Why National Wealth Center Has A No Refund Policy…

With Huge Success with National Wealth Center at a near 90% retention rate with well over 1,000 members, I felt it was a good idea to make a post to just why National Wealth Center has a very strict NO refund policy.

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This is true for most any home based business or affiliate marketing opportunity as well and I will explain why in this post.

First of all let me say that most people who get involved or want to get involved in an affiliate marketing opportunity like National Wealth Center are some of the best people you will ever exchange emails with or get to know.  They are people looking to do big things online and have that entrepreneurial drive just like we do.

It is sad and unfortunate however that a small minority of people who sign up or get involved with a program like National Wealth Center do not have decent intentions, and that is the need for this post and the need for a NO refund policy to be set in place.

Why Is There A No Refund Policy for National Wealth Center or Most Any Affiliate Marketing Program?

First of all the NO refund policy is set in place to PROTECT the affiliates most of all.  It is any company’s right to set whatever payment policy terms they choose whatsoever, but you’ll find that most if not all home based businesses have a very strict no refund policy.

This is because there are always going to be a minority of what I call ‘bottom dwellers’ who will purchase a product or sign up into an opportunity and then immediately attempt to get their money back for their purchase.  This is about the lowest type of underhanded attempt that you can imagine, but it does happen and this is why most of all a NO refund policy is set in place.

Think about it this way, if you opened a traditional business on the side of the street selling lemonade and everyone who bought your lemonade wanted a refund, then how would you ever make any money?  It’s the same principle online.  Underhanded people who buy and then want their money back are attempting to take money back away from hard working affiliates and this is why the company itself has to protect it’s affiliate base.

Some people unfortunately who attempt to sign up into a business like National Wealth Center think they can get their money back after using the products or being a member, but I am very glad the company enforces a very strict no refund policy to protect myself and my over 1,000 members from these types of lowlifes who unfortunately at times perpetuate the internet, looking for the ‘magic bullet’ program and never putting in any type of work whatsoever.

What Else Can You Do to Enforce a NO Refund Policy for Your Business?

I personally have a very strong agreement with my payment processor and state very clear terms and conditions on my payment page stating a very strict NO refund policy.

In the very rare event that anyone would attempt to file a ‘chargeback’ or a dispute or unauthorized claim for their purchase, all I have to do is submit my very clear terms and conditions and it’s always case solved every time.

If someone makes a payment into your National Wealth Center business and sees a very clear terms and policies before making purchase, then they have no possibility of ever getting their fraud completed, and that’s they way it should be for any type of business.

While the company and myself explain multiple times for any member to just simply and easily cancel at anytime, there will always be the types that will fraudulently make purchases into your business, so it’s always a great idea to put core business practices into place to protect yourself in the beginning.

If you are wanting to get involved in a business that will make you tons of 100% commissions that you keep and are protected, then click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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