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It’s Tax Time, Here is How To Maximize Deductions If You Are An Internet Marketer!

internet marketing taxes

Coming up April 18th of this year of 2016 we have our tax deadline meaning you have to have your taxes completely filed and done!

I thought this would be a great time to write about a post dealing with the dreaded taxes that all of us have to do each year, but also to write about how to really maximize your deductions if you are a home based business owner/internet marketer/network marketer or make any type of income from any type of online business program or product.

There are alot of great tax deductions you can make if you are producing income from an online program like National Wealth Center or any type of online business and this post will be about how to maximize your deductions and know hot to get those deductions in the first place!

I know that if I knew this in the beginning I would have had much more success on how to better file and maximize deductions come tax time, so make sure to pay close attention to this post.

So What Type of Deductions Do Internet Marketers Get When Filing Taxes?

There is a great amount of tax deductions an internet marketer can receive when filing their taxes, I’ll list some of these here:

  • Home office – most everyone in internet marketing is using their home as an office and this is a great deduction
  • Office tools – whether it’s staples, pens, printer paper, calendars, etc. these all can be deducted since they are used for your business
  • Electronics – laptops, smart tablets, desktop computers, printers, etc. that are used for your business can be deducted
  • Cell phone bill – you are able to deduct part of your cell phone bill if it is used for business purposes
  • Car mileage – if you are using your car for your home based business needs (meetings, transporting products or items used in your business) then you can deduct part of your mileage
  • Meals & Travel – if any of your meals or travel are done for business purposes then part of this cost can be deducted

These are a small list and as always talk to a professional accountant or tax advisor for professional advice when preparing your own taxes, but as you can see these are great deductions you can take part in if you have a home based business!

I remember my first year when I was involved in internet marketing as well as National Wealth Center I really had no clue on how to do my taxes when doing them myself.

After the first year I really started studying home based and business deductions and my tax preparation really came to be an art and a science as I really learned how to maximize deductions every year.

So What Do I Use As An Internet Marketer To Do My Taxes Every Year?

Every year since I’ve been making an income online with National Wealth Center and all of my income streams, I have been using TurboTax.

I can do everything online and it is incredibly easy and convenient.  Also the TurboTax software really helps me find deductions and does most of the work in calculations and percentages for these deductions as well and that is incredibly helpful most of all.

The only bad thing I can say about the whole process is it usually takes me about 2 weeks to fully prepare and maximize all the deductions but that can be a fun thing as well when you are doing everything to fully make use of the deductions and learn more about the tax process in itself.

So if you are ready to start making an income for yourself and getting great tax deductions come tax time, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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The Real Secret To Success in Online Marketing

real secret to success online marketing national wealth center

Everyone has always asked me this question:  “Hey James, So What’s the Real Secret to Success Online?” or “How Do You REALLY Have that Much Success?” or “What Do You Really Do Online?” or something to that effect that I have some kind of ‘secret’ that I am hiding from the public on what it really takes to achieve big success online.

Well this post is going to be about the absolute truth on how I was able to retire in 2 short years with the power of online marketing and with this great program National Wealth Center as well.

So if you really want to know what it takes to get real success online vs. the lies, garbage, hype, etc. that is so unfortunately rampant in this industry then listen up to every word in this post because this is the truth!

So What is the Real Secret to Success in Online and Online Network Marketing?

So here it is, to have huge and long term success with National Wealth Center or whatever business program or product you are promoting online you need to really focus on 2 very simple concepts:

Action Vs. InAction

Yep, that’s it…all you ever need to concern yourself with in determining how hugely successful you are going to be or how much of a colossal failure you are going to be is the simple concept of Action Vs. InAction.

So what the heck am I talking about when referring to Action Vs. InAction?

Well with being very hugely successful in the industry for a long term stretch of 4 years now of being an online entrepreneur and working with thousands of people in my personal downline with National Wealth Center and also within my training site ( I can 100% tell you that these 2 concepts of Action Vs InAction are everything when it comes to achieving success online as an entrepreneur.

Let’s look at the these 2 concepts in depth to understand better what I am trying to come across in this post to achieve massive success online, we’ll look at each individually then talk about the concepts together:

1. Action

– The concept of Action is working and completing a task or a goal.  For the new online marketing it could be something as simple as making a post on their website (like this post you are reading now) or starting their first paid advertising campaign.  It could also be something more time involved such as building their first website or creating and testing a sales funnel.

The main part of action is DOING.  This is what separates big time money making marketers from people who ‘just try it out’ or ‘go through the motions’ or ‘I’ll get to it later’.

You have to be an ACTION TAKER.  This is literally the fundamental reason to what will make you huge amounts of money online vs. making absolutely nothing online.

2. InAction

– The concept of InAction is never getting started or either never completing a task or a goal.  Whatever the task or goal may be, whether incredible simple and easy liking taking 2 min to index a website post or making a video review of your online business to market to the world, never getting these tasks done is what InAction is all about and will lead to online marketing desperation faster than you can blink.

The main part of InAction is THINKING.  This is what really separates InAction takers from Action takers.  Thinking is a good thing in it’s own right, but if it is causing your marketing tasks and business building activities to be continually procrastinated or ‘getting to it tomorrow’ then you are dead in the water.

The excuse of ‘not having enough time’ has been used to avoid countless goals since the beginning of mankind from people who are just not wanting success and are also completely lazy.

If you want to be successful online, you HAVE to get away from InAction at all costs.  Unfortunately alot of marketers fall into this category for a number of huge amount of reasons and is why the never make a sale or even have 1 referral into their online business.

The Real Secret to Online Success is Understanding Action Vs. InAction In Depth

Now let’s look at both of these concepts together so you will understand that having success with National Wealth Center or any online business venture is all about being on the side of Action vs. being on the side of InAction.

Marketers who are on the side of Action do these things:

  • Take consistent daily action on building their online business and producing valuable content
  • Don’t overthink their marketing strategy, causing procrastination (this is huge)
  • Call prospects back on a daily basis or answer emails on a daily basis from prospects
  • Make a list of several marketing activities to complete each day and make sure they are completed each day
  • Setup a routine each day of the week for completing certain marketing activities (website posts, making videos, social media posts, etc.)

In contrast, Marketers who are on the side of InAction do this:

  • Sign up into an online business and then wish or hope to make money
  • Overthink and procrastinate everything; keep trying to make things ‘good enough’
  • Do not talk to others out of fear or laziness or for whatever reason
  • Do not make lists or set daily tasks to complete each day, floundering away their time and energy
  • Do not set a routine or have any type of routine for their marketing activities

So as you can see people who take action in their business whether in National Wealth Center or any online business venture are always the ones who are Successful.

If you want to make huge money in whatever you are promoting online then be an ACTION TAKER!  And if you want step by step training and me leading you every step of the way then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Travel – My Travel Deals

An often overlooked aspect of the National Wealth Center Program is a great discount travel platform called ‘My Travel Deals’ which is located within the savings program of National Savings Center, which is an absolutely free savings platform for all National Wealth Center members.

I’ve made a very detailed video on just how awesome these deals are and how to take advantage in this video, make sure to watch here:

While there are many great deals within the National Wealth Center My Travel Deals, as you can see the ‘offseason steals’ offer HUGE savings and unbelievable week long travel getaways for next to nothing!

Why is the National Wealth Center My Travel Deals So Important?

The National Wealth Center My Travel Deals is important because it is another feature of the opportunity that gives more and more value to the member base.

What person doesn’t love unbelievable travel deals like $99 for an entire week stay at an amazing resort? 

Well this is just another reality of the National Wealth Center program with it’s discount travel feature.

Being a successful online network marketing and a leader within the National Wealth Center opportunity, one of the biggest perks of having time freedom with online success is being able to travel whenever I want, wherever I want. 

Being able to log in and book an amazing travel deal with My Travel Deals is makes the process much easier and quicker and then I’m off on a plane while continuing to receive passive income from the National Wealth Center program!

Travel has always been like therapy for me and I feel like if more people were able to travel more often, they would have much more fun and be able to experience what life really has to offer, I can say that travel really changed my life for the better.

So How Do You Get Access To the Amazing Travel Deals in National Wealth Center?

As stated in this post, access to the National Wealth Center My Travel Deals is a completely free service for all National Wealth Center members.  As shown in the video, you access the My Travel Deals through the back office of National Wealth Center through the National Savings Center platform available to all NWC members.

Another great feature about these amazing travel deals is that the feature allows you to market the opportunity in a whole new relatable way.  Any National Wealth Center member can just strike up a conversation about discount travel with anyone and anyone would be interested in getting HUGE discounts on travel packages!

So if you are wanting to get Great Deals on travel as well as build a completely passive residual income with all the time to travel as well, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I will help you every step of the way…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center & Power Lead System – Huge Commissions!

national wealth center

power lead sytem national wealth center

I wanted to take the time to write a really detailed post about my marketing strategy and funnel with National Wealth Center, and how using the National Wealth Center opportunity with the Power Lead System marketing resource gains huge results and commissions over and over for myself, and for my downline within the opportunity.

I put together a very detailed video about this whole process so make sure to watch the entire video:

As you can see from the video, combining National Wealth Center with Power Lead System is a VERY profitable combination that allows you to make even thousands more in commissions each week.

This is a very unique strategy vs. all of the other marketing ‘systems’ out there that you have to PAY to take part in or does NOT make you any extra commissions outside of the National Wealth Center Program.

So How Exactly Does This National Wealth Center & Power Lead System Work?

In combining National Wealth Center and Power Lead System, the Power Lead System is a complementary marketing resource where you can easily build high converting sales funnels.

The beauty of this is that you can SHARE that high converting sales funnel with your downline in an opportunity.  In this case I have created a very high converting sales funnel that I can easily share with my downline as they pick up Power Lead System as well and then can just copy and paste the share code of the funnel to start using.

So to summarize National Wealth Center and Power Lead System the two programs work simply like this:

  1.  A High Converting Sales Funnel is created through Power Lead System (see the Ultimate NWC Sales Funnel details on this site)
  2. A share code for this sales funnel is created within Power Lead System
  3. Your referrals into National Wealth Center will want the Sales Funnel to use as well
  4. Your referrals pick up Power Lead System as well to gain access to the share code so they can use the funnel

Also the really great part is that this process then keeps duplicating and duplicating for all downlines involved and creates huge amounts of commissions for both the National Wealth Center program AND Power Lead System as you can see from the video above.

Building 2 incomes with 2 great programs that complement one another has NEVER been easier and I have created a very unique highly profitable system for the National Wealth Center program that helps everyone make more and more money!

So Why Is It Beneficial To Use My Strategy with National Wealth Center and Power Lead System Together Vs. Anything Else Out There?

In any online opportunity there are tons of marketers that come out with what they claim is the greatest ‘system’ for that opportunity.

But what you really have to ask yourself is this:

“Is This System Making Me More Money?”

What I’ve done by creating the Sales Funnel through Power Lead System is create a way for all of my downline, as well as brand new people, who have no clue how to market just ‘plug in’ and use the funnel for great results, and make a ton more commissions through using and sharing Power Lead System as well.

This makes people more and more money and that is what I am proud of, to make everyone more and more money and actually help people duplicate the same process.  Using National Wealth Center and Power Lead System has made this incredibly easy and I walk everyone through the process step by step on getting huge results right from the beginning!

So if you are reading this and looking for a great sales funnel to dominate the National Wealth Center program and how to make tons of extra commissions as well, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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James Matthews
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Project Breakthrough – Does This New Free Training Really Work?

project breakthrough high traffic academy

There is a huge amount of ‘buzz’ going on within the world of online marketing about the New Project Breakthrough from 2 pioneers of the industry, Vick Strizheus and John McClain.

As being hugely successful with National Wealth Center, which is part of the same online marketing world, everyone always asks my opinion of new programs and trainings that come out, so I wanted to take the time to write an honest review of this new training series and if it is indeed as helpful as the creators claim.

I’ll be breaking down the most asked questions about the Project Breakthrough training series in this post and hope to answer as in depth as I possibly can.

So Just What Is Project Breakthrough?

Project Breakthrough was created by two individuals:

Vick Strizheus

vick strizheus project breakthrough

John McClain

jason mcclain project breakthrough

As stated by the two creators, the Project Breakthrough training series was created for one simple reason, to give everyone the ‘breakthrough’ they need to finally learn and understand on how to make their first commission online in 14 days and how to do that over and over again.

The training series takes place over 14 day video sessions where you watch Vick and Jason take a married couple step by step through 14 days in building their brand new online business step by step.  Each consecutive video is unlocked by watching each day and completing the former day.

Each day within the training series also has a ‘to do list’ and assignments that are completed before the next day and video to really hold you by the hand in what is needed to be done each day to build an income and online business for long term success.

Project Breakthrough is part of the overall company ‘High Traffic Academy’ which is an ‘all in one’ program where everything you could ever imagine about the world of internet marketing is taught through step by step training modules.

The greatest benefits or appealing aspects of the Project Breakthrough training series is as follows:

  • It is completely FREE – no kidding it is absolutely completely FREE to go through the 14 day training series
  • Step By Step – this is a step by step ‘over the shoulder’ training done by Vick & Jason with 2 students
  • Daily Assignments – list of daily assignments and homework to really get users engaged in the process
  • High Quality – training series and videos are very high quality (usually hour length each day)
  • High Educational Quality – teaches both the theory and puts into practice each of the concepts taught each day
  • Easy to Follow – the daily video trainings are very easy to follow; especially for beginners or users with no experience

One of the most appealing aspects of this training for me personally was that the training is actually ‘step by step’ and actually ‘over the shoulder’ as you watch Vick & Jason teach 2 brand new students (who have no idea of what even internet marketing is) through 14 days how to build a very successful online business for themselves.

I don’t know how many times in the past when I first got into internet marketing I bought a ‘step by step’ training on internet marketing and then the product was the furthest thing from ‘step by step’ and even left me more confused.  It is absolutely amazing in my opinion to find something so ‘step by step’ and taught so well in a completely FREE training series.

So What Is My Personal Opinion of the New Project Breakthrough Training?

My personal opinion of Project Breakthrough training series is that I have never seen anything like this within the online marketing industry, and believe me I have seen it all.

Alot of my success within National Wealth Center or any product or online business opportunity I’ve been involved with or sold online is because I was very fortunate to learn from Vick Strizheus back in the day when he first launched ‘High Traffic Academy’.

Needless to say, anything that Vick Strizheus puts together I am listening intently with ‘both ears wide open’ as he is the utmost authority within the internet marketing world and any huge earner in the industry has been a student of his as well.

The ability to learn from him personally within the Project Breakthrough training series for FREE is the biggest ‘no brainer’ you could ever imagine.

If you follow along and complete each day of the 14 day free training series, I can guarantee you will be an absolute expert within internet marketing and will be in a position to make more money than you ever thought possible.

If you haven’t had huge success online like myself and other big marketers have had, then do yourself a favor and click the button below and get yourself started (it’s completely free what do you have to lose!)…
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James Matthews



Why People Don’t Make Any Money in National Wealth Center

Ever wondered why people sign up into a business opportunity like National Wealth Center and make absolutely NO money and are complete failures?

Well in this post I am going to describe the exact reasons why this happens so you will know once and for all why this happens and more importantly how to NOT be a failure in your business opportunity.

Here is a video I did on the very subject, watch this and pay close attention to what I am saying:

As explained in the video I give the real reasons as to what makes someone a success in an online opportunity like National Wealth Center or any online business.

So What Really Makes Someone Alot of Money in National Wealth Center Vs. Making No Money?

In referring well over 2,000 people into National Wealth Center currently, I can confidently say that there are certain traits that make someone successful in the program vs. those that do nothing and then complain of no success.

The people I’ve referred into the program and have gone on to become great leaders are the type of people that:

  • Take action on the training I teach
  • Brand themselves with the opportunity
  • Go to work
  • Don’t complain
  • Have great positive mindsets
  • Fully understand the business and take the time to understand how the business works
  • Want long term success vs. short term success

Contrary to that, the people who become massive failures are people that:

  • Take no action and continually watch the training but never take action
  • Do not brand themselves and give no one a reason to join them
  • Do no work
  • Constantly complain and ask questions when everything is fully explained in great detail step by step
  • Have poor and broke mindsets
  • Do not even take the time to understand how the business works
  • Want to make short term money and then jump into another opportunity

While these are characteristics that separate the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’ in any venture in life, it bears repeating and is the honest truth when it comes to doing great things in life and getting yourself free with a business opportunity.

How To Make Sure You Are Not A Failure In National Wealth Center…

If you want to ensure you are NOT a massive failure in National Wealth Center, you need a mentor and someone that can train you on how to become a very successful marketer.

There are tons of marketers online that will lie to you all day long and tell you that you will make $10,000 monthly just by joining their ‘system’ or ‘rotator’ but as you know by now that is complete lie, hype, and garbage and this ‘hype’ is the only way they get any type of success and are soon jumping into another opportunity within a month or so.

True success in this industry is being learning and applying very successful marketing strategies that work for the long term, I can show you all that and then some in my private training site and you can get started by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Car Bonus!

National Wealth Center Car Bonus – 100% Commissions Truck Bonus!

Well it’s nice to walk into a car dealership and pay for something outright and in this post I am showing everyone my brand new 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 model:

As you can see from the video, when you have a great program like National Wealth Center with 100% commissions you can have any type of ‘bonus’ you want to!

I’m going to make a very good point about business compensation plans within this post as well everyone needs to know and understand if you are looking into getting involved in the industry.

How Does The National Wealth Center Company Give A Car Bonus?

In traditional MLM programs and opportunities, you most often have ranks that have some type of ‘car bonus’ or other incentive for distributors who produce alot of volume for the company’s product being sold.

Back when I first got started within network marketing, I joined a very successful traditional MLM weight loss company.  With this company I hit the rank of ‘regional director’ which also had a car bonus where distributors earned an extra $300-600 a month to pay for a car.

While that sounds great and all, what you have to understand about that company is the company produced a physical weight loss product.  With any type of physical product that has to be shipped and managed and all the usual type of MLM structure, the commissions on sales of the product were very very low, by low I mean 10-20% commissions on each sale.

What this means is that if I sold $50 weight loss product with this company, I made $5 commissions…

Despite this I moved over $30,000 in volume my first month with over 20 distributors across 3 states and did get that ‘car bonus’ with the company.

I was clueless about the industry and didn’t know any better, but this type of model and commission structure is very low and limiting to the hard work behind selling the product for any distributor.

In BIG contrast and difference to this, the compensation plan behind National Wealth Center gives everyone 100% of the money generated into 100% of the members pockets…!!!

This is absolutely huge and the exact reason how the company is able to give a ‘car bonus’, ‘house bonus’, ‘boat bonus’ or any kind of bonus any National Wealth Center member could ever want because 100% of the commissions generated are ALL YOURS!

If you’ve never done anything in the network marketing industry, you probably don’t understand or appreciate this type of compensation, but rest assured this is absolutely crucial to your success and the compensation plan and commissions are EVERYTHING within the opportunity you are interested in getting involved.

So in recap, National Wealth Center gives any member any type of ‘bonus’ they could wish for with the 100% commission based Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan!

So How Do You Get the National Wealth Center Car Bonus?

It’s very simple if you want your own National Wealth Center car bonus then just simply get started, following the training and implement the Ultimate National Wealth Center Sales Funnel I have in place for you, and put 100% commissions in YOUR pocket and then buy anything you want and have any type of ‘bonus’ you can dream of!

If you are ready and are an ‘action taker’, then just go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and start generating 100% commissions for your own very new car or whatever you want…
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James Matthews
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Merry Christmas 2015 from National Wealth Center!

Merry Christmas 2015 from National Wealth Center!

merry christmas national wealth center

It’s that time of the year again and time to say ‘Merry Christmas’ from all of us at National Wealth Center.

Seems like yesterday I was writing this post for last year, time flies when you have a successful online business and are able to enjoy life with time freedom!

Christmas is a time for giving, and when I made the decision to make an income for myself vs. someone else at a job, Christmas has much more ‘giving’ than the holiday used to and I am very grateful for that.

Why Is Christmas So Much Better With National Wealth Center?

Well for the reasons listed all over this site, Christmas is great for buying gifts for family and friends because of the huge commission structure with National Wealth Center and how it continually pays residually to it’s members very large amounts on a daily basis with the compensation plan.

I remember when I had a job and Christmas would roll around and I had to someway get the funds together to be able to even buy a few gifts…

Shortly after I fought my mindset and learned how to master online marketing, my lifestyle and income drastically changed.  The amount and size of the Christmas gifts I am able to buy now is drastically different than what it was before.

Instead of buying toy motorcycles for kids in my family I am now buying real full sized kids dirt bikes, can you imagine the fun we are going to have this year!

Another reason Christmas is so great with National Wealth Center as well is because the National Wealth Center program is a long term stable program that is going to be here for the long term and is income that can be counted on, vs. all the other programs that mysteriously disappear and take off with members commissions.

This is a great place to be and the National Wealth Center opportunity keeps getting better and better and better!

Is Your Christmas Great This Year?

If your Christmas is not so great this year, I highly encourage you to start at this moment thinking differently just like I did a couple of years ago and decide to start an online business and learn how to control your own destiny, vs. someone else controlling you at a job.

If you are wondering how you are going to be able to pay for Christmas presents this year, I highly encourage you just like I did to start creating an income for yourself instead of a job paying you what they think you are worth…

There is NO better home and start for getting involved with online marketing than with the National Wealth Center program.  If you are ready to make a change for your lifestyle and create an amazing lifestyle then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center 2.0 – Full Complete Review of the New Features With the New Update!

national wealth center 2.0

Ok everyone as promised here is an absolute full review of the National Wealth Center 2.0 updates with lots of new National Wealth Center company videos to fully explain the new enhancements and features!

I will include the company videos and explain through this post as much as possible about all the new changes and features on everything National Wealth Center 2.0 to help you understand just how awesome this update is…

It’s very important to watch all the videos in depth to really gain an understanding of how the opportunity is moving in 2015 and how to take advantage.

So What are All the New National Wealth Center Updates?

Here are the New National Wealth Center 2.0 Changes and Updates, I’ve listed the topic and will be a video straight from the company concerning each topic for the 2.0 Update:

1.  The New National Wealth Center Company Opportunity 2015:

2. The New National Wealth Center Company Benefits 2015:

3. The New Added Elite Trading System:

4. National Wealth Center Products 2015:

5. Brand New National Wealth Center Marketing Tools:

6. National Wealth Center Compensation Plan 2015:

7. New Push Button Fitness (Fitness Package):

As you can see from all these new National Wealth Center videos there are huge new features and incentives with the National Wealth Center 2.0 Update.  If you haven’t made the smart decison of getting involved with these amazing opportunity then believe me the time is now!

What Are the Best Updates For the National Wealth Center 2.0 In My Opinion?

For me personally I am really excited about the new trading system, I have always been interested in day trading as it is just another way to make an income sitting in the comfort of your home trading currencies.  Peter Wolfing has always been involved with day trading and I’m glad to see the platform making it’s way within the National Wealth Center opportunity.

There are also alot of great marketing materials, including a capture page, for use within the program I believe will help alot of members who want something they can just plug in and use.  While this capture page is not anywhere near as effective as the sales funnel I’ve designed for my members, it is an added incentive to quickstart marketing the business.

I’ve done huge and amazing things with the National Wealth Center opportunity, and these new incentives and features add in even more limitless ways to market this great opportunity out there.  I will be very busy getting this website updated and training and adding tutorials for my members to take advantage of these new features as well.

If you have not joined the National Wealth Center opportunity and are reading this post, I can 100% guarantee you will regret it.  This opportunity dominated in 2014 when the program launched and will take over the landscape for home based business the rest of 2015.

Do yourself a favor and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and get with the right group right now for National Wealth Center…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center FAQ – The Top 6 Most Asked Questions…

I get asked an amazing amount of questions about National Wealth Center, but within all those questions I decided to make a video about the top 6 most commonly asked questions I get.

While this video doesn’t list all the questions I receive about the opportunity, it does answer the top 6 in depth and will really give you a great idea on how National Wealth Center is much better than everything else out there!

Watch the video here:

As you can see from the video, alot of people have many questions about National Wealth Center and I completely understand the need to ask.  People have been burned in the world of online opportunities and I am more than happy to introduce and discuss a Real Opportunity that is the answer to everyone’s income needs.

What is the Most Popular Asked Question About National Wealth Center?

I would say the most popular question I get asked about the program is something like this:

“Hey James, Will I Make Money With National Wealth Center?!?”  “Will I Be Successful With National Wealth Center?”

I’ve been asked this question daily within emails and it’s very important to understand this question and I will answer it right here and now:

Your Success With Anything, Whether an Online Business or Anything You Want To Do In Life…Is Completely Dependent On Your Ability To Take Action’

Alot of people who want to get started with an online opportunity like National Wealth Center think that it is completely the company that makes them successful.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

A perfect example of this is the amount of training I give to my members, while I have huge amounts of my members having success with National Wealth Center using my training, there are always going to be a minority amount of people who just cannot accept personal responsibility and take action, no matter how much training or tools I give them.

You can be successful and make money with any opportunity if you can simply take action, and that is the honest to God truth, no matter what online opportunity you may want to get involved with or anything you want to do in your life.

What if I have Other Questions About National Wealth Center?

If you have any questions whatsoever about this amazing program, just click the ‘contact’ page on top of this website and I encourage you to send me an email with your question.  I do my best to answer everyone within 24 hours, and I completely understand the need to get your questions answered from someone who has had major success in the industry.

However if you are an action taker and ready to get flooded with 100% commissions, then just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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James Matthews
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