National Wealth Center Policy Updates – Changes and Important Information Every National Wealth Center Member Needs To Know

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As National Wealth Center has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of months, it is very important to realize and understand that company policy needs to update and change as time goes on to coincide with the huge growth the company has been experiencing.

Peter Wolfing, the CEO of National Wealth Center has announced new company policy enforced immediately for all National Wealth Center members. 

This was done due to the huge growth the company has been going through and all the new ‘systems’ that have been popping up left and right to give incentive to prospects to join, as well as some not so pleasant behavior within the opportunity, and to also stop more unpleasant behavior before it starts from this point forward.

So What Is the New National Wealth Center Policy and Changes?

I will list here in this post the new policy changes as put forth by Peter Wolfing and National Wealth Center staff as sent in a admin email to all members within the opportunity.   I will also add that this is not my words but from the admin itself as in membership notice.

In regards to cancelling memberships and joining another sponsor:

1. Members wanting to move away from their current position must cancel their current position and wait 30 days to rejoin. This applied to any instance from the date of this notice onward. We had unique circumstances in the past few weeks that we needed to overcome so we have been lenient in this area to allow it to resolve itself but sufficient time as passed and we will be enforcing it as of Tue Sept 8th. If it’s found you have done so and not waited the required 30 days, your account will be deactivated.

In regards to ‘cross-recruiting’ within the opportunity:

2. Members are forbidden to recruit other NWC members to move from their current position over to their team. This is an obvious issue that should not be done. If it is found that this is going on, we will evaluate the circumstances and take action that is appropriate for each instance.

No member is allowed to recruit other NWC members to quit and/or join their team. This should go without saying. Members wanting to move must cancel all subscriptions on their current account and wait 30 days before they can join again. Members caught creating other accounts during this 30 day time will be terminated.

We realize that members participate in other programs. However, the downline email function is there for support of your group only. Members sending solicitations to other members will have their account blocked.

Why? Existing members must have a sense that their work to bring people on board is safe from other members recruiting them into other teams in NWC or into other programs. The rollups that happen which may have been passed up from other members must be safe from cross-recruiting as well.

In regards to member behavior and company environment:

3. Members are not to “bash” other members or the systems they may be using to recruit and build their business. We have covered this for over a month. If you don’t agree with what they are doing… fine. Just go about your business and build your way. Let them build their way. If you see obvious issues where you think things are being done and are against company policy, let the company know.

What Is My Personal Opinion on the New National Wealth Center Policy Changes & Updates?

I personally feel that these new policy updates are a must because within my experience in the world of online network marketing, if these types of behaviors are left unchecked, they will cause huge problems for the business and company itself. 

I’ve seen companies disappear in a matter of months due to in company fighting and bickering over who has the best marketing ‘system’ or ‘co-op’ within the opportunity.   Most of the time 90% of these things are outright deceptions and scams in the first place and these new policies will enforce the right kind of behavior in the opportunity.

All opportunities have a problem with ‘cross-recruiting’ and quite frankly it is a plague within the industry and should never be tolerated and I commend the National Wealth Center staff for enforcing this policy.

The National Wealth Center program is the most legally compliant, long term stable income producing opportunity out there and these new policy updates will ensure stability and will weed out all the shady marketers doing suspicious activities within the program, and will set the program for long term success for decades to come!

And if you are reading this post and want to be a part of the best real opportunity out there and start raking in tons of 100% commissions, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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