Are National Wealth Center Sponsors Telling the Truth?

national wealth sponsors lying?

Alot of people are not going to like this post, but as National Wealth Center’s top sponsor I feel obligated to put it out there.  I’m all about truth and honesty.  It’s how I’ve made alot of money and helped alot of people with National Wealth Center.

Need proof that I’m National Wealth Center’s top sponsor?  Well check out the screenshot here and then go try and find anyone’s commissions even comparing to mine:

national wealth center commission proof

(Please excuse the website branding on the image, this is because people steal images and photoshop to put their names on screenshots…)

The Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing industry, much like the MLM industry is full of marketers who exaggerate earnings, results, and just about anything in an effort to get customers or signups into their business, and don’t do much of anything of helping anyone.

What I’m gonna do in this post is really expose these types of marketers in an effort to keep everyone aware of what type of antics these people do in an effort to make short money off of people.

How Would A National Wealth Center Sponsor Lie About Their Success?

While there are countless ways to lie on the internet about success in an online marketing opportunity like National Wealth Center, I’m going to expose the top ways these marketers try to trick people.

Prepare to be enlightened:

  • Fake YouTube Subscribers and Views:  Yes you can easily go on and pay for fake views and subscribers to your YouTube Channel to make yourself ‘appear’ more popular
  • Fake Instagram Likes and Follows:  Yes you can easily go on and simply buy fake followers and likes to ‘appear’ more popular
  • Fake Cars and Flashing Cash:  Don’t even get me started on the amount of marketers who take pictures of themselves by cars in parking lots they do not own whatsoever or cash monthly paychecks from their jobs claiming that this is from their business
  • Stealing images:  It’s widely known that some marketers will dupe so low that they will outright steal top earners screenshots, edit the photo, and then put attempt to badly photoshop their names claiming the earnings or the results
  • Stealing videos and impersonation:  I once had someone create a youtube channel stating they were me, and stole all of my videos and re-uploaded every single one of them claiming they were myself.  This was my first experience on how low some will go to try and get success with an online business.  Shocking…

That’s just a few and there are many more but you get my drift.  If you watch for these types of ‘tricks’ you can start to see them everywhere whether they are promoting National Wealth Center or any online opportunity.

So if Lying Is Not Effective With National Wealth Center, Then What Does Work?

Well the answer to that is really gonna shock you…

Just be completely honest and be a real life person.  Offer actual value to your market and be helpful.

Does that sound complicated?  It’s absolutely the quickest way to skyrocket your success whether in National Wealth Center or any online business.  I would say that 95% of marketers do not do this and will continually fake and exaggerate their way constantly in a futile attempt to gain success.

The quickest way I made $1000 a month my first month way back in the day was just being honest.

Sounds crazy when you think about it and see all these people doing all kinds of things, but then again the amount of money I’ve made with National Wealth Center is crazy… 😉

I hope this post made sense to you and if you are looking for real life effective marketing training from a real person who has had massive real success, just click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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