Why You Should Never Ever Give Up…Ever

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I wanted to take the time to write a post about something that is very dear to me, and that is Persistence and Never Ever Giving Up. No matter what.

We live in a society that for the most part “wants something for nothing”. Most everyone also ‘wants it fast’ without really realizing the amount of hard work that goes into building an online business…or any business for that matter. I deal with all types of individuals that ask me about National Wealth Center, and some of the questions I get asked most of all is:

“Is This Easy?”

“Is This Hard?”

“How Quickly Can I Make Money?”

These questions cannot be answered in a 1 word answer. Most everyone that asks this type of question is setting themselves up for failure way before they even start. Here is an Untold Truth about Network & Internet Marketing that no one else will probably ever tell you:

“If it was so easy to make a ton of money online, all your family and friends would be making a full-time income online….no one would be working at the jobs they hate each and everyday”

You will not hear that very often. Especially from those releasing new products that claim you can make “$12,742 in 21 days” etc. This is complete and utter nonsense for anyone who has no idea of how to market online. I am absolutely so sick of the ‘hype’ and ‘false claims’ out there. It really sickens me to my stomach, because I know people are actually falling for it.

The Importance of Not Giving Up…Ever

Anyone honest will tell you that any type of marketing, especially in the beginning is agonizing, frustrating, overwhelming, etc. What separates those of us that are successful is that we pushed through these obstacles. We learned and tested and we see what works vs. all of the failure and disappointment it took to get here. WE NEVER QUIT.

It took me quite awhile before I made a dime in National Wealth Center. But when I did, and I applied what works, my income skyrocketed and I still can’t believe how well I’m doing with it. It has honestly fulfilled the dream I had of ‘making money while I sleep’ over and over again to a point where I became fully free,not having to be anywhere at anytime.

That is priceless.

I hope the main message of this post really hits home. Giving Up or Quitting is never an option. I can still remember my grandfather, who was a veteran, teaching me these lessons when I was very small child. You never ever Give Up….Ever. No matter how bad it gets, how alone you are, how hopeless the situation is you never give up and you never quit. I love this picture and what it describes about this concept:

national wealth center never quit

Online & Network Marketing is full of people that quit. All programs are easy to get into and easy to get out of. Most will not stay in due to lack of focus, lack of making time, making excuses, coming up with insane reasons why it won’t work etc., but that’s ok…..because those of us that don’t quit just keep making all the money…and that’s the way it should be 😉

If you are the type of person that understands the importance of ‘Never giving up’ then click the ‘Register Now’ button below to start getting free with National Wealth Center…

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