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I wanted to take the time to write a post about something I’ve seen happen over and over in the home based business industry.  What I’m talking about is people getting SCAMMED not only in the National Wealth Center opportunity but in just about any online opportunity.

People getting Scammed is something I have always fought against as much as possible in this industry.

From the first day I got involved in this industry with National Wealth Center I said to myself that I am going to be honest and straightforward from the start and teach people the real reality of what success means in this industry instead of all the lies, hype, and garbage out there that just about everyone else was doing…

After reading this post you’ll be able to spot any type of online scam or sponsor out there in any type of opportunity and know exactly what to watch out for!

How To Spot A National Wealth Center Scam or Online Scam

There are several things to look out for while looking into a home based opportunity like National Wealth Center and that would be mainly be what the sponsor of the opportunity or the ‘system’ has for you when signing up and joining.

I’ll list here several points of what to watch out for and STAY FAR AWAY FROM when joining any kind of online opportunity:

  • Cannot see or get to know an actual real person behind the sponsor you are signing up with
  • Anyone telling you a ‘guarantee’ that you will get ‘guaranteed’ signups is an OUTRIGHT SCAM; business is business and there is NO guarantees – this is wrong and also completely illegal to put guarantees for any business
  • ‘Systems’ that you take part in and not being able to talk to the person who created the system or find out about how the system works
  • ‘Systems’ making income claims and guarantees – again this is illegal.  You have to have an income disclaimer for any type of business online or make this public
  • If a sponsor will not take the time to speak with you – either through email, skype, or phone – then it is a good idea to not move forward with that individual

I’ve seen it all online in my career and the points above are what most everyone who has been scammed online report to me.

I’ll also say that things like ‘systems’ ‘rotators’ ‘co-ops’ etc. are always usually associated with scamming tons of people believing that these types of things will do all the work for them for just signing up.  As to why people keep believing and falling for these types of scams are beyond me but let’s look at what to look for when getting involved with an online opportunity.

What to look for in a National Wealth Center sponsor or any sponsor in any opportunity:

  • Make sure you see or can talk to a real life person as a sponsor in an opportunity; please be courteous to their time as most leaders sponsor hundreds or thousands of people and are incredibly busy with their own lives and will get back to you when time allows
  • Make sure the sponsor or team you get involved with give honest and realistic expectations for the business and not hype or exaggerated unfounded income claims
  • Make sure you can ask questions or see how a ‘system’ really works if you are taking part in that system – do your due diligence and especially make sure you know where the traffic is generated as some traffic sources are complete garbage
  • Ask your questions to a sponsor and see how well they answer you questions as they will prove their credibility over and over above anything

Have You Been Scammed By A National Wealth Center Sponsor Or System?

I get emails everyday from people in the National Wealth Center opportunity and all kinds of opportunities telling me how badly they were scammed by ‘systems’ & ‘rotators’ etc. promising them untold signups and results and gave none and this is the main reason people seek me out most of all.

Just goes to show you that when you are honest above all and treat people how you would like to be treated, will allow you to do huge things in an online opportunity.

This is an industry that is all about helping other people, and those who scam and hurt others only last for a very short time.  This is why you see these same individuals jump from opportunity to opportunity or are always changing their systems over and over with different names…

If those things actually worked, then why the need to change all the time?  I hope the light bulb finally clicked 😉

So if you are ready for the real reality and the real truth to absolutely dominating with a great 100% commission based business and have a real person that is going to walk you through every part of your success, then go ahead and click the ‘register now’ button below…
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