10 Day Challenge – Creating Awesome Content for Members!

I’ve been really quiet on this site for awhile as I have been working many sleepless nights creating an all new training series for my National Wealth Center members called the ’10 Day Challenge’…

This is an all new training series where you go through each of the 10 days from beginning to end and teaches you EXACTLY how to completely dominate an online business opportunity.

These are also the EXACT same strategies I’ve used in online marketing to create huge results which led to myself being able to retire in 2 short years.  In fact you get to watch me take a completely brand new home based business opportunity in real time through the 10 daily steps right in front of you in the tutorial videos each day…

This really puts all of the training strategies I teach within the main training site (www.idwithjames.com) and puts each strategy into daily actionable steps and also has daily assignments you complete at the end of each day!

This is something I’ve really worked on for quite some time off and on and proud to say it is coming to completion for my members to benefit from greatly.

Why the Need for the 10 Day Challenge?

The main reasons I put together the ’10 Day Challenge’ are as follows:

  • Huge need in the industry for real honest expert training on what actually works in the online home based business industry
  • Wanted to put together daily step by step training series with daily assignments to be completed to keep members on task
  • Needed training on the real ‘secret’ on how to dominate and saturate the market with huge amounts of effective content for your business

These are just a few reasons but the main reason I put this training together is because there is a huge desperate need for this type of daily step by step training specifically for home based business and how to dominate a home based business.

The ’10 Day Challenge’ is for any business you want to run through and complete the 10 daily steps to dominate with, and not just for National Wealth Center by any means.  It is for ANY home based business my members accessing my training want to run through and dominate with.

How Do You Get Access to the New ’10 Day Challenge’?

To gain access to the ’10 Day Challenge’ which is only available for my members accessing my training site (www.idwithjames.com), you MUST be a DIRECT MEMBER to myself with National Wealth Center.

I go above and beyond each and every week to help my members have as much success as possible, so if you are looking for someone that is going to teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about having huge success with any online opportunity, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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