Why Online Business is Better than Traditional Business

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I had a really thought provoking experience yesterday, and I couldn’t think of a better place to share than on my National Wealth Center blog, because after all National Wealth Center is an online business, operated from the comfort of my own home.

I was asked by a local car dealership to do some online marketing for their inventory, in hopes of bringing in more sales and not be dependent on the local area mainly but advertise all over the Southeast. I don’t normally do something like this, but due to my IT business local businesses contact me for this sort of thing and at times it pays well. I agreed and started placing ads all over car selling websites, taking alot of my time and effort away from my online business.

Within 1 day of being within the dealership, I noticed several very important things:

  • The owner was very stressed
  • The owner told me several times he was ‘burnt-out’
  • The owner claimed that he was tired of dealing with a**holes coming into his dealership each day
  • The owner told me that there was no way he could continue operating this business on his own and had struggled in finding good ‘help’

About the second day I was there, this same owner completely ‘flipped his lid’ and I won’t go too much into it, but basically started blaming me why his business was failing, why it was so stressful, why his marriage was on the rocks, etc. etc. etc…….basically having a nervous breakdown in front of me and using some very foul language. I immediately packed my things and left right then and there like the rockstar I am 😉

This guy worked every single day, operating every part of his business, worked from 7:00 Am to 8:00 Pm every night in hopes of someone walking onto his car lot and making a sale.

This led me to a very important realization:

“Why Does Anyone Put Themselves Through This?”

The internet has made things so incredibly easy for anyone to start a profitable online business right from their laptop. Yes, it does involve work and yes you have to put work into marketing in your business, but why would anyone run around in a traditional business doing 5 different jobs instead of outsource different parts of the business or just completely retire altogether, worst case scenario sell the business? This guy was definitely in retirement age by far.

Holding onto the traditional brick and mortar business and managing employees and putting up with all that drama seems very ancient to me. I do realize that alot of people are operating these businesses to put food on the table, and I’ll be the first to congratulate them, but life is too short and technology is too convenient for you not to plan an escape plan of some sort if your not happy. Is all this that important that it affects your health and well-being and makes you miserable?

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I didn’t feel sorry for the guy, especially after the fact blaming everything and everyone else why the business wasn’t doing well. You are where you are in life because of what you do in life. True entrepreneurs know this.

If you read this article and don’t like where you are in life or are tired of the traditional way of doing things, I want to ask you just one question:

“What are you going to do about it?” 😉

Hopefully you’ve wised and made the decision to join National Wealth Center and dominate with my training, if so just click the ‘Register Now’ Button below…

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