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I get asked alot of really strange questions from people interested in National Wealth Center. I won’t list all of them obviously but there are several questions I’ve learned to ‘watch out for’ in regards to this business, or if you are running any business and who you personally sponsor. Watch Out for these questions:

“Is this Hard?”

“Do I Have To Do Anything?”

“How Many Hours Do You Spend On This Weekly?”

“How Long Will it Take For Me to Make Money?”

“How Can I Make Money the Minute after I Signup?”

“Will You Do All the Work For Me?” <——- Huge Red Flag

I’m always honest, so I’m gonna tell you a very shocking truth about Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, or any business or opportunity under the sun:


There it is. I hate to disappoint anyone who thinks that they can join any opportunity like National Wealth Center and money just falls out of the sky. You know who you are. You’ve never been successful at anything besides complaining and it’s always the company’s fault, the compensation plan, no one is interested, etc. etc. etc.

The truth is that you can be absolutely successful at whatever company or product you are promoting if you are willing to put in the work to do so.

People who are successful don’t make excuses, they make money.

If it was so incredibly easy for anyone to be successful in this industry, then everyone would be 6 & 7 figure earners. I don’t understand why anyone thinks you get ‘something for nothing‘. I was taught from day one that all success is dependent on one thing:

How Much Effort You Put Forth X The Amount of Skill You Have

When I first got involved in Internet Marketing, I had NO idea what I was doing and obviously didn’t make a single dime, but I knew that if I kept going I would figure out what works. Then just duplicate those same methods again and again. This was hard work. Everything is hard work. But then you reach a milestone and learn this important concept:

national wealth center think smarter

You will learn, and we will teach you how to ‘Work Smart’ and leverage your time instead of ‘Work Hard’. Technology, software, and applications do alot of work for the savvy Internet Marketer these days 😉

But if your looking for someone that is going to lie to you and tell you that there is no learning curve in internet marketing, that you can just sign up and make thousands of dollars every single day and live a lifestyle you’ve dreamed of, let me clearly state that I am not that person. This is work like anything.

If I ever refer to this as ‘easy’ it’s because I’ve had my fair share of miserable jobs in my day.  Anything I can do from home and make hundreds of 100% commissions like National Wealth Center is definitely easier than working 10-12 hours at a job and putting up with the insane amount of usual complications working for someone else…

Now let me also say that all the hard work does pay off, and wow is it nice when you wake up to money everyday, but this does not happen overnight if you are brand new to the game. Every big earner will tell you the exact same thing.

If your one of the people who understand work and want to put for the effort to truly change your finances and your life, while waking up to 100 % commissions, then let me know. I’ll show you what works so you won’t have to struggle like I did.

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