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Everyone has always asked me this question:  “Hey James, So What’s the Real Secret to Success Online?” or “How Do You REALLY Have that Much Success?” or “What Do You Really Do Online?” or something to that effect that I have some kind of ‘secret’ that I am hiding from the public on what it really takes to achieve big success online.

Well this post is going to be about the absolute truth on how I was able to retire in 2 short years with the power of online marketing and with this great program National Wealth Center as well.

So if you really want to know what it takes to get real success online vs. the lies, garbage, hype, etc. that is so unfortunately rampant in this industry then listen up to every word in this post because this is the truth!

So What is the Real Secret to Success in Online and Online Network Marketing?

So here it is, to have huge and long term success with National Wealth Center or whatever business program or product you are promoting online you need to really focus on 2 very simple concepts:

Action Vs. InAction

Yep, that’s it…all you ever need to concern yourself with in determining how hugely successful you are going to be or how much of a colossal failure you are going to be is the simple concept of Action Vs. InAction.

So what the heck am I talking about when referring to Action Vs. InAction?

Well with being very hugely successful in the industry for a long term stretch of 4 years now of being an online entrepreneur and working with thousands of people in my personal downline with National Wealth Center and also within my training site ( I can 100% tell you that these 2 concepts of Action Vs InAction are everything when it comes to achieving success online as an entrepreneur.

Let’s look at the these 2 concepts in depth to understand better what I am trying to come across in this post to achieve massive success online, we’ll look at each individually then talk about the concepts together:

1. Action

– The concept of Action is working and completing a task or a goal.  For the new online marketing it could be something as simple as making a post on their website (like this post you are reading now) or starting their first paid advertising campaign.  It could also be something more time involved such as building their first website or creating and testing a sales funnel.

The main part of action is DOING.  This is what separates big time money making marketers from people who ‘just try it out’ or ‘go through the motions’ or ‘I’ll get to it later’.

You have to be an ACTION TAKER.  This is literally the fundamental reason to what will make you huge amounts of money online vs. making absolutely nothing online.

2. InAction

– The concept of InAction is never getting started or either never completing a task or a goal.  Whatever the task or goal may be, whether incredible simple and easy liking taking 2 min to index a website post or making a video review of your online business to market to the world, never getting these tasks done is what InAction is all about and will lead to online marketing desperation faster than you can blink.

The main part of InAction is THINKING.  This is what really separates InAction takers from Action takers.  Thinking is a good thing in it’s own right, but if it is causing your marketing tasks and business building activities to be continually procrastinated or ‘getting to it tomorrow’ then you are dead in the water.

The excuse of ‘not having enough time’ has been used to avoid countless goals since the beginning of mankind from people who are just not wanting success and are also completely lazy.

If you want to be successful online, you HAVE to get away from InAction at all costs.  Unfortunately alot of marketers fall into this category for a number of huge amount of reasons and is why the never make a sale or even have 1 referral into their online business.

The Real Secret to Online Success is Understanding Action Vs. InAction In Depth

Now let’s look at both of these concepts together so you will understand that having success with National Wealth Center or any online business venture is all about being on the side of Action vs. being on the side of InAction.

Marketers who are on the side of Action do these things:

  • Take consistent daily action on building their online business and producing valuable content
  • Don’t overthink their marketing strategy, causing procrastination (this is huge)
  • Call prospects back on a daily basis or answer emails on a daily basis from prospects
  • Make a list of several marketing activities to complete each day and make sure they are completed each day
  • Setup a routine each day of the week for completing certain marketing activities (website posts, making videos, social media posts, etc.)

In contrast, Marketers who are on the side of InAction do this:

  • Sign up into an online business and then wish or hope to make money
  • Overthink and procrastinate everything; keep trying to make things ‘good enough’
  • Do not talk to others out of fear or laziness or for whatever reason
  • Do not make lists or set daily tasks to complete each day, floundering away their time and energy
  • Do not set a routine or have any type of routine for their marketing activities

So as you can see people who take action in their business whether in National Wealth Center or any online business venture are always the ones who are Successful.

If you want to make huge money in whatever you are promoting online then be an ACTION TAKER!  And if you want step by step training and me leading you every step of the way then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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