National Wealth Center News – New NSC Program Launching!

New Important updates coming for the National Wealth Center program as the NSC (National Savings Center) will be launching as it’s own retail stand alone product!

What I will do in this post is detail what was announced to the National Wealth Center member base as to what this new launch will entail and what it means for members.

Before we do that, we need to know what NSC (National Savings Center) is already to fully understand the importance of this new launch:

National Savings Center (NSC) is savings platform located within the National Wealth Center program where National Wealth Center members can get up to 80% off of retail, travel, and just about any kind of products or services.  It is an added ‘benefit’ to being a National Wealth Center member where members can take part in great savings for all kinds of items they would normally buy.

This savings platform will now be available to the general public from National Wealth Center members, providing a great savings platform to the public and also giving members more and more commissions into NSC itself!

Here Are the National Savings Center (NSC) Launch Details from the National Wealth Center Company

As from the staff and CEO of National Wealth Center, here are the exact details of the new NSC launch and what you need to know and the main highlights of the new launch:
1.  NWC and membership genealogy will be connected and accessible from the NWC back office and all will keep their genealogy.
2.  NWC members are grandfathered in at no cost
3.  No admin fee
4.  NSC will be 100% admin collect
5.  The model is a “Customer Acquisition” driven
6.  NSC will have its own site and back office
7.  Under $20 to get started
8.  Fundraising and many ways to generate monthly residual income
9.  Contests, bonuses and rank levels to show progression
10.  Use NSC as a stand alone business or a lower cost alternative for those that can’t join NWC or maybe left NWC due to money challenges.
11.  Increase your customer retail commission by getting more customers as well as the ability to go deep into your organization and earn on group volume. This is HUGE!
12.  Over 300,000 products and services offered
13.  Covers 95% of the population
14.  Discount travel and hotels too with a 110% price match guarantee.

More details will be coming, but as you can see this will be a huge added incentive for National Wealth Center members to attract the general public into a savings platform where they can save a huge amount of money and further build their organization!

So When Does the New NSC Program Launch?

As of right now and as stated by the company, the new NSC launch will be on May 2nd.  There are further details only being shared with National Wealth Center Members as well and as this information goes public I will be sharing on this very site.

In my opinion, this will be a great way to introduce anyone into the National Wealth Center program, by introducing them to a huge savings retail program where they can save 80%, it’s a great gateway to the NWC business and I will be heavily training my members on how to use this to their advantage, as well as be creating new resources and tool for this stand alone NSC program as well.

So if you are reading this post and want to dominate the National Wealth Center opportunity as well as know how to maximize the new NSC program, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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