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“Work From Home” Means ‘Work’!

Work from Home Means Work…The Real Truth About ‘Working From Home’

work from home national wealth center

I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about something that has been on my mind, and that is the actual truth and reality of what ‘working from home’ is really like vs. alot of the myths and exaggerations you may constantly hear people saying about ‘working from home’

With success with National Wealth Center, which I work completely from home through my laptop, tablet, or phone I have the expertise to tell you exactly what working from home is really all about vs. the hype.

I think most people have this perpetuation that ‘working from home’ is the wonderful freedom type of lifestyle where you do anything you want, whenever you want since you work from home…

Now this is partly true, BUT in this post I am going to tell you what the real reality of ‘working from home’ is all about and what it takes to really have alot of real success working from home with an online business or any type of business you could do ‘from home’.

The Real Truth About Working from Home

What you have to realize about working a business like National Wealth Center from home is the key word to all this is ‘work’.

Having big success with any type of online business working from home requires WORK and EFFORT.  If anyone tells you anything differently than this, then they are a liar and a scam artist and you need to run away as fast as possible.

Now this does not mean that you have to spend hours upon hours of working on your online business, slaving away in front of the laptop…but this does mean you have to learn how to market your opportunity in an effective way.

Now I hardly ever work over 4 hours a week for my National Wealth Center business, but while learning how to market the opportunity in the beginning I was putting alot of effort and work in, and this made ALL the difference later.  I also work however and how much or how less I want to, and that in my opinion is the real beauty of online affiliate marketing.

For some people they understand this and get this very quickly and have success very quickly, others may take awhile to really learn the process of marketing something effectively with online marketing.   Those who work in learning as quickly as possible and putting things into ACTION have success much more quickly than anyone else.

Also ‘working from home’ means you have to have alot of discipline to get things done!  Surprisingly, it is harder to get things done when you have a TV or video game console nearby calling your name every minute of the day distracting you.  Discipline and consistency is everything when working from home and removing all kinds of distractions.

I personally write down each day several things in my calendar I HAVE to get done, and this keeps me focused every day working and building my business from home vs. getting distracted by the xbox or TV or anything else that would be distracting.

Why Do Some People Not Have Success Working From Home With An Online Business?

The reality of why someone who does not succeed from working home is because of the reasons I’ve talked about briefly above, distractions, inconsistency, and lack of focus each day.

Also some people just refuse to do the ‘work’ in working from home each day whether it’s just 1 hour a day or whatever hours you want to put into building your business.

But if you are one of the people who really want to get free with an online business and work when you want whenever you want and know how to have huge success then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Watch Exactly How To Make Over $100,000 Your First Year in National Wealth Center…

In this post I’m going to go over exactly how to make over $100,000 in your First Year in National Wealth Center…this will also work for just about any online opportunity you want to promote.

First of all watch this video for real proof of just how this works and has grown with proof positive evidence:

I’m going to go over the exact steps of how this type of income is created, so if you haven’t produced this type of income in an online opportunity…then take notes and pay close attention!

The Exact Steps of Making Over $100,000 In National Wealth Center or Any Online Opportunity…

So here are exactly how I and other huge leaders in National Wealth Center and other online opportunities produce this type of income while others struggle, I’m giving you the real ‘secret’ right here so like I said listen up and take notes!

Here is what you have to do to make big income and have big results in any online opportunity:

  • Duplication — You have to have a duplicatable way to train your referrals for them to duplicate the same results, this can be a sales funnel, training on various marketing methods, or any type of assistance to where your referrals can take the same actions to get results
  • Learn Paid Advertising — Some people just think that they can make a post on facebook or some other type of social media and make thousands of dollars, this is never the case.  If you want to do huge things as an online marketing, start as soon as possible learning paid advertising and paid traffic….then learning to scale this paid advertising to make your profits soar
  • Master Conversions — conversions are producing great content that inspire others to take action and join your business…this can be anything from a post like this one, a youtube video, persuasive social media post etc….you just need to keep getting better and causing others to take action…

Now I’m not a hype type of person and lie to you and tell you that everyone who gets involved with an online opportunity makes huge money, that’s just not the case.  But if you really learn to concentrate on what I’ve shared with you in this post, you will start to see a huge change in your business.

Ready to Make $100,000 in National Wealth Center or Any Online Opportunity?

If you are finally tired of getting no results or making a few sales and really want to master this online marketing game with myself in National Wealth Center, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

My training will also teach you on how to promote and do huge things with Any Online Opportunity!

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James Matthews
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How To Have Huge Success Online in 2017!

How To Have Huge Success Online in 2017!

national wealth center success 2017

Alot of people ask me all the time how to have big success like I have with the National Wealth Center opportunity, so I wanted to write a post about the reality of success with a home based business vs. all the hype and garbage that you usually hear in this industry…

What I’m going to do is tell everyone in this post EXACTLY what I do day to day to build such a giant business online, if you are struggling in your opportunity or within any type of marketing online, listen up and pay attention because what I say in this post is the absolute TRUTH.

Ready to hear the Truth?  I thought so, here we go…

What I Do Day to Day for Big Success Online in National Wealth Center (This Applies to Any Opportunity/Product Online)

Here is the actual exact truth about what I do on a daily basis to have built a giant business online with National Wealth Center, but this applies to anything you would want to promote online whether an opportunity or a product…but first let me go through what NOT going to give you Huge Success in 2017:

  • Procrastination – saying that you are going to do something to build your business…but never do it or keep putting it off
  • Searching for the ‘secret’ – there is NO SECRET to making sales, building a downline, or having big success for an online business…you will keep searching for this for the rest of your life…STOP looking for the ‘secret’ and start putting in the WORK
  • ‘Systems’ – there are literally countless ‘systems’, ‘rotators’, etc. etc. etc. that promise you the world and ‘guarantee’ thousands of dollars but never deliver hardly any…because they are based on the false promise of putting in the work for you without you doing anything…STOP getting suckered by these things, they never work and they never will give you a full-time income
  • Giving UP – Giving up on yourself, giving up on your opportunity or product when you hit the first stumbling block or obstacle…jumping from opportunity to opportunity without putting in work and effort and learning…this will NEVER give you an ounce of success!

Now that we have that out of the way, here is exactly what I do on a day to day basis for major Success:

  • Write down 4-5 things each day You Need to do to build your Business – I have a huge office calendar and I write down 4-5 things each day that I need to do to build my business…this can be anything from building and testing capture page, creating a video, running paid traffic to a funnel, etc. but these 4-5 goals GET DONE NO MATTER WHAT!   I bet I am one of the few people online that do this, but my results speak for themselves
  • WORK:  Understand first of all that no one owes you ANYTHING, if you want big success with any online opportunity….this is no different from any other business out there…those who work the hardest and put in effort and learn how to work their business effectively make the most money…ALWAYS
  • TRAFFIC & LEAD GENERATION:  If there is 1 piece of advice I could give in this industry then it is this…learn and MASTER driving your OWN Traffic (not ever relying on any system/rotator/etc. to do this for you) and get Better and Better at this process.  Traffic & Leads are the absolute ‘lifeblood’ for your business and once you master this you are in the top 1% of income earners online!
  • MAKE A CONNECTION WITH YOUR PROSPECTS – This is basic business and sales fundamentals but if you are not making a connection with your prospect about your business, whether marketing online or offline, then you are dead in the water.  You have to inspire and connect with your prospect about ‘why’ they need to be involved in your business and what you have to offer…Master this and you are the top 5% of income earners online!

Those are the basis of what I do and how I’ve been able to retire in a short amount of time with my online opportunity…make notes of these and apply them for Huge Success Now…

Ready for Huge Success in 2017?

So if you are reading this and tired of failing and want real results in 2017 with real training I’m going to show you every step of the way, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center 2017 – What You Need to Know!

national wealth center 2017

Well it’s a Brand New Year of 2017 and 1 question I always start to get goes something like this:

“Hey James Will National Wealth Center Still Be Working in 2017…?”

I got this same question directed towards me when the 2016 new year rolled around…

What I’m gonna do in this post is answer this question and also explain why this question is completely irrelevant to your success in National Wealth Center, or any type of online opportunity you want to promote in 2017!

So Will National Wealth Center Still be Popular and Working in 2017?

Here is what you need to realize about whether National Wealth Center or whatever online opportunity will be in popular in 2017…an opportunity does NOT have to be NEW in order for that opportunity to ‘work’ or be ‘popular’…

An opportunity like National Wealth Center will ALWAYS be ‘popular’ and ‘working’ due to the opportunity being a REAL OPPORTUNITY vs. many other opportunities claiming all sorts of things then disappearing a short time afterwards!

In fact this is why the National Wealth Center opportunity is now and always will be more popular than ever…when people finally want to join something real and substantial vs. all the scam opportunities like ‘rev shares’ and ‘digital currency investments’ and all kinds of hype and garbage out there…they then come into a real opportunity and work that opportunity.

There is NO other real opportunity that has been around this long and has changed so many lives (to this date paying over $250 million in affiliate commissions) than the National Wealth Center opportunity!

The reality of Success within online affiliate marketing is NOT being in an opportunity when it is ‘new’ or ‘launching’ but how much effort and work you put into that opportunity when you join that opportunity…re-read that as many times as you need to so it will sink in

If you are the type of person who jumps from opportunity to opportunity or looking for a ‘something for nothing’ type of opportunity or system claiming to give you untold riches without you putting in work…then you should learn by now that those are scams and will always be scams and never last more than a year…look at what keeps happening to the ‘rev share’ type of programs to understand the truth I am telling you.

Ready To Dominate with a Real Opportunity in 2017?

So if you have been burned and burned by scam opportunities that never pay off and have never learned how to actually be an effective marketer…then pay close attention to how to have real success in 2017 and Get Started Below…

You simply click the ‘Register Now’ button below to get Training Access and Get Started Making a Difference and Getting Financially Free in 2o17…Click Below Now!

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James Matthews
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Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas 2016!

national wealth center merry christmas 2016 2017

This year has flown by so incredibly fast and it’s yet another time to reflect and write a ‘Merry Christmas’ post from this site on the National Wealth Center opportunity.

In this post I’ll talk about what Christmas is all about for me each year as I reflect and a little about what I’ve learned this year in the industry of online network marketing.

But mainly wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year as I’m about to take a needed 2 week break to enjoy the Holiday season…

What is Christmas like for National Wealth Center Members?

If you have a successful online business like National Wealth Center, the Christmas holidays are especially exciting because you get to spend as much time as you want spending time with family, shopping, and really getting ready and enjoying the entire holiday season.

I remember before I got involved in the online industry and had a job, the Christmas holidays were not enjoyable as I hardly ever got a day off to enjoy the holiday!  I especially remember welding in a factory and we got off only half the day for Christmas…only half the day!

And that’s what’s really great about having all the time freedom in the world with National Wealth Center, this business makes money for you so you don’t have to spend countless hours and time at a job slaving away to be able to give your family a great Christmas and also be able to spend as much time with them as you want!

Ready to be Able to Spend As Much Time As You Want with Your Family for Christmas?

If you are reading this and finally want to have success with an online business and learn how to leverage the internet to make you a great income, instead of waking up to an alarm clock and slaving away for someone at a job that will never appreciate you…then make sure you read this site as carefully as possible to learn how to change your life right here and now.

Take action and start learning how to do things differently and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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How To Get Quick Fast Signups For National Wealth Center!

national wealth center quick fast signups

I often get about the quickest fastest way to get signups into the National Wealth Center opportunity, and in this post I’m going to answer that question in detail.  Also, what’s really cool is what I discuss in this post applies to ANY online business opportunity.

Most people when they get involved in National Wealth Center or any online opportunity is they want the fastest way to success to get rolling and in profit and this post will answer that in detail for anyone reading!

So What Is the Fastest Quickest Way To Get Signups?

In any opportunity the fastest way to get signups into your opportunity is by following these simple steps:

  • Get Access To High Converting Sales Funnel
  • Start Running Paid Traffic to the Sales Funnel and Build a List

Sounds pretty simple right?  Well that’s because it is…

The problem in this industry, whether in National Wealth Center or any online business is that people want to complicate this process through all kinds of different methods.

There are countless ways to build an online business, through free advertising methods and paid advertising methods or just basically sharing the opportunity with other people (all of this is taught in depth within my training site), but by far the quickest fastest way to get signups is to run as much paid traffic to a great funnel for your product or opportunity as much as possible.

So why does this work so well?

Well first of all you are building a list with all the traffic coming into the opt-in page as part of your funnel, and this always turns into sales and signups later as your email autoresponder does all the work of convincing the prospect to join (I have all of this done for you within our funnels).

Any online business, whether National Wealth Center or any business has one main ‘lifeblood’ that keep the business growing and growing…and that is continual sources of traffic being ran into the funnel.  No business survives without traffic or people continually being introduced and brought into how you are promoting your business.

So How Do I Get Started Getting These Quick Fast Signups in National Wealth Center?

Well you’re in luck and as you can see from this site, I have high converting funnels are already made and setup for you just to plug in your links into and start rolling with.

If you want all of the headache removed and start rolling with those $25, $50, $100 monthly commissions and $250, $1000, $3500 1 time commissions then all you gotta do is just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Will National Wealth Center Be As Popular in 2017?

Will National Wealth Center Be As Popular in 2017?

national wealth center 2017

Alot of people who look into opportunities online like National Wealth Center ask questions about programs on whether they are popular or not, or if the popularity and success of the program is still going strong.

In this post I’ll go through why people ask these questions and also answer the question itself to whether National Wealth Center will still be popular in the upcoming year of 2017…

There is alot of misunderstanding and misconception about this issue, so once and for all I’m going to be giving everyone the honest sincere truth about this question!

So Will National Wealth Center Still Be As Popular in 2017 as it was in 2016?

Here is the thing about whether National Wealth Center or any opportunity will be ‘popular’ or ‘successful’ moving forward into the next year or years ahead…

A solid program like National Wealth Center will always be POPULAR and will always be SUCCESSFUL, I really don’t understand why anyone would worry or question this, but I do understand that some people are burned just about everyday by very unstable and low quality programs so that is where the concern may come from.

And here is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about whether any opportunity will be ‘popular’ or ‘successful’ for you in promoting an opportunity:


Read that statement several times if you need to, it’s NEVER about joining a program when it’s ‘popular’ or ‘in the beginning’ or ‘while it’s hot’ or ‘just launched’…’s all about your ability as a marketer to present your opportunity to prospects in a very effective and convincing way for that prospect to want to join you!

That is the cold hard truth about what creates success with ANY program.

In fact the first opportunity I joined when I got into online marketing was 4 years old and I became the number one leader in just 1 month…you think I worried about whether that program was ‘popular’….no I just saw the potential and worked the program hard and became very successful!

There again is the cold hard truth about what makes someone successful online vs. those who fail and fail and fail…

So How Popular and Successful Will National Wealth Be in 2017?

Since National Wealth Center launched a short time ago, the opportunity has seen unparalleled growth and it’s not the #1 online program for no reason…National Wealth Center has an amazing product line, the industry’s best compensation plan, amazing benefits just for being a member, etc. etc. etc. you can read all about on this site.

So if you are reading this I have no idea what you are waiting for…click the ‘Register Now’ button below and set yourself up for an amazing 2017 with financial and time freedom!

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James Matthews
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Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

happy thanksgiving national wealth center 2015

Wanted to take the time to wish everyone from myself and all National Wealth Center members a Very Happy Thanksgiving…

Seems like the weeks and months fly by so fast these days, but always make a post every year during these big Holidays to take a moment to remind everyone of what is important and how us as marketers need to really appreciate these big events during the year.

In this post I’ll talk about what Thanksgiving means to me and how I’ve appreciated success with National Wealth Center

So What Does Thanksgiving Mean to Me?

Thanksgiving for me personally is a time for reflection and above all just giving thanks for everything that has occurred during the year, for example having huge success in National Wealth Center.

Giving thanks is something alot of people don’t do and that’s a shame in my opinion…whatever you have in your life, no matter how much or how less you have, you should always give thanks.

Because here is the thing…someone is always going to have more than you and someone is always going to have less than you…

Always give thanks for whatever you have or whatever stage of your life you are in, don’t forget where you come from or what you came out of for the successes you have, no matter how small or how huge those successes are!

How To Have the Best Thanksgiving Ever…

Here is my recommendation on how to have the Best Thanksgiving Ever this year…

During the rest of this week spend as much time as possible with your family, tell each and everyone one of your family members how thankful you are and how much you appreciate them (this may be hard to do for some members of you family lol, but do it anyway).

You’ll also realize just how much other things in your life you need to be thankful for as well, and this is the time to be Thankful for everything!

My problem during this Holiday is always eating too much and having to hit the gym hard afterwards 😉

And don’t forget if you haven’t joined the industry’s best 100% commission program then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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Is National Wealth Center Completely ‘100% Autopilot’?

national wealth center 100% autopilot automated

A question I often get asked about National Wealth Center, and this applies to any online marketing as well, is if my business is ‘completely 100% autopilot’?

What this means is if my online business is completely automated to the point where I literally have to do nothing but just rake in tons of cash..

Well what I’m going to do in this post is really answer this in depth so everyone will really know what the ‘100% autopilot’ and ‘automated’ means in the world of online marketing…

The Truth About Online Marketing and National Wealth Center and 100% Autopilot

The real truth about this concept, and believe me you will hear all kinds of ‘hype’ from all kinds of marketers about your business being on 100% autopilot and you having to do absolutely nothing for huge results in your business…….there is some truth to this and some big dishonesty about this…

Here is the absolute truth about how you can 100% autopilot or ‘automate’ your National Wealth Center or any kind of business online:

  • Create a really great capture page sales funnel with very compelling content that causes prospects to take action
  • Buy Traffic for steady streams of traffic coming into your content for a continual automated process of traffic

Now as you noticed you do have to create (or plug into a sponsors sales funnel just like mine) to have a really great sales system in place and you do have to put in the work to purchase the traffic from sources to have the traffic coming in…

So as you see while none of this is hard whatsoever and is actually the easiest thing you’ll probably ever do…there was ‘work’ involved in creating or setting up the process.

The problem in this industry is we have too many marketers just out there absolutely lying about this ‘100% autopilot’ process telling prospects they have to do absolutely nothing to have massive success in an opportunity online.

I hate to break it to everyone reading this post, having huge success in anything will and always will require ‘work’…those who understand this and learn and ‘work’ the process have huge success while those that do not get this will always be massive failures joining opportunity after opportunity still not making a dime…

So How Can You Automate Your National Wealth Center Business As Much As Possible?

As you see from this site, I have several high converting sales funnels for myself and my members to use to automate the sales process as much as possible.  In fact, my members can just plug into the sales funnel with a share code and be ready to go!

So if you are reading this and want the best possible chance of success at National Wealth Center then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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NEW National Wealth Center Sales Funnel LAUNCH!

NEW National Wealth Center Sales Funnel LAUNCH!

new national wealth center sales funnel

I am launching an ALL NEW FUNNEL for National Wealth Center this week for myself and for my members to use to dominate the National Wealth Center program!

As you can see from this website, I have had a very successful funnel in place and this funnel performed extremely well for an entire year, but obviously over time this funnel ‘oversaturated’ the market for the National Wealth Center opportunity.

I learned alot from my first very successful funnel I created for myself and for my members to plug in and use, and those lessons go straight into this NEW funnel to make it perform even better for my members in the program!

What’s So Great About this NEW National Wealth Center Funnel?

Initial tests with the Funnel showed an amazing almost 70% opt in rate with the front capture and also immediate sales and conversions with those leads opting in! 

The funnel process really features overall success of our entire organization within National Wealth Center instead of just my success and has an overall better family aspect of presenting and sharing the opportunity that really causes leads to take big action within the funnel…

Another great aspect of this new National Wealth Center funnel is that the funnel has the ability for prospects to contact specific members within the funnel for any questions and closes the sale with that specific member using the funnel, some prospects take immediate action and join while others want to ask specific questions about the program and reach out to the member behind the funnel…this new funnel has everything and then some!

The funnel is a 4 page process involving an immediate bridge sales page, then going into a full sales page and then a walkthrough page that makes sales and signups into the National Wealth Center a completely automated process!

How Do You Get Access To this NEW National Wealth Center Funnel?

This NEW National Wealth Center funnel is being launched this week for my members within my exclusive training site and will allow my members to dominate with in the beginning of the funnel being launched.

I may or may not at some point allow other National Wealth Center members to use that are not part of my organization, so best bet is to take big action on this page and click the ‘Register Now’ button below to get access and start using to really maximize sales and conversions on autopilot for those 100% commissions coming in at all levels like clockwork!

Hit that ‘Register Now’ button right here and set yourself up for Success Right from the beginning…

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James Matthews
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