Is Infinity Downline Shut Down?

infinity downline shut down

I’ve been getting asked questions about Infinity Downline in regards to National Wealth Center recently and they are all to this effect:

“Hey James, what happened to Infinity Downline”?

“Is Infinity Downline Shut Down?”

“Did Infinity Downline Get Shut Down?”

I explained this in a former post, but the Infinity Downline program has not been ‘shut down’ in any form or fashion whatsoever.  What I’m going to explain in this post is what happened to Infinity Downline and why so many are confused as to why the traditional Infinity Downline company site is no longer around and how this all relates to National Wealth Center.

So Did Infinity Downline Get Shut Down?

Infinity Downline is not ‘shut down’ but the decision was made by the company CEO, Peter Wolfing, and company staff to forward the Infinity Downline site to what is now known as National Wealth Center.

So why would the company do this and what is National Wealth Center?

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, National Wealth Center is the full relaunch of the Infinity Downline program that happened in July of 2014.  It is a much better program with better products, support, presentations, and overall better company site design with tons of new features you can read more about all over this website.

The infinity downline company site stayed ‘as is’ up until this last month of August 2015 but the decision was finally made to forward the old Infinity Downline site and all links associated with the old Infinity Downline site to the new National Wealth Center company site.

This decision was made as Peter Wolfing explained to me because the infinity downline site and branding etc. had been in existence since March of 2009 and the new National Wealth Center branding and presentation are much better and more oriented as far as a better business opportunity so all redirects are now going to represent National Wealth Center.

It was also explained to me that by doing this National Wealth Center’s site, server, and programming are now much faster and better due to data not having to be held within the old infinity downline site as well.

Was It a Good Idea To Take Infinity Downline Down?

As much as I love Infinity downline and where I got my start in the industry, I do agree it was a good idea to forward everything now to National Wealth Center.

Mainly because as Peter explained to me as well, everyone within the opportunity needs to be on the same page and promoting the same program and the company can’t keep supporting and dividing it’s time between 2 separate sites.

Although Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are the same program, it just doesn’t make sense to keep having 2 separate sites as this is confusing as everyone moves forward and needs to have one goal and purpose with the opportunity.

This is also a ‘no-brainer’ because as you can see from the review on this site, National Wealth Center is 100x better than Infinity Downline ever was in terms of products, support, and overall branding and image.

Not to mention the higher commission levels allow anyone to make a fortune by working their business and you can make about 100ox more with National Wealth Center vs. Infinity Downline!

So now you know what happened to Infinity Downline, and if you haven’t joined National Wealth Center yet and are ready to make 100% commissions with unlimited earning potential, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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