Wake Up Now Shut Down – The Real Truth To What Happened!

wake up now shutdown
Big news recently in the Internet/Network Marketing World is that Wake Up Now, which was a big driving force in the industry has completely shut down.  This was reported in or around on Feb 19th, 2015.

Phil Polich, the CEO of the company, released a formal statement about the shut down and was to let everyone know that Wake Up Now was ceasing network marketing operations in the U.S.

You can read that statement by clicking here

When any network marketing company goes down, seems like everyone wants to say ‘scam’ or ‘scheme’ as to what happened to the company but in this post I’m going to give you the real facts instead of the speculation like so many in this industry do and uninformed people love to report. 

This is how rumors get started really fast and is not good for our industry as a whole.

All of us in National Wealth Center who are in the most stable opportunity online look at these types of shutdowns and understand that picking the right type of opportunity is really the utmost importance when building a business.

What Really Happened With Wake Up Now and Why Did Wake Up Now Shut Down?

As reported by Phil Polich, the company did not shut down by any regulating agency such as the FTC or any type of intervention from government or state regulations.

The shut down was completely due to former CEO Kirby Cochran, who in Phil Polich’s description basically ran the company into the ground by very poor management and business decisions, again you can read the whole statement by clicking here

It’s very important to understand that Wake Up Now did not shut down due to any other reasons than by poor management and poor business decisions.  That’s it.  There was not any pyramid schemes that were investigated or ponzi type of actions whatsoever that ignorant people think some home based businesses are a part of.

There are traditional off-line brick and mortar businesses that go out of business everyday and no one raises an eyebrow, but if an online network marketing company like Wake Up Now shuts down, there are always going to be those skeptics raising and pointing a finger saying ‘scam’ or ‘I told you so” to all those distributors building the opportunity for themselves.

While National Wealth Center members never have to worry about this happening due to our company’s reputation and long term stability, I do feel very sorry for the Wake Up Now members who experienced this shutdown and their incomes literally disappearing overnight…

What Is My Personal Opinion Of The Wake Up Now Shut Down?

I never really followed Wake Up Now or never cared to as I am extremely focused on my success with National Wealth Center and you can never build a huge income promoting more than 1 primary business (this is the truth).

I will say I never liked the way some of the distributors promoted the company, getting the wrong type of marketers will ruin an opportunity faster than anything.   It seemed to turn into a ‘make money’ opportunity way more than the products or the company itself and this will really bring a company into the spotlight for the wrong reasons in a hurry.

I also remember Troy Dooly of MLM Help Desk reporting on this very same issue for the Wake Up Now distributors.

While I’m not sure if this had anything to do with the gradual shutdown, I did continually notice how some marketers were involved with Wake Up Now were totally distorting the truth about what the company was really about, and that is a shame because I’m sure it was a really great company with great products.

That gets everyone in hot water and has to be regulated by the CEO very strictly to avoid big problems, but again seems like the main problem was just very poor management.

If you were a part of Wake Up Now and you are looking to get involved with an opportunity that will ALWAYS be here no matter what where you will never have to worry, then really take a look at this website and see how it is amazing simple to build a huge income with National Wealth Center.

National Wealth Center is a much better opportunity than Wake Up Now ever would have been and offers much better products, support, compensation just to name a few.  Really study this site to learn how awesome the opportunity really is.

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