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National Wealth Center News – New NSC Program Launching!

New Important updates coming for the National Wealth Center program as the NSC (National Savings Center) will be launching as it’s own retail stand alone product!

What I will do in this post is detail what was announced to the National Wealth Center member base as to what this new launch will entail and what it means for members.

Before we do that, we need to know what NSC (National Savings Center) is already to fully understand the importance of this new launch:

National Savings Center (NSC) is savings platform located within the National Wealth Center program where National Wealth Center members can get up to 80% off of retail, travel, and just about any kind of products or services.  It is an added ‘benefit’ to being a National Wealth Center member where members can take part in great savings for all kinds of items they would normally buy.

This savings platform will now be available to the general public from National Wealth Center members, providing a great savings platform to the public and also giving members more and more commissions into NSC itself!

Here Are the National Savings Center (NSC) Launch Details from the National Wealth Center Company

As from the staff and CEO of National Wealth Center, here are the exact details of the new NSC launch and what you need to know and the main highlights of the new launch:
1.  NWC and membership genealogy will be connected and accessible from the NWC back office and all will keep their genealogy.
2.  NWC members are grandfathered in at no cost
3.  No admin fee
4.  NSC will be 100% admin collect
5.  The model is a “Customer Acquisition” driven
6.  NSC will have its own site and back office
7.  Under $20 to get started
8.  Fundraising and many ways to generate monthly residual income
9.  Contests, bonuses and rank levels to show progression
10.  Use NSC as a stand alone business or a lower cost alternative for those that can’t join NWC or maybe left NWC due to money challenges.
11.  Increase your customer retail commission by getting more customers as well as the ability to go deep into your organization and earn on group volume. This is HUGE!
12.  Over 300,000 products and services offered
13.  Covers 95% of the population
14.  Discount travel and hotels too with a 110% price match guarantee.

More details will be coming, but as you can see this will be a huge added incentive for National Wealth Center members to attract the general public into a savings platform where they can save a huge amount of money and further build their organization!

So When Does the New NSC Program Launch?

As of right now and as stated by the company, the new NSC launch will be on May 2nd.  There are further details only being shared with National Wealth Center Members as well and as this information goes public I will be sharing on this very site.

In my opinion, this will be a great way to introduce anyone into the National Wealth Center program, by introducing them to a huge savings retail program where they can save 80%, it’s a great gateway to the NWC business and I will be heavily training my members on how to use this to their advantage, as well as be creating new resources and tool for this stand alone NSC program as well.

So if you are reading this post and want to dominate the National Wealth Center opportunity as well as know how to maximize the new NSC program, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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National Wealth Center Travel – Orlando & Destin Florida Trip!

Last week I posted on this site about the Amazing National Wealth Center My Travel Deals details, so I decided to be an action taker and actually take part in one of these travel deals!

So this post is going to be sharing a small glimpse into our spur of the moment trip we took in a montage video.  I also am learning a new video and picture editor so the final results is not near good enough as it should be until I really learn the software 😉

Here is our Florida vacation made possible by National Wealth Center:

While I did end up taking a considerable number of photos and videos, I really wanted to enjoy the time as much as possible and leave my phone off or at the resort, as I think too many people in society live their lives through their smartphones and social media, but that is the subject of another post altogether 😉

How Often Can National Wealth Center Members Use the My Travel Deals Travel Savings Deals?

National Wealth Center members can use any of the huge savings within ‘My Travel Deals’ at anytime they wish.  Whether it be the hotel savings, the huge discounts on cruises, or the incredible savings with the ‘off season steals’ where you can get weekly stays in high quality hotels and resorts for next to nothing…National Wealth Center members can take advantage of these amazing deals anytime they wish.

What’s great about being a successful internet marketer or within the network marketing industry, you have the time freedom to travel anytime you wish since you don’t have a dreadful job to report to each and everyday taking your time and effort making someone else rich.

I myself personally usually take at least 1 vacation a month, not a year like most everyone else does.  I’ve personally been to 8 countries internationally and have been to every state in the greatest country in the world the United States as well here at home.

My girlfriend had her spring break from classes so was the perfect opportunity to take part to a trip to Florida 😉

How Can You Take Once a Month Vacations Like I Do?

Well first of all you need to make your mind up to create a business and income for yourself with the National Wealth Center program.

Secondly you need to create a mindset where you are going to be successful at building your business and create for yourself a life of freedom and without limits.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you need to click the ‘Register Now’ button below and you will be receiving a Welcome Email from myself to get you into training and start accessing these amazing travel deals yourself…

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National Wealth Center is Now in the Discount Travel Business!

national wealth center discount travel my deals travel

national wealth center discount travel my deals travel

Breaking Announcement for National Wealth Center and affiliates, National Wealth Center is now in the discount travel business.  As all of you know I am a huge traveler and know quite alot about travel deals and getting the best deals while traveling.

I am super excited about this announcement not only for my own travel discounts but this opens up a WHOLE NEW way to market the National Wealth Center opportunity!

Everyone loves discount travel deals and this will be a huge incentive for more and more to join you in your National Wealth Center business.

The National Wealth Center Discount Travel Details…

Here is the exact announcement from the company and from the CEO, Mr. Peter Wolfing about the travel discount program:

This month, we officially announce the rollout of My Deals Travel, a new travel booking engine available to all National Wealth Center members.  Just log into your National Savings Center My Deals platform or mobile APP and click on the “TRAVEL” category.

No waiting for rebates and best of all, this service is INCLUDED to all National Wealth Center members.  This is in addition to all the other savings on over 300,000 merchants in over 5,000 cities.

The service is free as long as you are an active member.  heck, if used regularly on things you are already buying, you should save enough each month to offset your basic membership.

What’s So Great About the NWC My Deals Travel Engine Discount Travel Program?

Well, suffice it to say – the deals are pretty spectacular. This update also includes updated merchant counts, our most popular brands and categories for the month, and a listing of the newest brands to join the savings platform. And, with so many vacationers making their way to Orlando this summer, we thought we’d feature some fun Florida destinations for those looking for some promotional ideas this travel season.

With the National Wealth Center My Deals Travel platform, you can now go online to get great travel deals on hotel stays, cruises, rental cars and travel packages, just like you would with other travel sites like Expedia, Orbitz or Kayak!

What’s the Difference About National Wealth Center My Deals Travel Vs. Other Travel Programs?

Substantially lower prices that are guaranteed to be less than any public online provider.  It’s also backed up with a “best price guarantee”, paying 110% of the difference between a competitor’s retail pricing and that offered on National Wealth Center My Deals Travel.  The savings are real!

These deals aren’t just off-season travel or at obscure properties selling excess inventory, either.  Our members will discover everyday deals at popular destinations  worldwide, with respected providers ranging from brand-name hotels to luxury five-star resorts.  You’ll also find unparalleled deals on car rentals and travel packages with popular cruise lines.

Enjoy exclusive, wholesale pricing on hotels, rental cars, tours, excursions, cruises and more. With My Deals Travel we’ll find the absolute, no-doubt-about-it, best deal anywhere … GUARANTEED!

Here are back office images of the National Wealth Center My Deals Travel In Action As Well:

national wealth center my deals travel


national wealth center my deals travel

If you are not in National Wealth Center yet I have no idea what you are waiting for, click the ‘Register Now’ button below and start making 100% commissions and get incredible travel deals now as well…
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How To Pay The Admin Fee For National Wealth Center

How To Pay The Admin Fee For National Wealth Center

Despite National Wealth Center giving very clear directions within the back office of the program, I still get asked often on how to pay the admin fee for National Wealth Center.

In this post I am going to give very clear directions on how to pay the admin fee for the program for anyone who may be having trouble.

It is very important to mention to keep the admin fee paid and current, because failure to do this will result in a member’s account being deactivated.

Here are the steps to pay the National Wealth Center Admin fee:

Step 1:  Log into your National Wealth Center account with your username and password at the company site here

Step 2:  When logged in, you can simply scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard page and you will find this information

national wealth center admin fee how to pay

Step 3: Click the ‘Click here to make your payments’ as shown in the screenshot above

Step 4: After you make that click you will come to a screen and will see the different National Wealth Center levels each member can join, scroll down the page to find the ‘Admin Membership Dues’ section as shown here:

national wealth center how to pay admin fee back office

Step 5: Click the ‘Click here to make renewal payments’ to make your admin fee payment into the program.

That’s it and very simple.  You can also use the company ‘Support’ feature in the back office to get any assistance if needed.

Why Is It So Important To Pay The Admin Fee and Keep The Admin Fee Paid For National Wealth Center?

As stated above, it’s very important to pay the admin fee because if this is not paid, a member’s account will become deactivated within the system and will lose any recurring commissions made from referrals into the program.

Also the National Wealth Center admin fee goes toward all maintenance needed to make the program the best home based business program on the planet.  Maintaining and building an online business is not cheap or easy, and this admin fee is put towards server maintenance, product updates, programming, support features, etc. to keep the program running top speed for all members.

It’s also important to know that paying the admin fee into the National Wealth Center program gives each member access to the National Savings Center program where each member gets access to a huge savings program as well to give members up to 50% off of items and travel purchases they are already making.

You can read more about National Savings Center here in this post as well.

If you are looking to get started with the best home based business opportunity on the planet and start earning those 100% commissions, then just simply click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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National Wealth Center – National Savings Center Review

national savings center national wealth center

There is alot of buzz about National Wealth Center at the moment and also about National Savings Center.  In this post I’m going to review National Savings Center and describe exactly what it’s about, how it works, and how each member of National Wealth Center can save up to 50% with National Savings Center.

Watch this video as I go over just awesome National Savings Center is:

As seen in the video, National Savings Center allows National Wealth Center members to receive huge discounts on everything from hotels, resorts, travel, electronics, nutrition items, just about anything you would ever want to purchase.   Some savings go up to even 50% off and also include amazing deals such as $100 dollar off flights on certain airlines.

For someone who loves to travel like I do, I can’t be more pleased with the great deals that can be found within National Savings Center.

How Do I Gain Access To National Savings Center?

Gaining access to National Savings Center comes with the completion of payment of the admin fee within National Wealth Center.  Each National Wealth Center member is required to pay an admin fee of $9 but allows them to gain access to this exclusive savings membership which will allow them to save an amazing amount of money on purchases they are already making.

No other opportunity online gives this kind of incentive to its members.

You must be a member of National Wealth Center to gain access to National Saving Center.  No one can gain access to National Savings Center without being a paid member of the National Wealth Center program.

Is National Savings Center Worth the Admin Cost to Join National Wealth Center?

For anyone to ask if National Savings Center is worth the $9 admin fee to join National Wealth Center then they just do not have any common sense or need their head examined by a professional. 

More than that if they do not understand that $9 is essential for the National Wealth Center company to be able to produce more awesome features for the program, then the last thing they need to be doing is involved in a business whatsoever.

All companies need to make money, and while National Wealth Center has an amazing compensation plan that pays 100% commissions to each member, the $9 they collect from each member is beyond fair for the program to continue to flourish.

If anyone complains about paying $9 to be gain access to a membership that will save them hundreds of dollars each month then they really need to leave the program completely and let the rest of us who are doing great things with the program and saving hundreds on awesome deals really promote and share the program in the ways intended.

If saving hundreds of dollars on purchases you are already making sounds like a good idea and you would like to start making 100% commissions every day, then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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