become a great marketer and create your own skillset to make money at will

So What Is My Personal Opinion of National Wealth Center Rotator Systems?

Again this is my personal opinion as having a very successful long term career in the industry and NEVER jumping from any opportunity to another, but taking part in anything where you can believe or think that success is going to be given to you is not only completely ignorant, but is also completely irresponsible.

As to why anyone would ever believe or think that anything would give them success without them learning and applying themselves is shocking to me, but as we know unfortunately people will fall for anything and this type of deception always give the industry a bad name to say the least.

This is much like joining a gym, wanting to lose weight and get great shape, and then believing that someone else is going to do all the work for you and get you results…pretty crazy right? Well this is the SAME mentality with an online business and believing or thinking a ‘system’ or a ‘rotator’ is going to get you all the success for your business!

There may be some ethical and upright type of rotator systems out there, but honestly all I’ve ever seen from these types of things are people getting hurt and scammed by the ridiculous income guarantee claims of signups and sales which are completely fake and dishonest to say the least.

There is an old saying ‘”If it’s too good to be true, then it usually is” which comes to mind, unfortunately in the internet marketing industry nothing is really regulated to the point and just about anyone can say anything to try and take your money.

I was raised with values and integrity, and that’s the way I’ve always conducted myself online. I never lie to anyone and I honestly tell people what it takes to make a large income online and train them on how to create great content and drive their own traffic as much as they want when they want for their own results.

I have trained and made great marketers who have taken my advice and training and built large teams and organizations in all kind of opportunities because they learned how to build and brand themselves and generate their own traffic, results, and sales.

This is the only thing that will set you free…becoming a great marketer (I will train you step by step) and developing your own skills and your own results.

Again, I’m not saying that all ‘systems’ are bad whatsoever, but as anything in life if you are looking at getting involved in these types of things please understand that your success will be very limited and it is very important to do your due diligence and research to make sure what you are joining is credible.

So if you are reading this post and will let me train and teach you how to get real success then click that ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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The Real Secret To Success in Online Marketing

real secret to success online marketing national wealth center

Everyone has always asked me this question:  “Hey James, So What’s the Real Secret to Success Online?” or “How Do You REALLY Have that Much Success?” or “What Do You Really Do Online?” or something to that effect that I have some kind of ‘secret’ that I am hiding from the public on what it really takes to achieve big success online.

Well this post is going to be about the absolute truth on how I was able to retire in 2 short years with the power of online marketing and with this great program National Wealth Center as well.

So if you really want to know what it takes to get real success online vs. the lies, garbage, hype, etc. that is so unfortunately rampant in this industry then listen up to every word in this post because this is the truth!

So What is the Real Secret to Success in Online and Online Network Marketing?

So here it is, to have huge and long term success with National Wealth Center or whatever business program or product you are promoting online you need to really focus on 2 very simple concepts:

Action Vs. InAction

Yep, that’s it…all you ever need to concern yourself with in determining how hugely successful you are going to be or how much of a colossal failure you are going to be is the simple concept of Action Vs. InAction.

So what the heck am I talking about when referring to Action Vs. InAction?

Well with being very hugely successful in the industry for a long term stretch of 4 years now of being an online entrepreneur and working with thousands of people in my personal downline with National Wealth Center and also within my training site ( I can 100% tell you that these 2 concepts of Action Vs InAction are everything when it comes to achieving success online as an entrepreneur.

Let’s look at the these 2 concepts in depth to understand better what I am trying to come across in this post to achieve massive success online, we’ll look at each individually then talk about the concepts together:

1. Action

– The concept of Action is working and completing a task or a goal.  For the new online marketing it could be something as simple as making a post on their website (like this post you are reading now) or starting their first paid advertising campaign.  It could also be something more time involved such as building their first website or creating and testing a sales funnel.

The main part of action is DOING.  This is what separates big time money making marketers from people who ‘just try it out’ or ‘go through the motions’ or ‘I’ll get to it later’.

You have to be an ACTION TAKER.  This is literally the fundamental reason to what will make you huge amounts of money online vs. making absolutely nothing online.

2. InAction

– The concept of InAction is never getting started or either never completing a task or a goal.  Whatever the task or goal may be, whether incredible simple and easy liking taking 2 min to index a website post or making a video review of your online business to market to the world, never getting these tasks done is what InAction is all about and will lead to online marketing desperation faster than you can blink.

The main part of InAction is THINKING.  This is what really separates InAction takers from Action takers.  Thinking is a good thing in it’s own right, but if it is causing your marketing tasks and business building activities to be continually procrastinated or ‘getting to it tomorrow’ then you are dead in the water.

The excuse of ‘not having enough time’ has been used to avoid countless goals since the beginning of mankind from people who are just not wanting success and are also completely lazy.

If you want to be successful online, you HAVE to get away from InAction at all costs.  Unfortunately alot of marketers fall into this category for a number of huge amount of reasons and is why the never make a sale or even have 1 referral into their online business.

The Real Secret to Online Success is Understanding Action Vs. InAction In Depth

Now let’s look at both of these concepts together so you will understand that having success with National Wealth Center or any online business venture is all about being on the side of Action vs. being on the side of InAction.

Marketers who are on the side of Action do these things:

  • Take consistent daily action on building their online business and producing valuable content
  • Don’t overthink their marketing strategy, causing procrastination (this is huge)
  • Call prospects back on a daily basis or answer emails on a daily basis from prospects
  • Make a list of several marketing activities to complete each day and make sure they are completed each day
  • Setup a routine each day of the week for completing certain marketing activities (website posts, making videos, social media posts, etc.)

In contrast, Marketers who are on the side of InAction do this:

  • Sign up into an online business and then wish or hope to make money
  • Overthink and procrastinate everything; keep trying to make things ‘good enough’
  • Do not talk to others out of fear or laziness or for whatever reason
  • Do not make lists or set daily tasks to complete each day, floundering away their time and energy
  • Do not set a routine or have any type of routine for their marketing activities

So as you can see people who take action in their business whether in National Wealth Center or any online business venture are always the ones who are Successful.

If you want to make huge money in whatever you are promoting online then be an ACTION TAKER!  And if you want step by step training and me leading you every step of the way then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Travel – Orlando & Destin Florida Trip!

Last week I posted on this site about the Amazing National Wealth Center My Travel Deals details, so I decided to be an action taker and actually take part in one of these travel deals!

So this post is going to be sharing a small glimpse into our spur of the moment trip we took in a montage video.  I also am learning a new video and picture editor so the final results is not near good enough as it should be until I really learn the software 😉

Here is our Florida vacation made possible by National Wealth Center:

While I did end up taking a considerable number of photos and videos, I really wanted to enjoy the time as much as possible and leave my phone off or at the resort, as I think too many people in society live their lives through their smartphones and social media, but that is the subject of another post altogether 😉

How Often Can National Wealth Center Members Use the My Travel Deals Travel Savings Deals?

National Wealth Center members can use any of the huge savings within ‘My Travel Deals’ at anytime they wish.  Whether it be the hotel savings, the huge discounts on cruises, or the incredible savings with the ‘off season steals’ where you can get weekly stays in high quality hotels and resorts for next to nothing…National Wealth Center members can take advantage of these amazing deals anytime they wish.

What’s great about being a successful internet marketer or within the network marketing industry, you have the time freedom to travel anytime you wish since you don’t have a dreadful job to report to each and everyday taking your time and effort making someone else rich.

I myself personally usually take at least 1 vacation a month, not a year like most everyone else does.  I’ve personally been to 8 countries internationally and have been to every state in the greatest country in the world the United States as well here at home.

My girlfriend had her spring break from classes so was the perfect opportunity to take part to a trip to Florida 😉

How Can You Take Once a Month Vacations Like I Do?

Well first of all you need to make your mind up to create a business and income for yourself with the National Wealth Center program.

Secondly you need to create a mindset where you are going to be successful at building your business and create for yourself a life of freedom and without limits.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you need to click the ‘Register Now’ button below and you will be receiving a Welcome Email from myself to get you into training and start accessing these amazing travel deals yourself…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Travel – My Travel Deals

An often overlooked aspect of the National Wealth Center Program is a great discount travel platform called ‘My Travel Deals’ which is located within the savings program of National Savings Center, which is an absolutely free savings platform for all National Wealth Center members.

I’ve made a very detailed video on just how awesome these deals are and how to take advantage in this video, make sure to watch here:

While there are many great deals within the National Wealth Center My Travel Deals, as you can see the ‘offseason steals’ offer HUGE savings and unbelievable week long travel getaways for next to nothing!

Why is the National Wealth Center My Travel Deals So Important?

The National Wealth Center My Travel Deals is important because it is another feature of the opportunity that gives more and more value to the member base.

What person doesn’t love unbelievable travel deals like $99 for an entire week stay at an amazing resort? 

Well this is just another reality of the National Wealth Center program with it’s discount travel feature.

Being a successful online network marketing and a leader within the National Wealth Center opportunity, one of the biggest perks of having time freedom with online success is being able to travel whenever I want, wherever I want. 

Being able to log in and book an amazing travel deal with My Travel Deals is makes the process much easier and quicker and then I’m off on a plane while continuing to receive passive income from the National Wealth Center program!

Travel has always been like therapy for me and I feel like if more people were able to travel more often, they would have much more fun and be able to experience what life really has to offer, I can say that travel really changed my life for the better.

So How Do You Get Access To the Amazing Travel Deals in National Wealth Center?

As stated in this post, access to the National Wealth Center My Travel Deals is a completely free service for all National Wealth Center members.  As shown in the video, you access the My Travel Deals through the back office of National Wealth Center through the National Savings Center platform available to all NWC members.

Another great feature about these amazing travel deals is that the feature allows you to market the opportunity in a whole new relatable way.  Any National Wealth Center member can just strike up a conversation about discount travel with anyone and anyone would be interested in getting HUGE discounts on travel packages!

So if you are wanting to get Great Deals on travel as well as build a completely passive residual income with all the time to travel as well, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I will help you every step of the way…

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Why People Don’t Make Any Money in National Wealth Center

Ever wondered why people sign up into a business opportunity like National Wealth Center and make absolutely NO money and are complete failures?

Well in this post I am going to describe the exact reasons why this happens so you will know once and for all why this happens and more importantly how to NOT be a failure in your business opportunity.

Here is a video I did on the very subject, watch this and pay close attention to what I am saying:

As explained in the video I give the real reasons as to what makes someone a success in an online opportunity like National Wealth Center or any online business.

So What Really Makes Someone Alot of Money in National Wealth Center Vs. Making No Money?

In referring well over 2,000 people into National Wealth Center currently, I can confidently say that there are certain traits that make someone successful in the program vs. those that do nothing and then complain of no success.

The people I’ve referred into the program and have gone on to become great leaders are the type of people that:

  • Take action on the training I teach
  • Brand themselves with the opportunity
  • Go to work
  • Don’t complain
  • Have great positive mindsets
  • Fully understand the business and take the time to understand how the business works
  • Want long term success vs. short term success

Contrary to that, the people who become massive failures are people that:

  • Take no action and continually watch the training but never take action
  • Do not brand themselves and give no one a reason to join them
  • Do no work
  • Constantly complain and ask questions when everything is fully explained in great detail step by step
  • Have poor and broke mindsets
  • Do not even take the time to understand how the business works
  • Want to make short term money and then jump into another opportunity

While these are characteristics that separate the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’ in any venture in life, it bears repeating and is the honest truth when it comes to doing great things in life and getting yourself free with a business opportunity.

How To Make Sure You Are Not A Failure In National Wealth Center…

If you want to ensure you are NOT a massive failure in National Wealth Center, you need a mentor and someone that can train you on how to become a very successful marketer.

There are tons of marketers online that will lie to you all day long and tell you that you will make $10,000 monthly just by joining their ‘system’ or ‘rotator’ but as you know by now that is complete lie, hype, and garbage and this ‘hype’ is the only way they get any type of success and are soon jumping into another opportunity within a month or so.

True success in this industry is being learning and applying very successful marketing strategies that work for the long term, I can show you all that and then some in my private training site and you can get started by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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National Wealth Center Prime – What Is It?

National Wealth Center Prime – What Is It and What’s Coming…

national wealth center news - national wealth prime

Alot of buzz is going on about the new National Wealth Center Prime and I wanted to take the time to write a short post about what this is exactly and what is coming for the National Wealth Center opportunity…

As of the time of writing this post, National Wealth Center is launching only for members of National Wealth Center in beta mode to test for the official launch on January 1st.

A full review of National Wealth Center Prime will be coming later as I can fully delve into all the feature of the Prime resource.

So Just What Is National Wealth Center Prime?

As stated from the company within a company sent email to National Wealth Center members, National Wealth Center Prime is:

“NWC Prime launching Jan 1st. The beta is launching this month. All members will be able to put it through the ringer FREE until then. It’s an OPTIONAL all-in-one toolbox…”

1. lead capture pages
2. capture page wizard > make your own lead capture pages
3. blog page creator
4. contact manager
5. text blaster to contacts
6. phone blaster to contacts
7. email blaster to contacts
8. light box capture page
9. form creator
10. full statistics
11. postal broadcast
12. webinars
13. postal auto-responder
14. live chat
15. 3rd party auto-responder
16. text auto-responder
17. voice auto-responder
18. email auto-responder

More details are to be announced, but as you can see from this list there are a huge amount of features that will be available to National Wealth Center members to really further their marketing efforts.

What Will Be the Cost of the National Wealth Center Prime and Is It Worth It?

It was stated by the National Wealth Center company admin that the prime marketing toolbox will be an optional $30 monthly, with a ‘refer 3 get yours free’ system set in place as well.

I personally think this is a very small price to pay for the amount of features you receive with using this toolbox, and especially with the ability to make your very own lead capture pages this makes the value literally priceless.

Those of us who really make great incomes with National Wealth Center or any online business fully understand how beneficial and essential these types of tools are to really dominate your marketing and I think this will be yet another huge added value for National Wealth Center members.

If you are reading this post and still not in the National Wealth Center program, then what in the world is wrong with you?  🙂

Just click on the ‘Register Now’ button below and get started…

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