Using Payza With National Wealth Center

using payza with national wealth center

A popular payment processor to use with the National Wealth Center program is Payza.  While there are many payment processors to choose from within the back office of National Wealth Center, Payza is very convenient as it is absolutely free to start a business account and is fully integrated within the back office of the opportunity.

In this post I am going to detail why Payza is a great choice to use a payment processor to accept payments.  Please understand there are many processors to use and you can use a combination of several within the program, or have the company accept and process payments for you as well.

I will also be detailing steps on how to setup and use Payza within the National Wealth Center program.

Why Is Using Payza with National Wealth Center beneficial?

Using Payza is beneficial mainly because it is a great international processor.  National Wealth Center is a global opportunity and you need a payment processor that can process and accept payments from customers and referrals in other countries.  Many of my own referrals from Japan, Philippines, Middle East, Australia, Jamaica just to name a few have used Payza to join under me personally.

Other reasons why Payza is so beneficial to use with National Wealth Center are:

  • Fully integrated and endorsed to use by the National Wealth Center program
  • When setup will automatically process new payments and automatically process payments each month
  • Setup only takes 24 hours with the approval process
  • Great Payza back office and great options for withdrawals
  • Easy and convenient back office and easy to understand and use
  • Payza will also automatically convert currencies from other countries

Since Payza is absolutely free to use as a business account and will allow you to open your business worldwide to accept payments, using Payza is really a ‘no-brainer’ to use with the National Wealth Center program!

How To Setup Payza With National Wealth Center

There are several parts to setting up a business account with Payza to use with National Wealth Center, all is very easy but will list the exact details to every step here:

1.  Open a business account with Payza, this is explained step by step by just going to Payza’s website and setting up.

2.  Complete a Website Review with the Directions listed within the back office of National Wealth Center to get your affiliate site approved to use with Payza (usually takes only 24 hours excluding weekends)

3. Once the Website Review is completed, complete these steps to fully integrate and use Payza with National Wealth Center:

1) Next, click on “My Payza Account Main Menu” in the menu tab.
2) Click on “Manage Business Profiles” (add a business profile, for
3) Click on “My Payza Account Main Menu” in the menu tab. Click on “IPN Advanced
Integration”. Under IPN Setup, click on “Set up your IPN now”.
4) Enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click on the “Access” button.
5) Under your business profile for, click “Edit”. Make sure the “IPN
Status” is set to “Enabled”, and “Enable IPN Version 2” is set to “Disabled”. Verify that the
“Allow Encrypted Payment Details (EPD)” is set to “Disabled”.
6) In the input field “Alert URL” enter in “”
without the quotation marks.
7) Click the button “Generate New”, and copy the resulting IPN Security Code into your clipboard.
8) Verify that the “Test Mode” is set to “Disabled”.
9) Click on the “UPDATE” button. Log out of Payza.
10) Paste the Security Code into the “Payza IPN Security Code” field above on this profile page.
11) Click “Update Profile” (below)

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