It’s Tax Time, Here is How To Maximize Deductions If You Are An Internet Marketer!

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Coming up April 18th of this year of 2016 we have our tax deadline meaning you have to have your taxes completely filed and done!

I thought this would be a great time to write about a post dealing with the dreaded taxes that all of us have to do each year, but also to write about how to really maximize your deductions if you are a home based business owner/internet marketer/network marketer or make any type of income from any type of online business program or product.

There are alot of great tax deductions you can make if you are producing income from an online program like National Wealth Center or any type of online business and this post will be about how to maximize your deductions and know hot to get those deductions in the first place!

I know that if I knew this in the beginning I would have had much more success on how to better file and maximize deductions come tax time, so make sure to pay close attention to this post.

So What Type of Deductions Do Internet Marketers Get When Filing Taxes?

There is a great amount of tax deductions an internet marketer can receive when filing their taxes, I’ll list some of these here:

  • Home office – most everyone in internet marketing is using their home as an office and this is a great deduction
  • Office tools – whether it’s staples, pens, printer paper, calendars, etc. these all can be deducted since they are used for your business
  • Electronics – laptops, smart tablets, desktop computers, printers, etc. that are used for your business can be deducted
  • Cell phone bill – you are able to deduct part of your cell phone bill if it is used for business purposes
  • Car mileage – if you are using your car for your home based business needs (meetings, transporting products or items used in your business) then you can deduct part of your mileage
  • Meals & Travel – if any of your meals or travel are done for business purposes then part of this cost can be deducted

These are a small list and as always talk to a professional accountant or tax advisor for professional advice when preparing your own taxes, but as you can see these are great deductions you can take part in if you have a home based business!

I remember my first year when I was involved in internet marketing as well as National Wealth Center I really had no clue on how to do my taxes when doing them myself.

After the first year I really started studying home based and business deductions and my tax preparation really came to be an art and a science as I really learned how to maximize deductions every year.

So What Do I Use As An Internet Marketer To Do My Taxes Every Year?

Every year since I’ve been making an income online with National Wealth Center and all of my income streams, I have been using TurboTax.

I can do everything online and it is incredibly easy and convenient.  Also the TurboTax software really helps me find deductions and does most of the work in calculations and percentages for these deductions as well and that is incredibly helpful most of all.

The only bad thing I can say about the whole process is it usually takes me about 2 weeks to fully prepare and maximize all the deductions but that can be a fun thing as well when you are doing everything to fully make use of the deductions and learn more about the tax process in itself.

So if you are ready to start making an income for yourself and getting great tax deductions come tax time, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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