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What’s Holding You Back In National Wealth Center?

national wealth center avoiding distractions


“What’s Holding You Back from Success?”

We all deal with distractions each and everyday. For most of us these are positives distractions such as our family, friends, and relationships.

But there are also several negative distractions that are constantly “calling our names” when we are attempting to meet our goals in the home based business industry National Wealth Center.

Most Common Distractions From Your National Wealth Center Business

I know that for several months my biggest distraction was playing Xbox, but I figure most of you have the huge distraction of the TV. It’s so much easier for us just to take our minds off things and get back on the recliner and enjoy the latest game or favorite TV show. What we don’t realize however is that this distraction is robbing us of getting one step closer to achieving our path to financial freedom with National Wealth Center.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big time gamer and I always enjoy the latest game release, but I think about all the minutes, hours, and days I spent mindlessly playing and I really get angry with myself. If I had spent a portion of that time writing an article such as this one, creating content for my websites, applying marketing methods for my business, or studying about the latest marketing trend I would have achieved success much much faster and have been completely free.

“Old Habits Die Hard” is an expression I’ve heard a few times and I completely agree. It is only when we start to realize how crucial time management and priorities are is when we truly start seeing success with National Wealth Center, or any business for that matter.

More importantly, when we achieve success through our business then have all the time in the world to pick and choose what to do every day (including video games)!  This is a very important concept to realize!

I can’t stress how important it is in the beginning of building your National Wealth Center business how absolutely essential time management, focusing, and priorities are. If this is not organized, you WILL be exactly where you are 6 months from now (I’m speaking from personal experience here).

Step By Step Directions for Eliminating What’s Holding You Back in National Wealth Center

You’ll have to develop the mindset and discipline that adheres to this concept:

  • Every moment that I spend watching TV, Gaming, or another distraction is another moment keeping me from achieving my financial goals…
So “What’s Holding You Back?” If it’s the TV I encourage you to do this:
national wealth center distractions no tv
  • Keep the TV off for an entire week except when your favorite program is on.
  • ONLY turn the TV on when your favorite shows are on.
  • Immediately turn the TV back off when your favorite show is over.
If like me, you can’t put the Xbox controller down, do this:
national wealth center distractions no xbox
  • Limit your gaming to 1 full hour a day
  • Set goals for each session, for example reaching the next checkpoint or level
  • Set aside a specific time during the day to enjoy this 1 full hour

Over time you’ll realize just how mundane about 99% of TV programming and gaming is and how detrimental they are to what is really important:

Learning and researching on creating residual income with National Wealth Center!

Breaking bad habits is never easy, but like myself you’ll become more motivated and focused when you let go of those negative distractions.

I firmly believe that negative distractions are the reason that 95% of marketers fail. Focus is equally important but that will be the topic of another post!

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center – Everything You Need to Know!

Infinity Downline, which has been the most stable and legitimate affiliate marketing businesses for the last 5 years (yes 5 long years…wow) just got 100x better!

Infinity Downline has been completely revamped to what is now known as National Wealth Center. National Wealth Center is the official Infinity Downline 2.0 and relaunch of the affiliate marketing opportunity.

national wealth center

There are many new great changes, features, upgrades, and enhancements to National Wealth Center and I will be going into as much detail as possible about the new changes as the company makes a full transition and describing them in detail on this website.

Make no mistake, National Wealth Center will be one the top affiliate marketing business opportunity for the rest of 2014 and every year thereafter!

Check out the Brand New Company Introduction Video Right Here:

Why Was Infinity Downline Changed to National Wealth Center and What’s The Difference?

First of all it’s very important to understand that Infinity Downline is not going anywhere.  That program will always exist and is available for any member to keep working that program.  National Wealth Center is just a relaunch of and much better enhancements to the Infinity Downline program, and the 2 programs are the same at the basic $25 level.  If you are a member of Infinity Downline, you are automatically a member of National Wealth Center at the $25 Self Development Level.

As far as National Wealth Center, It’s important to understand why these changes needed to happen in the first place. Infinity Downline, while being 5 years strong since March of 2009 and having an amazing reputation, track record, and stability had to at some point change somewhat in order to grow even further.

Infinity Downline has been a major blessing and huge source of online income in the world of online affiliate network marketing and has positively affected the lives of over 300,000 members with one of the greatest compensation plans ever put into place.

The main reason the opportunity needed to change was that the main company site has a very ‘in your face’ attitude and look about making money, downlines, and an almost ‘get rich quick’ type of image projected. While there is nothing wrong with this kind of approach, this type of look can and has misconstrued the opportunity as a possible ‘get rick scheme’ or ‘one of those things’ type of reaction for some individuals who may be possibly interested in the program.

The new look of National Wealth Center is a much more social media type of design.  Anyone can see the value in becoming a member and sharing the opportunity with others. This is the new type of direction the company is moving in which is great and will allow affiliates to promote the program to a more broad audience, instead of just network marketers.

national wealth center products

The new look is much more Social Media and family focused…

All things need to change in order to grow, and Infinity Downline is no different. The good news is that the program got 100x better with all the new changes into National Wealth Center!

What Are The Biggest Changes Now with National Wealth Center?

The biggest changes in National Wealth Center are listed here in no particular order:

1. Introduction of New Business Development Level ($50 to access product level and 100% commissions earned monthly on referrals)

(the program now has 3 monthly recurring 100% commission levels, $25, $50, $100 levels that each member receives 100% commission on each month as they refer others into the opportunity, massive monthly income potential)

national wealth center compensation plan

2. Introduction of very small inexpensive admin fee for $9 which will be put into place to correct programming issues, add more products, and add more and more features to make the program better and better as time goes on.  This admin fee also gives members exclusive access to the National Savings Center which will allow members to save huge amounts of money on products they are already using and buying!

3. Introduction of 1 Time High Ticket Purchase Products, which are as follows:

– $250 Fitness Product Package

This Product Package features a huge amount of products regarding fitness and how to keep yourself consistently in top shape.

national wealth center fitness advantage

– $1000 Elite Wealth Advantage Package

The Elite Wealth Advantage Product Level has huge amounts of product concerning how to generate wealth and all things stock trading, forex trading, investing, and any type of wealth creation subject an individual can ever want to learn. 

national wealth center wealth advantage elite

– $3500 Elite Network Marketing Training Package

The Elite Network Marketing Training Package is a huge all encompassing product package on mastering all things network marketing both online and offline.  If you ever  wanted to learn how network marketing pros make huge amounts of money, then the Elite Network Marketing Training Package is for you.

national wealth center network marketing elite

(10% of these product levels go to the company as an admin fee, the rest of the product sale goes directly to the member for huge commissions!)

4. Introduction of the National Savings Center, which is a free access to all members where members can save up to 50% off of everything they are already buying including retail, travel, etc.  Huge amount of insane deals on here regarding everything you can imagine.  Access to the National Savings Center comes free with each members admin fee payment to the company.

national savings center national wealth center


5. Upgraded Company and Member Support

6. Weekly Company Calls and Webinars for prospects to plug into and for members to utilize in their Marketing

As the National Wealth Center company is completely transitioned, more and more features will be added but this is just a small taste of the awesome new features that everyone is so excited about.

Why Will National Wealth Center Be the Best Affiliate Marketing Business Out There?

Think about this, what other program can compare to National Wealth Center’s compensation plan featuring 3 monthly passive residual incomes as well as 3 huge commission 1 time product sales. The amount of money each member can make with this opportunity just quadrupled and then some to make this the largest income producing affiliate marketing based business on the planet.

Let’s put things into perspective with a few examples:

With Infinity Downline you had a 100% commission $25 level monthly residual income. So if you referred 10 others (not counting passups) into your business you would make:

10 x $25 = $250

With the new National Wealth Center changes you have 3 levels of monthly residual income you can refer prospected individuals into. So if you referred 10 others who purchased all 3 levels you would make:

10 x $175 = $1,750

And that’s just with 10 People. I hope you are understand the picture. I personally put over 1,000 people into the Infinity Downline program in under my first year with the opportunity and have had a great monthly income each month within the program.

If you are a serious marketer like I am, let’s think what just 400 people you directly refer (quite easy through online marketing) would do for you with National Wealth Center at all 3 monthly product levels (and we are not counting passups or 1 time higher product purchases included):

400 x $175 = $70,000

That’s $70,000 in Monthly Income! Yikes!

That’s just one example but this is very obtainable with this program. Lucky for you reading this I’m going to show you exactly how to dominate the opportunity through my online marketing training site which is completely free to you as a direct member of mine within the program.

Just click the ‘Join Now’ button below to get started…

To YOUR Success,

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center News & Updates Coming!

national wealth center

This is my first post to let everyone know that I will be bringing everyone lots of great info & updates about the National Wealth Center Opportunity.  As the company makes changes and sets things in place, these will all be featured and shown in detail on this site.

We all know that National Wealth Center is the New Infinity Downline 2.0 and members cannot be more excited about the new changes, features, enhancements, and upgrades that are being put into place.

National Wealth Center will be the best home based business opportunity on the planet.

Has National Wealth Center Fully Launched?

National Wealth Center has fully launched and can be seen here on the company website.  But with all launches there are still features being added and programming yet to be fully finished.  Peter Wolfing has stated that National Wealth Center is in a testing phase and should be 100% finished in August.  July will be a testing and building phase for members to get feedback to make this the best opportunity for everyone involved.

I for one am very excited about the new compensation plan features with the new monthly membership levels as well as the 1 time product purchases that will deliver insane commissions to each member who diligently works the program.

Who Will Be Successful With National Wealth Center?

Like all things in life, those who actually put in the work instead of making excuses will be the most successful and make tons of money with National Wealth Center.  Any business, whether online or offline, requires dedication and effort.

The good news is that if you have any type of work ethic whatsoever you will already beat out 95% of others promoting the opportunity.

Work ethic multiplied by my exclusive training will not only make promoting National Wealth Center fun and exciting, it will also make it easy!

If you are ready to take action click the ‘Register Now’ Button Below…

To YOUR Success,

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James Matthews
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